Apr 14, 2010

Come, come, come O Boishakh

এসো, এসো, এসো হে বৈশাখ
esho esho esho hey boishakh

Come, come, come O Boishakh come upon us.
With your ascetic breath, dust away that which is dying
Be gone the refuses and remnants of the year

Let go old memories, let go forgotten melodies
Let teardrops vaporize and fade into the distant skies.

Wipe away weariness, eradicate infirmity
Bathed in fire, may the earth gain purity

Come and blow dry the bogs of confused emotion
Bring forth, bring forth and sound your conch of destruction
Be gone, be gone the misty webs of illusion.

Apr 12, 2010

Spring to airy breezes bestowed have I

ফাগুন, হাওয়ায় হাওয়ায় করেছি যে দান

Spring, to airy breezes bestowed have I
To your airy breezes bestowed have I
my life, losing sense of self,
my life, breaking free of bonds.

With your Ashoka and Kinshuk flowers
Unseen colours brush my inexplicable happiness
With each sway of your salt cedars
Murmur and rustle the songs of my sorrowful nights.

An evening lit by full moon, scented by tuberose
Wanders this distracted mind gazing beyond sea shores.

Smeared with multi-coloured dreams
in my eyes enamoured by the skies,
are the wings of your butterfly.
In your glowing moonlight
Mingle and fade away all my woes and happiness.

(another version by Anandamayee Majumdar)

I dedicate my heaving heart to the breeze
I offer myself to your winds, dear Spring
I let my pride-less self, my untethered soul, blow in the wind.

Your Ashok and Kinshuk
Flare the colors of my gratuitous delight.
Your waving salt cedars echo with the whispers
Of my aching night.

Tube-roses in a full-moon twilight
Elevate my heart across the sea of images, impressions.
Your butterfly wings
Paint my enraptured sky-gazing eyes with dreaminess.
Your moonbeams
Relieve me from all vibes of grief and gladness.

Apr 11, 2010

O dweller at home open the doors

ওরে গৃহবাসী খোল্‌ দ্বার খোল্
orey grihobashi khol dwar khol

O dweller at home, open the doors, there’s a swing in the air
Earth water woods swaying are they to the spring in the air
Open up, Open up the doors.

Bunches bursting with blushing smiles
Of Ashok and Palash flowers
Crimson passion mingled in the clouds of the morning sky
Waves of rouge stroking fresh verdant leaves
Open up, Open up the doors.

Forests of reed murmur in the wafts of southern winds
Butterflies flit about in the green grass
Bees roam entreating the flowers
Playing the veena of a beggar on their wings
Besotted is the breeze with fragrant myrtle bowers
Open up, Open up the doors.

Restless are they for no reason

ওরা অকারণে চঞ্চল
ora okaroney chonchol

Restless are they for no reason
Swaying in the boughs
to the swinging of the breeze,
the new shoots of leaves.

Scattering a light so dazzling
What game are they upto,
in all ten directions
Murmuring, they bring into life
the tumult of youth.

Eavesdropping to hear in the skies farther and beyond
Whisperings of sounds of silence
Which words of the azure.

Surging flow of fountains of life
They cascade and fall in continuous streams
Of the forever ascetic mother earth
They are the dark flames of sacrificial fire

Apr 8, 2010

Saddened is my soul deep within

মম অন্তর উদাসে
mamo antaro udaashey

Saddened is my soul deep within
In which murmuring of leaves, in restless winds
A night wrapped in moonlight,
a blend of slumber and wakefulness
Bewildered bewitched with the fragrance of whose robes

Lets me not stay in my room, pulls me out who knows where
In the beautiful beyond, pleasant firmament
In distant past, beside the sea of memories
Feelings hidden in hints of which lamentation