May 30, 2012

You haven't fathomed me

তুমি মোর পাও নাই পরিচয়
Tumi mor pao nai porichoy

You haven't fathomed me.
The soul you seem to know,
Is a mere picture, a fleeting shadow.
You have laced her with your wreathe
But the buds gradually  dwindle.
This is an image
That the sunshine is afraid to touch,
That the drift can not caress.

Let sorrow approach you with luminance
Let it offer it's blazing blessings.

Let death crouch in softly
And majestically reveal all.
Ending all defeat.

May 28, 2012

Do adorn me with flowers

দে লো, সখী, দে পরাইয়ে গলে
de lo shokhi de poraiye gole

Do adorn me with flowers, my friend 
A garland of my much loved Bakul
Pluck the yet to bloom buds of Juhi
Twine them together and bedeck me
Tresses full of blossoms.
Tie back the restless locks
That brush my cheeks time and again

May 7, 2012

In the dark hollows of my heart

ছিল যে পরানের অন্ধকারে
Chhilo je poraner ondhokare (Audio: Ritu Guha)  

In the dark hollows of my heart

I held a hidden soul,
Revealed now to my eyes
Through a shaft of sunshine

Once fettered by my dreams,
He has splintered his shell

And surged out in the open
And how I behold him
With my unbelieving gaze

I had once welded my tears

Into a string of aching desires
Restraining him by my hurt

Yet, though I treasured him,
Guarded him with solitude,

A tearful silence, I realize
Through eternity, he is the breath,

The passion the world lauds and loves

May 5, 2012

What an unearthly splendour

এ কী সুধারস আনে
E ki shudharosh ane/ E kee shudharosho aane (Audio by Hemanta Mukherjee)

What an unearthly splendor
Ravishes my heart and soul!

He has always belonged with me
But I now behold him
With open eyes, rejuvenation.
The breeze encircles his face with love,
And breaks into a hum.

My stagnant lute regains her breath
As I play my old, forgotten missives 
Once again.

Feeling his love, as it seeps
Into the blue sky, the verdant earth,
Delving in them,
Is like listening to a fresh score of music
With an open mind, a beginner's heart.

May 4, 2012

You aren't close by

তুমি কাছে নাই ব’লে
tumi kaachhe naai bole

You aren't close by, my Friend
So they shout “I am great”, “I am great”
You stay beyond sight and reach
You who are the greatest of all
So they all proclaim their own greatness

Lord, do come once
Show your smiling face
Let them turn red with shame
They who try to distract me
They who try to screen you out
Let them turn red with shame

Where is your beloved face?
The smile that lights up the world
Distract me away from this world
Keep me riveted to you
Distract me with your love
With your pleasing form

The “I” in me puffs with pride
Crush, smash, trash its egoism
Smash this ego into smithereens
Crush this pride beneath your feet

May 3, 2012

Sing a song, clear and loud

 গানে গানে তব বন্ধন যাক টুটে (লিঙ্ক এখানে)
Gaane gaane tobo bondhono jak tute (audio link here)

a translation with English rendition by Anandamayee -- link here:

Sing a song clear and loud,
let your fetters free
Aching muteness in the dark
Crying to speak out

The cosmic muse plays out her verse
in her heart through the universe
Your life and song in harmony
let them bow down.

Shattered rhythms let you down
what a disharmony,
your heart and world can not blend
making cacophony.

Discordant heart -- what a limitation,
'tis the haze, 'tis the maze
Reclaim your song, unconscious voice,
end the aggravation

May 2, 2012

Who shall free Beauty

সুন্দরের বন্ধন নিষ্ঠুরের হাতে
Shundorero bondhon

Who shall free Beauty,
Fettered at the hands of the heartless?
Who shall wipe the hapless tears
Of the crushed?
The earth aches with
The cries of the fearful,
Nailed, harrowed,
By venomous spears of injustice.
Who shall safeguard the weak
From the plague of the powerful?
Who has the tenderness to embrace
The smothered soul?

May 1, 2012

As it has always been

জীবন আমার চলছে যেমন তেমনি ভাবে
Jeebon amar cholchhe jemon (audio)

My life will be as it has always been
Demanding, or gliding free,
Dancing it's feet to uneven beats.

Here, I shall meet with fellow men
Whom I shall yearn to hold and hug,
As much as they will ache for me.

Out and on my life will flow

Tracing time with its skipping toes
Tinged by the glaze of gloom and glee.

And on my way, that special Soul
Who engages all in this splashy fest,
I shall yearn to hug Him close
As much as He will ache for me