Dec 7, 2014

In the lap of winter woodlands

শীতের বনে কোন্ সে কঠিন আসবে ব'লে
Sheeter boney

In the lap of winter woodlands
Shefali flowers fall and fade
In fear of the coming harshness

Amlaki bowers look bereft
Having shed their leafy weave
The laughter of Kaash flowers
Depart in the wafting wind

Not willing to endure
A disquiet amid the green
The passion flower pales
Forsaking her colourful sheen

The north wind is here to reign
He prepares for austerities
At whose behest is this game
To shed off frills and fancies

The winter wind has set astir

শীতের হাওয়ার লাগল নাচন
Sheeter haway laglo nachon

The winter wind has set astir
A dance in the Amlaki* bowers
The leaves with a tingle and thrill
Flutter down and fall to the beat

A fly-away frenzy springs in
And leaves her bereft at last
Her bounty of fruit remain
No longer hidden from view

For whom it is mere play
To purge and replenish
I wait for her all day

A caressing chill now and then
Passes me a summons as if
The time to relinquish my all
When will it come, in which morning

*Amlaki - Indian gooseberry