Oct 23, 2014

Show up my love, ignite the lamp

এসো গো, জ্বেলে দিয়ে যাও প্রদীপখানি
Esho go jele diye jao (Debarata Biswas audio link)
Show up my love, ignite the lamp
In my hushed hut,
A day of high rain meets dusky twilight,
Shadowy clouds blot the forests.

Create an epiphany as I await you,
In the mild sweetness of braided jasmines,
With the blue stole of yours, shade our rendezvous,
Like the splendor of a prolific night.

Yet my flute is lost and I have no music to summon you.
As I gaze at your path with speechless longing,
Do you hear me?
Can you fathom my quivering heart in the teary wind?

Oct 21, 2014

Shadowy clouds, moist winds

মেঘছায়ে সজল বায়ে মন আমার
Megho chhaaye shojolo baaye (audio link)

Shadowy clouds, moist winds,
My wistfulness, besotted with
An invisible smile, an unconscious heartache.

The Medlar buds you braided for me as love's gift,
Have since wilted, but the fragrance lingers in my heart.

I know you will never return, ever
I know how distant your path is from mine

Yet your parting does not deplete my world, entirely
You picked up my flute on your way
Leaving a cascade of your songs to live by.

Oct 18, 2014

I wonder why you teasingly make a vagrant

এরে ভিখারি সাজায়ে কী রঙ্গ তুমি করিলে
Ere bhikhari shajaye (video link)

I wonder why you teasingly
Make a vagrant out of her;
Even the the sky laughs at your stunt.

She potters on her path, seeking charitable doors,
She safeguards her coins, painstakingly.
And then you raid her last sponged penny.

She could just be an endless bankrupt,
She could live, and die like that.

And then she approaches your majesty,
Asking charity with much trepidation.
In her disbelief, you give her half your throne,
You hand over the gem of your heart.

Oct 16, 2014

I feel I walked countless miles

মনে হল যেন পেরিয়ে এলেম
Mone holo jeno periye elem

I feel I walked countless miles,
Navigating barren deserts
To touch luscious meadows, sweet opulence,
Just to arrive at your door.

I braided moist jasmines on my pathway,
Their fragrance, a somber devoted eagerness;
Please do not embarrass their love, unmasked.

Clouds laden with rain dim the forest,
The air singes with the mysterious pain
Of loving to get lost.

There is a solitary lamp at your window
That I note from afar; my eyes, dying, yearning birds
In a murky thundershower.