Oct 29, 2011

This world of happiness

আনন্দলোকে মঙ্গলালোকে
Anondoloke Mongolaloke (audio)

This world of happiness
This world of well-being
Grace it with your presence
You who are the ultimate truth
You who are the ever beauteous

Your majesty manifests
Across the vast firmament
Like an anklet studded with
Precious stones and prized jewels
Lies the cosmos at Your feet

The sun, moon, stars and planets
With eagerly anxious haste
Bask in Your iridescence
Soak Your boundless radiance

Cascades of your soft sweet grace
Gush forth and deluge the earth
In a kaleidoscope of
Flowers and leaves
Songs and sonnets

Life flows on ever anew
Your compassion caressing
Our lives from cradle to grave

Love, affection and mercy
Piety, hope, faith untold
Mellow and soften our souls
A downpour of sweet solace
You rain to pacify pain

What festivities and joy
Reign forever in Your realm
The world sings Your glory great
In fearless refuge at Your feet
You who are our treasure and wealth
You who encompass all of this earth

Another translation meant for rendition of the song in English  by Anandamayee 
youtube link of english rendition here

In the land of joy, in the heart of love
Take your seat, true, exquisite.

Glory, love light up
sky and beyond.
The universe
bedecked with stars
at your feet.

Sun and earth
moon and stars
dancing to the beat
Drinking light,
Bathing light,

Fountain spring,
splendour green,
teeming creation,
beats and bowers
songs and flowers
vibrant melodies.

Life teems
like a stream
Your motion
Life and decease.

Oct 25, 2011

What is this compelling light

কোন্‌ আলোতে প্রাণের প্রদীপ
Kon aalote praaner prodeep / Kon alote praner prodip
(Audio by Suchitra Mitra)

What is this compelling light
Which burns your spirit, stokes your soul,
Makes you live an earthly life,
My zealous lover, pious monk,
Divinely crazed, my angel-soul?

Each ache and wound in you creates
Winged, wondrous melodies
Quivering quaintly from your strings!

How do you smile in the face of fear
As though you had seen a mother beam?
Who is it you seek, my dear,
Scorning every earthly dream!

Who is it, your secret love
That raises all the tears of urge?
Who is it, your soulful mate,
That walks together on your path?

How do you find the peace of mind
To dismiss death with disregard,
Riding upbeat tides of seas
In endless waves of ecstasies?

Another version by Suman Dasgupta:

Where did you light the flame of your heart
O noble soul before you descended on earth.
You devout, you lover, O you romantic
As you embraced this world, gazed I in frantic.

In this relentless struggle of life,
Every pain and sorrow life did contrive
You can play those in your core
Like sad triads of the Veena encore.
Belying deep distress or any such strife
Yet you succeed to wear that smile as bright
Just like the one, as I've known
Only a beaming Mother could've shown.

I know not for whom you wildly roam around
Why you let go the cosy comfort that you'd found
Why you cry, why inconsolably crave?
Who is she for whom every love you save?

You are confident and your mind is free
Wonder I whose blessings on you could that be
As you defy death and ride on the crests of seas
Swimming through your life with endless ecstasies.

Oct 18, 2011

Lavish cascades of sunshine

আলোকের এই ঝর্ণাধারায় ধুইয়ে দাও
Aloker ei jhornadharay
(Audio: Arundhati Holme Chowdhury and Shivaji Chattopadhyay)

Lavish cascades of sunshine
Purifying my layers of dust
Opening me to my aura.

Rouse my muse who slumbers
With your gentle sunlit wand.
Soften my soul with a drift
Limpid with this light of dawn,
Flowing from the cosmic heart.

Lavish cascades of happiness
That mellows every creation
Bathe my pallor, melt my chill.

I hold a silent seed of song.
It grapples with a dearth of words
It aches with a beat-less lull.
Soften it with a lilting tune
A drift, entranced with melody
Flowing from the cosmic heart.

Oct 7, 2011

A lustrous sky of young dawn

তরুণ প্রাতের অরুণ আকাশ 
Toruno praater oruno akash

A lustrous sky of young dawn
Eyes sparkling with dew,
The pines near the riverside
Twinkling in the sun --
An image deeply close to my heart
This is how I perceive,
The whole wide world--
Wondrous, wavelike, 
Become one sea of soulfulness.
This is how I know,
I am the lyrics to my poetry
I am the melody to my music
I am the life throbbing in Life,
The sunlight that breaks free
From the depths of dark.

Mother, your love reflects

জননী, তোমার করুণ চরণখানি
Jononi, tomar koruno chorono khani (audio: Kanika Bandyopadhyay)

Mother, your love reflects
In dawn's aurous sunshine

The sky brims surreptitiously
With your message
Aspiring, death-defeating,
Overpowering space.

No matter where I am,
No matter what I do,
My heart softens to you

When I worship you,
My incense
Burns with my supreme surrender--
Body, soul and wealth.

Oct 4, 2011

The music of homecoming

ছুটির বাঁশি বাজল 
Chhutir baanshi bajlo je oi
Audio: Suchitra Mitra

The sky is alive with
The music of homecoming
In gaits of the golden flute.
Why am I alone, I wonder.

Blossoms of Shiuli will soon
Burst out from fetters,
Gardens surge in a spree of buds,
Dewy winds stroke the arbors.
My absent gaze
Ambles away in an open sky,
Tunes lost to me.

Magical hands weave florid yarns
In pathways through the wilderness,
A place where light and shade meet.
Fallen buds of Maaloti steep the grass
With tear-stricken scents,
Waves of Kaash in buoyant whites
Sweep the blue. My absent gaze
Ambles away in open sky
Tracing the melody.

Oct 3, 2011

An autumn night on the brink

আমার  রাত পোহালো শারদ প্রাতে
Amar raat pohalo shaarodo praate (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

An autumn night on the brink,
As dawn encroaches
As I ponder
Whom to leave you with, my flute

Your heart exuded songs--
Farewell blues,
Homecoming majesties,
Seasonal vibes of spring, monsoon
Transported tunes of darkness, dawn.

I am riddled as to
How you stole my secret whispers
Each deep echo of my heart,
Melodies that will perish soon
Like ebbing stars of sunrise

So let them die
Our rampant symphony,
Like ephemeral buds of Shiuli

Here is to you companion

পথের সাথি, নমি বারম্বার
Pawthero shathi, nomi barombar / Pothero shathi nomi barombar
(audio: Debabrata Biswas)

Companion in my journey,
Here is to you.
Here is to you my farewell,
Here is to you my affliction,
A salute from the safe haven
That gave way to shambles.

Here is to you, radiance of dawn,
Here is to you, breath of life,
Here is to you, guiding energy,
A salute from a seed of hope.

To the one who steers my life,
A charioteer in my endless expedition,
Here is to you for trenchant travels,
A salute of the pathways.