Oct 19, 2015

I know he comes forth

সে যে বাহির হল আমি জানি
shey je bahir holo aami jaani

I know he comes forth
I hear his voice in my heart

The sky is abuzz with whispers
The when and where of his sojourns
At the seashore, in the forest yonder

Too bad I’ve set up home so far away
How long a path he’ll have to take
I splay my heart all over the trail
May his footsteps tread upon my pain

That is what I wish

সেই তো আমি চাই
shei to aami chaai

That is what I wish
I do not fret for an end to my arduous effort
I do not quest for the fruit of my action
Who can bear that unbearable load
As soon as it bears fruit, I let it go to dust
To begin afresh from a nascent bud

Thus is my life beset with eager yearning
With each new effort, ever a new agony
I expend what I receive and seek yet again
The giving never ends and so I go on taking