Dec 30, 2010

When you bind me from all sides

যখন আমায় বাঁধ আগে পিছে
jokhon aamaay baadho aagey pichhey

When you bind me from all sides
It seems free myself I can no more
When you thrust me to the nadir
It seems stand up I can no more
Again do you untie me
Again do you pull me up
Cradling me in your arms
My whole life long
Thus you keep on swaying me

With fear you break into my stupor
Rousing me from slumber
You shatter my fear
A glimpse of you I catch
You call out to my soul
And then you hide who knows where
Just when I feel I have lost you
From where do you again respond.

Dec 29, 2010

Entangled are strings plain and wound

জড়িয়ে গেছে সরু মোটা
joriye gechhey shoru mota

Entangled are strings plain and wound
And so is out of tune
The Veena of my life

This knot of discordance
Tortures my heart to death
Abruptly my song ends
Ever so often
No longer is in tune
The Veena of my life

This affliction I can bear no more
At the door of your assembly
I curl up in embarrassment
The virtuous ones in your presence
I cannot sit beside them
I stand behind everybody
Outside the doors
No longer is in tune
The Veena of my life

In condemnation grief insult

নিন্দা দুঃখে অপমানে
ninda dukkhe awpomane

In condemnation grief insult
All wounds that I suffer
Yet I know
Nothing there is to lose from it all
When I stay covered in dust
I worry not for a seat
Amidst my wretchedness
Without any hesitation
I ask for your blessings

When people say good things of me
When I live in joy and comfort
Deep inside I know it is
Much more of an eye wash
Wearing that crown of falsehood
I go about my life
To go to you my Lord
I cannot find the time

Hymns prayers rituals worship

ভজন পূজন সাধন আরাধনা
bhajan pujan sadhan aradhana
(Tagore's own translation)

Hymns, prayers, rituals, worship
Keep them all aside
Why sit in a corner of the temple
Where closed are the doors
Hiding by yourself in darkness
Who do you worship in private
Open your eyes and see
God has stepped out of the room

He has gone to the fields
Where the farmer ploughs the land
Where rocks are broken to pave roads
In toilsome effort all year long
In sun and in rain He is with all
In dust are smeared His hands
Like Him, discard your best attire
And step into the dust.

Salvation? Oh, where will you get it
Where is that liberation?
Bound is He to all
In ties of His own creation

Put aside your meditation
Keep aside the salver of flowers
Torn and dishevelled be your clothes
Besmirched with soil and earth
Unite with Him in action
In streaming drops of sweat

My heart loses itself

চিত্ত আমার হারালো
Chitto amar haralo

My heart loses itself amid clouds today
Where does it drift to, who could tell
Lightning strikes its lute-strings ever so often,
Thunder claps within my chest in majestic melody
A wealth of dense deep blue darkness
Blankets my body,  touches my soul
Raving winds dance in tumult
Now they form an allegiance with myself
Roaring with laughter
Where do they race to untamed, who could tell

Dec 28, 2010

That which is eventually lost

যা হারিয়ে যায় তা আগলে বসে
ja haariye jaay ta aagley boshey

That which is eventually lost
How long can I cling on to it
Awake all night Oh Lord
I cannot stay much longer
Brooding without a pause

I stay night and day locked in my room
Time and again in wary suspicion
I push away those who knock at my door

So it is that none have come to my solitary room
Your joy-filled world plays on outside my door

You too I suppose cannot find your way
You come time and again only to return
What I want to keep that too I cannot hold
It falls apart crumbling into dust

The song I have come here to sing

হেথা যে গান গাইতে আসা আমার
hetha je gaan gaaitey aashaa aamaar
(Tagore's own translation)

The song I came here to sing
Sung it yet I have not
Even today, all I can do is tune my voice
All I have is the wish to sing

That tune I could not find
Those words I could not string
All I have in my heart is
An eagerness to sing
Even today, blossomed has not that flower
Only does the breeze gently waft

Unseen His face
Unheard His words
All I hear now and then
Are His footsteps
To and fro He goes by
In front of my door

It took me all day long
Just to roll out a mat for Him
How can I send for Him
When I haven't yet lit a lamp
I live in hope to receive Him
Received Him I have not

Dec 25, 2010

Where is the light oh where is it

কোথায় আলো, কোথায় ওরে আলো

Where is the light, oh where is it
Ignite it with the fire that burns within
In agony of estrangement from Him
A lamp there is, but flame there is not
Is this what fate meant it to be
Even death would be more welcome
Ignite the light with fire that burns within
In agony of estrangement from Him

The envoy of pain sings “Poor heart,
For you the Lord remains awake,
In deep darkness of the late hour
He summons you to a love-tryst
Bestowing grief, He honours you,
For you the Lord remains awake”

Clouds fill up the vault of the skies
Drops of rain drizzle down
For whom in this dense night
Does my heart awaken with a start
In such a way does it sigh
Drops of rain drizzle down

Lightning flashes for a moment
The eyes behold a dense darkness
I know not in which far beyond
A soulful melody rings out
Each and every song pull me towards the road
The eyes behold a dense darkness

Where is the light, oh where is it
Ignite it with the fire that burns within
In agony of estrangement from Him
Rumbles the cloud, summons the breeze
If not now, never can I go
Pitch dark is night as black as basanite
Ignite with your own heart the lamp of love

- circa 1909

Come into my heart in forms anew

তুমি নব নব রূপে এসো প্রাণে
tumi nawbo nawbo roope esho praane

Come into my heart in forms anew
In fragrances and colours, in songs

My body awaits your thrilling touch
My heart thirsts for ambrosial joy
My eyes yearns for a pleasure wondrous
Come into my heart in forms anew

Come oh blemish-less bright beloved
Come beauteous pleasing serenity
Come oh come in varied codes of law

Come as joy and woe, into my core
Come in routine tasks, daily duties
Come when all work has faded away
Come into my heart in forms anew

I gazed at the path and waited

এত দিন যে বসেছিলেম
Ato din je boshechhilem

I gazed at the path and waited, counting moments,
Now you arrive in Phalgoon.
Like a young hero you conquered the earth,
What a wonder
Charmed, I hear you sing in your youthful voice
Your robe swells like breeze enchanted with fragrance,
Your ear adorned with blossoms of Krishnochoora
Yet beneath your juvenile smile I perceive a fire,
What a wonder
With what sheath do you hide your sword
As you arrive in Phalgoon

* Phalgoon - The first month of Spring in Bengal
** Krishnochoora - A crimson flower that blossoms in Spring in Bengal

I prefer darkness

আমার আঁধার ভালো
Amar andhar bhalo (audio)

I prefer darkness -- it loses itself to light
Wary I am of the mist which rubs out sunshine.
The innocent child rests in peace in Mother's lap;
The proud learned finds no entry at your doorstep.
Your path shows itself, that I will tread,
Those who flock to show the way stretch the quest
They beckon me to join in worship,
But when I arrive at the shrine
It is not god I find, but a charade
Made of their own perversions.

Dec 19, 2010

Break into smithereens my fear

দাও হে আমার ভয় ভেঙে দাও
dao hey aamaar bhoy bhenge dao

Break into smithereens my fear
Do turn your face towards me
I recognize you not
Though you are at my side
What do I espy
In which direction
You are the one
Who cavorts within me
Bestow your smiling gaze
Upon my heart

Tell me, do talk to me
Caress me with your touch
Outstretching your right hand
Do pull me towards you

All I realize, error it is
All I search for, error it is
Laughter and tears are but falsehoods
Appear before me, dispel these errors

Dec 16, 2010

Sacred motherland

ও আমার দেশের মাটি
O amar desher mati (audio)

Sacred motherland
I kiss your earth with awe.
My existence emerges,
My world evolves, here.

You and I, contain each other
In our inseparable lives
Your lush, loving image
Endlessly etched in my heart

You raised me as a child
And what can I hope for
Than to die in your arms
That formed my playhouse
Of suffering and joy

You nourished me
With your elements,
You shouldered me,
You suffered all my grief
Like a supreme matriarch

In return, I depleted you
Receiving, with hungry hands
Offering you pure emptiness

I have lost myself
To useless stints,
I have buried myself in a niche --
I have rendered fruitless
The strength you ever gifted me

Dec 13, 2010

Enmeshed I am in riches and people

ধনে জনে আছি জড়ায়ে হায় 
dhane jane aachhi jaraaye haay

Enmeshed I am
In wealth and attachments
Yet you know Lord,
It is you my heart seeks

You are O Lord deep within me
The One who knows me in and out
Who knows me better than I do
In all my times of joy and woe
Even when I stay oblivious of you
You know it is you my heart seeks

I could not relinquish my pride
I flounder carrying it around
To give it up would be such a relief

You know it is you my heart seeks
When will you take all that I have
Cradling my all with your own hands
Forsaking all that is mine
It is you I will attain
In quiet prayer deep within
It is you my heart seeks

- 30th August 1909

Dec 10, 2010

Lord, awake for you are these eyes

প্রভু তোমা লাগি আঁখি জাগে 
probhu toma lagi aankhi jaage

Lord, my eyes stay awake for you
Be that I catch not a glimpse
I gaze at the road
That too soothes this heart

I sit on the dust at the door
This heart a beggar
Craves your compassion

Be that I know not your mercy
Only that I seek
That too soothes this heart

Amidst this world today
In many a joy
In many a task
Marched ahead have all

I have not a friend
It is you I seek
That too soothes this heart

All around me is sweet nectar
Verdant eager earth
Such love all around
That my eyes well up

I see you not
Am hurt deep within
That too soothes this heart

- 29th August 1909

Dec 9, 2010

“Time to go” says the cloud

মেঘ বলেছে 'যাব যাব' 
megh bolechhe jaabo jaabo

“Time to go” says the cloud
“I am on my way” says night
The sea says “I have touched my shore
 – myself I am no more”
Sorrow says “Stay will I as His footprint”
This self says “I dissolve,
nothing more do I wish”

The world says “For you I wreathe a garland”
The sky says “For you I’ve lit a thousand lamps”
Love says “For you it is I stay awake through aeons”
Death says “It is I who row your life-boat”

Dec 7, 2010

All those who in this life

সংসারেতে আর-যাহারা
shongsharete aar-jahara 
(Tagore's own translation)

All those who in this life
Bless me with love and care
They hold me close to them
In a bondage severe

Supreme of all is your love
And so from all it differs
You bind not, you stay hidden
You let your servant be free

All of them lest I forget
Be alone they let me not
Hours pass by, day after day
It is you I do not see

Whether or not I call you
Whether I stay engaged with
Whatever catches my fancy
It is your joy that awaits
The joy pouring forth in me

Love’s herald Lord when will you send

প্রেমের দূতকে পাঠাবে নাথ কবে
premer dootke pathabe naath kobe

Love’s herald Lord when will you send
All dilemmas then will come to an end

All the rest who come to my home
They want to rule instilling fear
Restless this mind keeps shut the door
Succumbs not, turns them all away

When he comes, unbarred will be all bolts
When he comes, unbound will be all chains
Who can then hold me back at home
Respond I must to his call

When he comes, he comes all alone
A string of flowers gracing his neck
With that when he binds me drawing me close
My heart will be rendered speechless

Dec 2, 2010

If you sparked me awake tonight

আমারে যদি জাগালে আজি
Aamare jodi jagale aaji (audio)

If you sparked me awake tonight
Do not disappear, give me your beneficent gaze

Monsoon showers cascade through thick arbors,
A shiftless night hovers with rain-laden clouds
My heart, stoked with endless lightning
Desires to sing in the rain.

My tearful spirit has set out in the dark
Outspread arms yearning to reach an evading sky

Dec 1, 2010

Tearing asunder the cover

আমার একলা ঘরের আড়াল ভেঙে
aamaar ekla ghorer aaraal bhenge

Tearing asunder the cover
Of my solitary cocoon
Into this big wide world
When will I be able
To roll out my chariot of life

Amidst all with a love intense
Speed forth will I in all my work
On the road commonplace
Unite will I with you
To roll out my chariot of life
When will I be able

A world full of hopes and desires
Amidst sorrow and happiness
Plunging into the waves
I’ll take the ripples on my chest
Buffeted by the good and bad
Arise will I onto your heart
Hear will I your words
In tumultuous roar of the world
When will I be able
To roll out my chariot of life

Stirs my heart in this full moon night

এই জ্যোৎস্নারাতে জাগে আমার প্রাণ
ei jyotsnaraate jaage aamaar praan

Stirs my heart in this full moon night
Will there be a place at your side
See will I that wondrous visage
Heart of mine eagerly gazing
Swirling at your feet now and then
My tear laden songs roaming?

Summon I could not the courage
To offer this self at your feet today
Kneeling on the ground I lie down
Lest you turn away my offering

If you yourself come close to me
Take my hand and ask me to rise
Only then will the wretchedness
The abject poverty of life
Perish at this very moment

Nov 29, 2010

When centered my play around you

আমার খেলা যখন ছিল তোমার সনে
aamaar khela jokhon chhilo tomar shone 
(Tagore's own translation)

When centered my play around you
Who knew then who you were
Fear there was none nor diffidence
Life surged forth in all restlessness

Oft at dawn you called out to me
As if like my own friend
I laughed with you in sheer delight
Racing through forests and beyond

The songs that you sang then
Who knew then their meaning
My life it was that sang along
And danced my heart always astir

At sudden end of play
What do I see today
Stunned into silence are the skies
Hushed are the sun and moon
Gazing at your feet with eyes downcast
The cosmos comes to a standstill

- 31st May 1910

Nov 26, 2010

Strength to carry your love

তোমার প্রেম যে বইতে পারি
tomar prem je boite paari

Strength to carry your love
Beyond my might it is

It is your kindness that you keep
A distance between you and me
Fences many of joy and woe
Of people, wealth and pride

Now and then from behind the veil
You give a hint of your presence
Glinting between the dark grey clouds
A slight ray of sunlight
For one whom you bless with
Power to carry your endless love
Lifted are all the veils

You leave him not a corner
You leave him not his wealth
You leave him not a remnant
As you put him on the road
No more honour or disgrace
Not even shame, coyness or fear
Alone you are for him in all
The one and only one

To be in front of you
Face to face in this way
To keep this life fulfilled
With you and only you
One blessed with such bounty
His hunger knows no end
All his greed he puts aside
To give you all the room

Nov 24, 2010

Untie your old strings one by one

একটি একটি করে তোমার পুরানো তার খোলো
ekti ekti kore tomar purano taar kholo

Untie your old strings one by one
Time to string the Sitar anew

Broken up has the day’s milieu
Assemble will all at twilight
Time it is for the one to come
Play who will the ultimate tune
Time to string the Sitar anew

Throw open your gates to dark skies
Let stream into your room
Silence from the seventh heaven
All the songs you have sung till now
Let them fade to an end

That your instrument is your own
Forsake you must that very thought
Time to string the Sitar anew

Nov 20, 2010

When immersed in sleep is the world

বিশ্ব যখন নিদ্রামগন
biswa jokhon nidramagan

When the world is immersed in sleep
The skies painted with ebony
Who strums with such vigour
The strings of my Veena*
Who abducts sleep from my eyes
I sit up from slumber
I gaze with eagerness
But I do not catch a glimpse

My whole life reverberates
I know not the boundless words
That find their way in restless tunes
I cannot fathom this deep ache
Swelling through my heart in tears
Who is it I wish to give
The garland I wear myself

- 17th April 1907

Veena*: a plucked stringed instrument 

Nov 19, 2010

This life long agony of mine

চিরজনমের বেদনা
chirojonomer bedona

This life long agony of mine
My abiding quest all life long
Let your fire ablaze
Do not shower mercy
Thinking me to be weak
All sorrow that befalls
To endure it I want
May desires burn to ash

Your absolute summons
Order me with that call
Why this delay for no reason

The chains that bind my heart
Let them break, fall away

Let your conch roar out
Let it resound now
Crushing my pride
Stealing my sleep
Awaken deep consciousness

So be it O ruthless one

এই করেছ ভালো নিঠুর 
ei korechho bhalo nithur

So be it, O ruthless one
Set ablaze in this way
My heart in searing ache

This incense if not burnt
Won't emit fragrance
This candle if not lit
Won't radiate light

When ignorant is the mind
Oblivious, unconscious
A wound is but your touch
A blessed gift in disguise

Blinded by illusions
Lost in the dark
Downcast with shame
These eyes fail to see you
With a stroke of thunder
Incinerate in fire
All that is dark and black

I succumb I surrender

মেনেছি, হার মেনেছি
menechhi haar menechhi

I succumb, I surrender
More I keep you aside
More I hurt my own self

If obscured you are
From my heart’s firmament
Endure it I cannot
This have I known
Time and again

My past it shadows me
Follows me with each step
With tunes captivating
Of flute illusory
It entreats me in vain
With it I bond no more
Yielded to you have I
All that is left in life
I have brought to your door

Nov 18, 2010

For as long as I can recall

জানি জানি কোন্‌ আদি কাল হতে
Jani jani kon adi kal hote

For as long as I can recall,
You have set me adrift in the flow of life--
Suddenly, my love, in home and on the path
And left my heart filled with joy.
Now and again
You have hidden your dear smile with clouds
And appeared once more like sunshine,
Touching my face with fortuitous rays.
So much thus has been savoured and saved by my eyes
In varied times and places
In novel radiance --
The essence of unseen splendor.
In every era, unknown to all,
My heart has filled
With ecstasy, sorrow, love and song
Touching heavenly bliss
Through a spring of emotions.

Nov 15, 2010

The Lord of this life solitaire

নিভৃত প্রাণের দেবতা
nibhrito praaner debota 

The Lord of this life solitaire
There where he stays awake all alone
Throw open the door, devotee
To catch a glimpse of him today

I wander outside all day long
Who is it that I yearn for so
The prayers of evening worship
I have not yet learned

I ignite the lamp of my life
In the lustrous flame of your being
O devotee, today in seclusion
I will decorate my flower offerings

Where the world creates a place for worship
Engrossed in mindful practice
There I shall too hold a ray of light

How you sing O virtuous one

তুমি কেমন করে গান কর যে গুণী
tumi kemon kore gaan koro hey guni 
(Tagore's own translation)

How you sing O virtuous one
All I can do is hear in awe
Melodious glow pervades the world
Melodious breeze wanders the skies

Crashing through rocks
Gushing in eager impatience
Surges a river of melody

My heart wants to sing to that tune
I fail to find it in my voice
What do I want to say
Oh why cannot I say
My heart cries out in surrender

How you enrapture and ensnare
Weaving a web of melody all around me

Nov 14, 2010

Timid is not this love of mine

আমার এ প্রেম নয় তো ভীরু
amar e prem noy to bheeru

Timid is not this love of mine
Nor does it lack in strength
Will it just in anxious worry
Shed sorrowful teardrops
In gentle sweet beauteous comfort
Why put my love to sleep
It wants to stay awake with you
Delirious with delight

Assuming form terrifying
When you erupt in deathly dance
Your violent rhythm strikes and wounds
Runs in panic, flees in shame
My bewildered doubt disbelief

May this love of mine welcome home
The one fiercely fascinating
Heavenly dream of trivial wants
Let it sink in oblivion

Nov 13, 2010

If I knew I would let you know

যদি জানতেম আমার কিসের ব্যথা
jodi jantem amar kisher byatha

If I knew I would let you know
Just what it is that hurts me so
Who is it that brings forth tears
If I only knew his name

Where in vain I reach out to
In search of whom I wander
As if sold out has my all
The price I got was trifling

Riches of my suffering
All my life I wonder where
As if it fills this whole world
I fail to fill my life with it

What they call ease and comfort
I try it time and again
Without a pause deep within
Echoes the tune “I want it not”
“I want it not”

Nov 9, 2010

That which we get unasked

না চাহিলে যারে পাওয়া যায়
na chahile jare pawa jay

That which we get unasked
That which rejected, still comes back
That wealth I lost in daylight
To find it in the darkness of night

The one beyond sight
The one beyond touch
Surrender your life to that one
And awaken!
The stars above echo that voice
It blooms in flowers of the morning

Many a tear I shed for it
On the lotus seat of learning*
They ripple and brim over the lotus petals

In many a song of mine
In each and every moment
It shines and dazzles in flashes
In kindly light of a calm smile
I see it glimmer and glow

*The Hindu Goddess of Learning Saraswati is visualized as sitting on a lotus

All that my heart wishes for

আমার পরান যাহা চায়
amaro porano jaha chaay(audio)

All that my heart wishes for
You are the one, that you are.
In this world, apart from you
I have no one, nothing have I.

If pleasure you do not find
Go in search of happiness.
I have found you within me
Nothing more I desire.

Pining for you, in your absence
My self will fade, to live in you.
Long be the day, long be the night
Long be months and years that go by.

If you love someone else
If you never return
Then whatever you covet
That may you get
May all suffering be mine

Nov 8, 2010

Suffer I can a lot more hurt

আরো আঘাত সইবে আমার
aro aghat shoibe amar (audio)

Suffer I can a lot more hurt
Play a tune more severe
On my heartstrings

The melody you awaken
Scaled it has not the highest note
Thus in merciless tremors
Manifest your self in music

May it be caressed with more than mere compassion
Amidst a play of lullabies be not futile this life

Set ablaze all fires
May the winds roar out
Stirring all of azure
Do impart completeness

When did I leave home

কবে আমি বাহির হলেম
kobe ami bahir holem

When did I leave home singing your songs?
Such a long time ago it was.
When was it I first yearned to see you, I forget,
Such a long while ago it was.
Like the mountain spring
That does not know her love,
My soul burst out in the flow of life
For as long as I can remember.
How many names have I called you by,
How many times have I painted your image,
In what joyous delight have I walked my path
Since time immemorial
Like the flower that mindlessly awaits light at night
Does my heart hope to find you
Since time immemorial.

Nov 5, 2010

On a cold dewy night

হিমের রাতে ওই গগনের দীপগুলিরে
himer rate oi gogoner deepgulire (audio)

On a cold and dewy night
Winter drew close her veil
Cloaking the lamps lit in the sky
She sent a message to each home
“Light up, o light up a row of lamps
Illumine with your own glow
Bedeck this earth with radiance”

Barren are flower gardens
Silent is the cuckoo

Kaash* wilts on riverbanks
The robin sings no more

Be gone ennui, grief dark
Light up a row of lamps
Illumine with your own glow
Proclaim the triumph of radiance

Wake up children of earth
The Gods gaze down

Light up, wake up the night
Day ends, darkness descends
Light up a row of lamps
Illumine with your own glow
Defeat dark ignorance

Kaash* : a tall species of grass that is usually seen in autumn

Nov 3, 2010

Whenever I wish to light the lamp

যতবার আলো জ্বালাতে চাই
joto bar alo jwalate chai 

Whenever I wish to light the lamp
It flickers out time and again
Your seat of honour in my life
Ever remains in deep darkness

Withered have roots of the last vine
Buds take form never to blossom
I serve you therefore, gifting my life's ache

The glory of worship
The power of piety
None have I, not a trace
This devotee of yours
Wears humble clothes of shame

None have come to this festival
The flute sings not, bedecked is not home
I have summoned you with my tears
To my temple that lies in ruins

Make me bow kneel down at your feet

আমার মাথা নত করে দাও
amar matha noto kore dao (audio)

Make me bow, kneel down at your feet
Submerge my arrogance in tears

To lavish honour on myself
All I do is insult this self
Encircling ensnaring my self
Each moment I spiral to death
Submerge my arrogance in tears

May I not promulgate myself
In work that is my very own
May fulfilled be your own desire
In this life that you have made mine

I pray to seek your utmost bliss
Bless me with your splendour supreme
Shrouding this vain ego of mine
Grace my spirit with your presence
Submerge my arrogance in tears

Nov 1, 2010

Today my heart has drifted off

আজি হৃদয় আমার যায় যে ভেসে
aji hridoy amar jay je bheshe (audio)

My heart drifts off today
In search of the one yet unseen
Oblivious of strings that fasten
It flutters, floats on with the breeze
Sailing upon the lap of clouds
To which land beyond the probable

There on solitary sea shores near the foothills
Monsoon clouds thicken
On dark Tamal* branches in the King's abode
Peacocks starts to dance
On hearing anklet bells
Beyond the distant wilderness

Tamal*: a tree associated with Lord Krishna

Come have I with great hope

বড়ো আশা করে এসেছি
boro asha kore eshechhi

Come have I with great hope
Do summon me to you
O mother please
Do not turn me away

The distressed and deprived
Have none to look after them
You will I know tend to them

Nothing more do I want
But to sit at your feet
Nothing more do I want
But to call you mother

If you shelter me not
Where will I find refuge
Roam about in tears where
Ahead I see
Deep dark illusions
And a dense dim night

(another version by Arunabha Sengupta)

Come do I with hope filled heart
Shelter me in you
Forsake not me,  o mother
Come do I with hope filled heart
Shelter me in you

No one does want the poor and needy
      I know you will – welcome them too

There is no more I desire
But abode at your feet
By just calling you mother
All my wants will I meet

Renounce if you where will I find refuge –
Where tearful will I retreat?

Hark, wherever I look –
Darkness abounds, deep is the night …

Oct 31, 2010

Alone I walk in this world

আমি একলা চলেছি এ ভবে
ami ekla cholechhi

Alone I walk in this world
Who will show me the way

Fear not, fear not
Go on yourself
Like the bee that surges ahead
With just the fragrance of flowers

Voice of spring in autumn

হেমন্তে কোন্‌ বসন্তেরই বাণী
hemonte kon boshonteri bani  (audio)

Voice of spring in autumn
The full moon does carry
As if paints floral dreams
Moonlight on Bakul* stems
What secret whisperings
The full moon does carry
Enraptured are forests
With untimely blossoms
Of the white oleander
Warbles time and again
The sleep bereft bird
Whose name no one knows
Sweet memories of whom
The full moon does carry

Bakul* - a fragrant white flower that grows in the Indian subcontinent

The day you had called me

সে দিন আমায় বলেছিলে
shey din amay bolechhile

The day you had called me
Time I had not in hand
You wandered to and fro
Before you went away

Time it was then to play
Fair of flowers in forests
Ever restless was breeze
Anxiously rustling leaves

Today heralds autumn
Dissolved has foggy mist
Departed has décor
The hours draw near
Is it now time?
Awaiting at the door
As day comes to a close
I look towards the road

Oct 30, 2010

My heart yearns to give you something

তোমায় কিছু দেব বলে
tomay kichhu debo bole

My heart yearns to give you something
Whether you need it or not
When I caught sight of you
I saw you roaming by yourself
In dense darkness of lonely woods
I wanted to light a lamp for you
Whether you needed it or not

I saw the people in the marketplace
Flinging filth and abuse at you
Amidst the dirt and dishonour
On and on played your lute
Engulfed in it’s own tune
I did wish then to garland you
Whether you needed it or not

They come in hordes singing your hymns
Many languages much tumult
Knocking hard at your door for alms
Cursing much, weeping even more
I yearn to give this self of mine
Unconditionally to you
Whether you need it or not

- circa 1918

Oct 29, 2010

Why did I not moisten with tears

কেন চোখের জলে ভিজিয়ে দিলেম না
keno chokher jole bhijiye dilem na

Why did I not moisten with tears
The dust and dryness of the road
Who knew you would come unbidden

Across the desert you traversed
Not a tree there was for your shade
The travails of the road you bore for me
Such is my wretched fate

Couched in indolence I was then
In shaded comfort of my home
I knew not how much pain
You suffered at each step
Yet that feeling resonated
In a secret grief deep within
Left it’s mark in my very core
A deep wound to bear on my heart

- 7th Apr 1914

Oct 28, 2010

Who wafted by my heart

আমার প্রাণের পরে চলে গেল কে
amar praner pore chole gelo ke (audio)

Who wafted by my heart
Like soothing breeze of spring
He touched me, brought me to my knees
Made flowers bloom in tens of thousands

Went by, without a word to me
Where did he go never to return
On his way he did gaze
What was the song he sang
So it is by myself
I sit in the garden

Like a wave he rippled
To go where the moon beams
With each thing he smiled at
He left back his laughter
From a corner of his eye
I think he beckoned me

Where should I go, where should I go
I think thus sitting by myself
He waved his wand of moonlit dreams
Dangled a string of flowers deep within
What was it he whispered to wild flowers
Their heady fragrance went away with him
Fervent is my heart, heavy are my eyes
Through which place to where did he go

A slight sensation a few words

একটুকু ছোঁওয়া লাগে
ektuku chhowa lage

A slight sensation a few words
With that I create spring serenade
In my heart deep within

A little intoxication
Of Palash* mingled with Champa**
With that I weave in many shades
Soulful tunes so many

The little that flows in
Slipping between moments
Paints dreams in a corner
Of the mind mesmerised

The little that drifts far away
Tingles thought in sweet melody
With that passes the hour and day
Keeping beat to the anklet bells

Palash* & Champa ** : flowers of spring

Singing your melody

তোমার সুর শুনায়ে যে ঘুম ভাঙাও
tomar shur shunaye je ghum bhangao (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

My sleep from which you awaken
Singing your divine melody
That slumber to me is charming
A companion to wakefulness
Do bless her with your touch

A deep hunger she has within
A concealed wish for radiance
In the bosom of my night she is
Your own beloved of the morn

For her breaks dawn in crimson skies
Awakens new hope in birdsong
Silent your footsteps sing to her
A welcome song of your advent
Tender bud of twilight she is
Do pluck her at sunrise

Oct 27, 2010

The flower that blooms now and then

নিত্য তোমার যে ফুল ফোটে ফুলবনে
nityo tomar je phool phote

The flower that blooms ever so often in your garden
Why not nourish this heart with it’s nectar
This heart that wanders like a bee
The assembly that gathers ever so often in your courtyard
Why not make this servant sing there

The world like a lotus blooms at the kiss of your step
It looks up to you with ardent devotion
Why not let my heart-flower look up to you evermore

The sun moon and stars pace the skies
Tireless your rivers speed to seas
Why not in that very same way
Make hasten the stream of my life
To seek forever the sea of nectar

You arouse a joy in the twitter of birds
You fill the flower with fragrance
Why not in that very same way
Ever bless this heart with your grace
This heart a beggar at your door

Whatever you may say

তোরা যে যা বলিস ভাই
tora je ja bolish bhai amar shonar horin chai 

Whatever you may say
My heart is set on one
Thief of hearts, fleet of foot
The golden deer I want

One who wanders and thrills,
Evading sight
Ensnared who cannot be
When within reach
Pushes to slip away
Blinding the eye
I will still chase the one
Futile be it
Whether or not I get
Lost in myself,
Amidst fields and forests
I lose myself

You can buy what you want
And fill up your store room
What cannot be acquired
Why does it stir my mind so
Lost the little I had
In search for what is not
Accumulations wane
But do I cry in vain?
I am at peace I smile
I have no deep sorrow
Lost in myself,
Amidst fields and forests
I lose myself

Oct 24, 2010

Shadows darken over the woods

ছায়া ঘনাইছে বনে বনে
chhaya ghonaichhe bone bone

Shadows darken over the woods
Clouds rumble in the skies beyond
Who knows when in first dense downpour
Secretly crept in screw pine flowers
At a silent signal from east
A moment on a sleep starved night
Set sail in the winds on which path
Which boat carrying monsoon fancies
The heart that was filled with nectar
In what fear enshrine it in thorns
On the way to a lover’s tryst
Did your heart catch a glimpse within
A sharing in quiet seclusion
Forgetting oneself in exchange

Oct 23, 2010

Many a time have I thought

কতবার ভেবেছিনু আপনা ভুলিয়া
kotobar bhebechhinu apona bhuliya

Many a time have I thought
To forget this little self
And bare my heart at your feet
To clasp you and say out loud
Secretly, my friend, how I love you

There you were the Lord of heavens
How could I tell you of my love
Though afar and away from you
All my life worship you will I
In solitary seclusion

None will know of my deep love
None will see the tears that flow
Now that you come today
How do I say aloud,
How much do I love you

Oct 22, 2010

O fallen leaves

ঝরা পাতা গো
jhawra pata go

O fallen leaves, your kindred soul I am
In much laughter and many tears
Phagun leaves with a farewell song

O fallen leaves, in colours chrome
Decked have you in final attire
Played so riotous a Holi
Amidst the dust and the green grass
In this closing saga of spring

Colour my raiment red and gold
Just like yours, in fiery hues
May the setting sun
Caress with a Midas touch
The few remnants of my life

Phagun/Phalgun : the penultimate month of the Bengali calendar
Holi : festival of colours celebrated on the last full moon day of Phagun

What melody is it that plays

কী ধ্বনি বাজে
ki dhwani baaje (audio)

What melody is it that plays
Amidst my deepest consciousness
In which joy resonates
My own heartstring
Amidst my deepest consciousness
In captivating honeyed touch
Unperturbed and stoic are thoughts

My heart is not in itself

আমার মন কেমন করে
amar mon kemon kore (audio)

My heart is not in itself
Who? Who knows for whom it quests

A bird of a path unseen, unknown calls out
Calls out to the distant horizons
My thoughts speed with gusty winds of the seashore

The bird of my dreams spreads it’s wings
Who chains me to a golden cage?

Thus is your happiness with me

তাই তোমার আনন্দ আমার 'পর
tai tomar anondo amar por
(Tagore's own translation)

Thus is your happiness with me
Therefore have you come down to me
Without me O Lord of three worlds
Futile would be your love

In me a display of your wares
A play of emotions in me
Taking varied forms in my life
Ripples and rolls your own desire

Thus as the king of kings
In captivating garb
You roam amidst my heart
O Lord, ever present are you

Therefore, Lord, have you come to me
It is your love
In the heart of your devotee
It is your form
In the union of the twosome
In that completeness expresses itself.

Oct 10, 2010

A tempest of joy swells in life

প্রাণে খুশির তুফান উঠেছে
praane khushir toofan uthechhey 

A tempest of joy swells in life
Dams of fear and worry are smashed
To embrace with all might
To hold woe close to soul
Speeds forth this heart
To vanish in a flash

Will shelter none thought this heart
Come have all crashing through the doors

I kept this self pristine with care
It rolls in the dust in delight

Today in full moon all have gone

আজ জ্যোৎস্নারাতে সবাই গেছে বনে
aaj jyotsnaraate shobai gechhe bone (audio)

Today in full moon all have gone
Gone have they to the woods
In this delirious breeze of spring

I will not go, not go
I will remain in my room
Alone in solitude
I will stay in my own corner
I will not go, not go
In this delirious breeze of spring

With tender care
I will tidy my room
I will remain awake
Who knows when He will come
If He does remember
In this delirious breeze of spring

Oct 6, 2010

Be that you speak not words

ওরে তোরা নেই বা কথা বললি
ore tora nei ba kotha bolli

Be that you speak not words
Standing amidst the mart,
Be that you rouse not streets
Futile is your furore
In vain your words galore
They only look and laugh
Be that you burn alone
Igniting your own heart
What lies deep within you
Be that you spread it not
Belittled in rumours
Be muffled the drumbeats
March forward in silence
Work if there is, go work
Shame there is, remove it
Who, when says what to you
Be not ruffled by that

Go forth alone

যদি তোর ডাক শুনে কেউ না আসে

If no one steps forth to your call, go forth alone
Go forth alone, go forth alone, go forth alone.

If no one speaks to you, o wretched one
If in fear they turn away their face
Open up your heart, speak out your mind
Alone, let your spirit tell it’s own tale

If they all turn back, o wretched one
If on deep dark dense paths, they do not look behind
Alone, let your blood stained feet crush all thorns.

If no one holds a light, o wretched one
If in dark stormy nights, doors are closed shut
Then in lightning fire, light up your own ribs
Alone let your heart go forth burning bright

Another version by Anandamayee Majumdar (a rendition in English is given here)

If all they do is disregard, won't you walk all alone
Traveler, solitaire, walk away, fly on your own.

If the people do not speak, make you feel apologetic
if they turn away, are truly meek
release your heart
make your voice big and energetic, voice all alone

when they turn a blind eye, leaving you solitary
'neath the dour sky
embrace the path
with its suffering and wounded sigh, walk all alone

if they do not hold a light, shark away in dire fright
they shut the door in the stormy night
Burn your heart
Let your blazing breath make the light, a light of your own

Oct 4, 2010

The path on which I walk

আমার এ পথ তোমার পথের থেকে
amar e poth tomar pother theke

The path on which I walk
Has swerved away far from your path
Will my flowers ever again
Wreathe into a garland for you
Your flute in distant breeze
Rings out, cries out to whom

Fatigued are my feet with every step
I sit on the road beneath tree-shades
In secret pining for a friendship lost
Where is the one to whom I can tell
Travellers go past lost in themselves
Leaving me behind by myself

It is joy enough to gaze at the road

আমার এই পথ-চাওয়াতেই আনন্দ
amar ei poth chawatei anondo (audio)

It is joy enough to gaze at the road
To watch the play of sun and shade
As rain and spring come and go

They all rush in front of my eyes
To and fro with day to day news
I am at peace, lost in myself
The breeze wafting gently by

On the look out all day
I sit alone at the door
If arrives asudden
That sacred moment
It is then I will glimpse

Till then in each and every hour
I laugh and sing lost in myself
Till then ever so often
Floats forth His fragrance

Sep 15, 2010

Wonder who you are

মোর স্বপন-তরীর কে তুই নেয়ে
mor swapan-torir ke tui neye

Wonder who you are
        Cruiser of my dreams,
My sails, seized with passion,
        How this maddened heart sings away.
Let me take leave, as you rock the boat,
    And sail me off to remote destinies.
Worries all, cast behind
                     Bear me along,
Unveil your face
                  And look me in the eye,
Flooding my soul with your smile.

A brimming wave of tears

ও চাঁদ, চোখের জলের লাগল জোয়ার
o chaand, chokher joler laglo jowar

A brimming wave of tears
Surges in my ocean of sorrow
Dear Moon,  do you hear
The secrets whispered
From one brink to another?

I was moored at familiar shores
When the harness suddenly unleashed.
Tugged adrift, I sailed away
To strange destinies.

Seekers have reached their ports,
Yet I am discombobulated
In a darkness
of haunting lights.

In my passionate desire to be lost
Quaint pathways are launched,
And I am nudged on impulsively.
The wild soul who spurs me on
Laughs in the curious dark.

(another version by Rumela Sengupta)

A tidal wave of tears
Swells and brims over
Deluging the shores
Of my sea of woe

My raft unmoored
From the shores of the known
Nudged by winds
Reaches a shore unknown

Wayfarers on the quay
Have all gone their own way
Lost and adrift I am
Directionless in the dark night
Vision of an aurora in my eyes

The path beckons to me
With an impatient tug
Urging me to lose my way
Fogging my sense of direction
That crazed friend of mine
Chuckles in the darkness

- September 1924

Fierce gales speed forth

খরবায়ু বয় বেগে
khawrobayu boy bege

Fierce gales speed forth
Clouds darken all directions
Oarsman! Time to steer the boat

You hold tight the rudder
I will unfurl the sails
Row, row, row your boat
Heave and Ho!

In it’s chains time and again
Echo the clash of cymbals
Doubt-laden cries they are not
The boat can endure the anchors no more
Restlessly it rocks therefore
Row, row, row your boat
Heave and Ho!

In waiting for a propitious time
Fill not your heart with anxiety
Say not “to go or not to go”
Navigate the doubt-seas within
Look outside not with worry.

If dances the black hole of time
Unrestrained is it’s dreadful locks
Storms loot all, tidal waves bear down
Do not recoil, do not step back
Play your tune to that beat
Sing triumphant songs of victory
Row, row, row your boat
Heave and Ho!

Sep 13, 2010

You stay in my realm of ken

আমি চিনি গো চিনি
ami chini go chini tomare (Bangla audio)

You stay in my realm of ken
O foreign maiden
Across oceans you remain
O foreign maiden

On autumn dawn you appear
On spring eves I see you near
In beat of heart you I hear
O foreign maiden

When to skies I lend my ear
It is your sweet tune I hear
To you have I pledged ardour
O foreign maiden

At end of the wandered world
Ahead new shore lies unfurled
A guest am I at your door
O foreign maiden

Another translation meant for English rendition of the song, by Anandamayee Majumdar
(Link to English rendition of this song)

I have seen you
from end of the rainbow
o my lady love
Across the distant seashore
o my lady love

Your presence in the fall
Your scent in the soul
of spring night,
In the blossom's heart
O my lady love.

I have listened to the cue,
The sky speak of you
My heart belongs with you
o my lady love

I travelled far and wide
Came to late countryside
Awaiting your invite
o my lady love

translated: 28 July 2017

You long to hear me sing

তোমায় গান শোনাব
tomay gaan shonabo
Audio: Kabir Suman

You long to hear me sing
Is that why you keep me astir
All night, my sleep-hunter,
You who spark awake my sorrow!

Twilight overcasts,
Birds retire to nest,
Boats row back to shore;
Yet my heart finds no rest,
You who spark awake my sorrow!

You let my tears flow endlessly
Interspersed between my tireless tasks

You touch me, filling my goblet
With unearthly grace
And then, disappear --
I wonder if you remain unseen
Behind my wall of pain,
You who spark awake my sorrow!

Sep 11, 2010

Mighty river, charged with haste

ওগো নদী, আপন বেগে পাগল-পারা
ogo nodi apon bege pagolpara

Mighty river, charged with haste,
        Sleepless with my fragrance
                         This is I, the Magnolia.
   Still is my being, on a secret path,
        A profound travel of sprouting leaves,
                     A journey of blossom springs.
Mighty river, motioned wild,
                          Lost you are
                                  In endless course--
While my stirring soul remains ineffable --
                               Reaching out for light, like life--
A happiness the sky fathoms,
                                As does night's speechless star.

Sep 7, 2010

Today in lush paddy fields

আজ ধানের ক্ষেতে রৌদ্রছায়ায়
aaj dhaner khete (audio)

Today in lush paddy fields
Play sun and shade
Oh! A game of hide and seek
Who set sail rafts of white clouds
In the blue azure
Oh! A game of hide and seek

The bumble bee forgets to sip nectar today
Drunk with light it rambles around

A conference of birds galore
Sits on the riverfront
Who knows why

I will not go home today
Breaking into and beyond blue skies
I will plunder all today

Riding on the waves of tide
As if like foam
Gallops laughter astride the wind

In no work, rhyme or reason
The day will pass by
In sweet melody of the flute

Sep 6, 2010

With unfailing steps I have walked this path

এ পথে আমি যে গেছি বার বার
e pathe ami je gechhi bar bar

With unfailing steps
            I have walked this path
                                 Over and again                  
Its trace now shrouded
                             With wild grass from my view.           
Hopeful yet I am
                   A favourable breeze will blow
In apt moment
           You'll  be revealed to me
                                       As I am to you.
The lamp of my lone quest
                                         Died out since.
But in the sky, I trust
                       In starry phrases
                         The address of my heart persists                     
Blossoms along my way
                       With their fragrance
                            Will let on a secret, gentle cue
                                      To amend all slips.

Sep 5, 2010

I would love to redeem the magical eyes

যা পেয়েছি প্রথম দিনে

I would love to redeem the magical eyes
I received at birth, when I die.

I would love to touch the wide world
With fingertips dipped in childish awe,
Unbounded wonder.

I would love to bow
To the untwisted simplicity of life,
To kiss the transparent beauty in earth
Before I say goodbye.

I would love to peer in the eyes
Of the invisible energy that seeps
Into all creation.

I would love to mingle with the soul
Who is endlessly within my heart.

I would crave to speak to the essence
Which cradles my life in its arms
And whisper,
I am thankful to have loved you
Beyond imagination,
Every sliver of my life

Sep 1, 2010

Who let blossom the lotus of light

আলোর অমল কমলখানি
alor amalo kamalo khani

Who let blossom
                       The lotus of light,
Stirring the blue sky into sleeplessness
And lured my winged thoughts
                                  On this radiant path?
Autumn's message
       Plays like a lute on the lotus, 
Lalit* tunes trickle down
                          Shiuli** trees.
The wind frolics
         In young green shoots of paddy,
Who is it that stirs up the forests,
           Filling their hearts with secret murmurs?

*Lalit is an early morning melody or raaga.
**Shiuli is a white, fragrant autumn flower of Bengal, with orange stalks.

Aug 31, 2010

You blossomed in my heart

হৃদয়ে ছিলে জেগে

You blossomed in my heart
Yet now, your reflection expands
To the opalescent clouds of autumn

A dewy dawn made it's magic
Unfolding the veil of mist
To reveal resplendence

In the aftermath,
I wonder what to sing,
I ponder my deepest missive.

My melodies are swept away,
Scattering beneath the trees
Like Shiuli buds
My words disperse in the wind,
Like impetuous flash-rains

*Shiuli is a white fragrant flower with orange stalk that blossoms in the autumn in Bengal.

Silver sails emerge

অমল ধবল পালে লেগেছে

Silver sails emerge
Propelled by a sluggish breeze --
Cruising autumn clouds,
In graceful harmony,
An epiphany to my eyes.

Could this be
A luxuriant cargo
Transported from far-off seas?
My heart craves to drift along,
To renounce my haves, wants,
On prevailing shores.

Endless rain,
Drumbeats of thunder
Frame the present sunshine
Sifting through the clouds
Kissing my face.

Who musters the boat,
A strange, treasured love,
Heaping his wealth of smiles and tears?

He makes me wonder
What melodies should beset my lute,
What chants could be sung

Aug 28, 2010

Those roads of ruby earth

গ্রামছাড়া ওই রাঙা মাটির পথ
gram chhara oi ranga matir poth

Those roads of ruby earth
That leave from the village
They steal my very heart
Gaze at whom, with arms stretched
Sprawling on the red dust

Who lures me out of home
Tugging at my ankles
With every step

Who abducting takes me
Pulling me along where
To which damned place

What treasures at which turns
Unearth will he
What debts at which crossroads
Unleash will he

The end where does one find
Contemplate cannot this mind

Aug 27, 2010

Once more you return in garb of Sravan

আবার শ্রাবণ হয়ে এলে ফিরে
abar srabon hoye ele phire

Once more you return in garb of Sravan*
Encircle with raiment of clouds
Lost is sun, stars are lost
Roads lost in dense darkness
Waves ripple in rivers

All azure, all of earth
Resound with song of rains

Crazed with drizzling downpour
Resonates my dark night
Plucking on my veins

*Sravan is the second month of the rainy season in Bengal

In that Sravan sky placed have I

আমি শ্রাবণ-আকাশে ওই দিয়েছি পাতি
ami srabono akashey oi

In that Sravan* sky placed have I
My eyes brimming with tears in clouds
Across the horizon of schism
The whole night awake sans a wink

One who is out of sight
For that one is this gaze
His locks caress my dreams
Blowing in eastern winds.

In Tamal* tree forests
On the path that he left,
In that dusk of separation
Amidst dust of cows homeward bound,
The grass is wrapped in agony
Trembling with every breath
That gazing back time and again
Remains woven in the shadows

*Sravan is the second month of the rainy season in Bengal
*Tamal is a tree of dark colour

Today in welcome of Sravan

আজ শ্রাবণের আমন্ত্রণে
aaj sraboner amontroney (audio)

Today in welcome of Sravan*
The doors shudder in each instant
Home and hearth quiver as if to break free.

Earth rejoices in it’s courtyard
Enraptured in rhythm of dance
It’s restless raiment fluttering

Words from the beginning of time
Echo in mind
In abode of evergreen life

Eastern winds rush to horizons
Amble with it my reflections
Racing towards a time that is timeless

*Sravan is the second month of the rainy season in Bengal, 
the fourth month of the Bengali calendar

Aug 21, 2010

What fear in shrine of fearlessness

কী ভয় অভয়ধামে
ki bhoyo aubhoyo dhame

What fear, in shrine of fearlessness
Your highness!
Far flees at your name

Fearlessly rush thousands of folks
Skies reverberating to songs
Of the name that sparks fearlessness

With your power, O merciful
Those whom you empower
Free are they from fear of
Danger, death and what people say

Hope stems, freed are all bondage
Savour sweet nectar evermore

Aug 20, 2010

Such is your splendour

তোমার এই মাধুরী ছাপিয়ে
tomar ei madhuri chhapiye

Such is your splendour
            Suffusing the sky,
                     Yet, would any less suffice?

This abundant light from the heavens,
                From Sun and stars,
                       Finds fulfilment
                           Only when it brims my life.

Softly, like slumber
            Hue touches the blossom,
                 To be truly realized
                      By my enthralled soul.

 Love awakens tremors
                   Rousing the lute universal,
                   Yet could it light up in song,
                                         Till it had taken my heart?

You beckoned to me on the way

পথে যেতে ডেকেছিলে মোরে

You beckoned to me on the way
I have fallen far behind
How will I now go forth?

A dense darkness descends
The faint trail fades away
Do call out, do respond
In this darkening night

I am afraid lest I wander
To go further, farther I go

I tell myself, you are near
But still I fear
Lest at the break of dawn
I am there but you are not

- 21st April 1926

Aug 17, 2010

This joyful ceremony of the world

জগতে আনন্দযজ্ঞে আমার নিমন্ত্রণ
jogoter anondo jogye amar nimontran
(Tagore's own translation) 

Invited to this joyful ceremony of the world
Honoured has been this human life.

My eyes feast on lands of beauty
Wandering to quench it's desires
My hearing intoxicated
with the melody deep within

In your ceremony,
You have empowered me to play my flute
String together in songs the tears and laughter of life.

Is it time yet ?
To meet you in your august assembly
I will sing in triumphant chords
My humble offering

Aug 14, 2010

Friend what is this anxiety

সখী, ভাবনা কাহারে বলে
shokhi bhabona kaharey boley

Friend, what is this anxiety
Friend, what is this agony
What is this love, love, love
That you speak of night and day
Is it just full of agony.

Is it just a drop of tear
Is it just a sigh of woe
In pursuit of which happiness
Do folks indulge in such sadness

Beauty in all, my eye beholds
All is youthful all is flawless,
Blue skies, green woods
Milky moonlight, tender blossoms
All akin to me.

They only laugh, they only sing
In laughter and play, wish to end
Neither know sorrow, nor know tears
Not know agony of longing.

Blossom withers away smiling
Fades luminous moonlight in smiles
Smilingly surrender themselves
In ocean of light, stars in sky

Happy as me, who is
Come friend come, come to me
Joyous songs of a joyful heart
Harken and soothe your soul

If each day is only to weep
Let this be the one day you smile
To forget sorrow for one day
To sing together all of us

Let all my love reach out

ধায় যেন মোর সকল ভালোবাসা
dhaay jeno mor shokol bhalobasha
(audio: Sagar Sen)

a translation (meant for rendition in English):

Loving grace
Let all my love reach out to you
To you my lord, to you my soul, to you my world.

Heart of mine let it stray, let it soar
Showing up at your summon, as you call
Free my chains, every fetter of mine
Oh lord, with your test, with your sway, with your haul

When I am small, begging your assistance
Deplete my purse, free me of this weakness
Let my heart secretly abound
Oh lord, with your hand, with your gift, with your gold

My dear friend, in my heart so secret
In my life, all the beauty I have met
Let them sing, in harmony with you
Oh lord, with your notes, with your song, with your soul.

Aug 11, 2010

A tryst with you tonight in this storm

আজি ঝড়ের রাতে তোমার অভিসার
aji jhorer raatey tomaar obhishaar (audio)
(Tagore's own translation)

A tryst with you tonight in this storm
My friend and soul-mate

The skies cry out in despair
Sleep, it has forsaken my eyes
I open the gate, my dear one
I gaze out time and again

I see nothing through the darkness
I wonder which path you are on
Beyond which distant river bank
Beside which deep dense dark forest
In which fathomless darkness
Are you weaving your way to me

another version for rendition in English translated by Anandamayee Majumdar:
a youtube rendition by can be found here

A stormy night, awaiting your call
Loving friend, dearest of all

woeful is the weeping sky
wistful and sleepless am I
wondering if you'd come by,
meet my searching soul
Loving friend, dearest of all

Nothing can be glimpsed in the dark
how would I find your mark!

crossing every flooded stream
walking through the forest-dream
navigating the rainy dim
you arrive at my soul
Loving friend, dearest of all

(translated: 16 August 2017)

Aug 10, 2010

The one who dwells within

গোপন প্রাণে একলা মানুষ
gopon praaney ekla manush jey

The one who dwells within
Hidden from all and all alone
Do not entangle her in chores

Let many a song stream forth
From her solitary musings
Let her dwell in the world
She creates with her own melody

The one who dwells within
Hidden from all and all alone
Do not crowd her out in crowds
One as lonely as her
One who feels her ache
Let him find a way to her
Let him not be turned away

The days live no more in my gilded cage

দিনগুলি মোর সোনার খাঁচায়
din guli mor shonar khachay

The days live no more in my gilded cage
Those days of mine of such hue and colour
Bondage of joy and woe, they endured not,
Those days of mine of such hue and colour
Lyrics of my heart, learn they would, I hoped
They flew away, leaving so much unsaid
Those days of mine of such hue and colour
I dream, as if they seek in what hope
Wandering around my broken cage
Those days of mine of such hue and colour
So many feelings, can they be futile
Are they all birds shaped by shadow
Across the azure did they bear nothing.

I will bewitch you not with beauty

আমি রূপে তোমায় ভোলাব না
ami roopey tomaay bholabo na

I will bewitch you not with beauty
I will charm you with my love
I will come not to the door
Have it open with my song

Bedeck you not with ornaments
Adorn you not with flower garlands
I will wreath my love together
And have it sway on your bosom

Know will none in which tempest
Billow will waves in my breast
Like the pull of moon, unseen
Creates ripples in high tide

With you my love I play the game of life

আহা তোমার সঙ্গে প্রাণের খেলা
aha tomar shonge praaner khela (audio)

With you my love, I play the game of life
In such eager excitement today
Will my heart agree to lose this game
Can only you in such a way
Set me aflame and run away
Do willingly be lured my Lord
Bedeck your heart in my colours
Brush from my heart-flower
Crimson dust upon your raiment