Jun 30, 2010

I can not fathom your end

মধুর, তোমার শেষ যে না পাই
modhuro tomar shesh je na pai
(Audio: Arundhati Holme Chowdhury)

I can not fathom your end
my sweetness, as the earth fills with bliss
this sombre evening.

From my twilight-corner
I glimpse the last golden glimmer
melt into the sky,
a song plays on in my mind
drifting, wayward.

The fragrance of the drowsy dusk flower
fills my senses with a bodiless embrace.

With the vague nightfall
an endless melody whispers
floating from the trees
ringing from the farthest limits
of verdant resplendence

Jun 23, 2010

Touched by your heart

তোমার প্রেমে ধন্য করো যারে
tomar preme dhonno koro jare

Touched by your heart
Those enabled of love,
Grateful, have they received
The dawning of pure vision

A love saving them the despair
Of slander, sorrow and grief
Bracing them
From trials familial

Their footsteps finding a home
On unfolding pathways,
Meeting restfulness
Amidst trying tasks

Within you secure are they
Soaring with free spirit,
Heeding beyond darkness

(another version by Rumela)

One you bless with your love
She finds herself truly

Her soul does not sink with fatigue
Broken is not her will
With the day to day loads of life

Known is the tune she hears
Amidst her wayfaring

In the toughest of tasks
She finds joyful leisure

It is in you
That she sees her own self
Breaking all bondages
Her life flows unbridled
Far she can gaze
Beyond the dark ocean

- 15th Jan 1928