Nov 30, 2014

The steadfast eyes

অনিমেষ আঁখি সেই কে দেখেছে
Awnimesh aankhi shei ke dekhechhe

Who has seen those steadfast eyes
The eyes that gaze at the world
The sun, moon, stars and planets
Laying sight on those eyes
Never lose their bearings

Why alarmed by darkness
Do I wander and wail?
Why do I not look into
My heart’s firmament?
Those eyes stay awake
An abiding flame
Perchance masked by
The fog of Samsara

Nov 29, 2014

Cast your raft into the boundless sea

অনন্তসাগরমাঝে দাও তরী ভাসাইয়া
awnontosagoromajhe dao tori bhashaiya

Cast your raft into the boundless sea
Gone are joy and woe, gone is all hope

Stretches on the night ahead
For us wayfaring two
Stretches out the sea ahead
Where to without a clue

Serene is the sea, boundless the shores
Calm blue waters melting into the vacant blue

Not a whisper, not a sound
All silent, as if by a charm
Night approaches slowly
Embracing all with both arms

Nov 18, 2014

I have come away

তোমার শেষের গানের রেশ নিয়ে
Tomar shesher gaaner resh niye (audio link)

I have come away relishing
Your ultimate song.
Will anyone notice my abandonment?

You articulated your heart with music,
While I kept gazing at your eyes.
That is how I whispered my prolific secret;
Will anyone notice my vibes?

The others were not drunken at that moment,
The wine-glass was yet to drain.
There was a rumpus of bustle
With fresh faces, new company.

And I relentlessly dashed
My last hope of return;
Will anyone notice my absence?