Nov 30, 2013

I celebrate the vibrant joy

জয় তব বিচিত্র আনন্দ
Joyo tobo bichitro anondo (audio)

I celebrate the vibrant joy
Of the cosmic poet, 
Savoring every nuance of his love

I admire his formidable face
As a ruthless destroyer of wrong

I embrace his elixir -- love,
His death, suffering and solace--

I cherish his sparkling vigil,
His endless luminosity,
Then again
His opaque darkness
As appalling as that may be

I honor his luscious love 
That mingles, matches, unites,
As well as the rifts
That rip up the heart

Nov 28, 2013

What is the big celebration

এত আলো জ্বালিয়েছ এই গগনে
Eto alo jwaliyechho ki utshober logone (audio: Dwijen Mukhopadhyay)

What is the big celebration
That you immerse the sky in light
Riveting my face
And carefully staying concealed?

When love
Creates my own starry sensation
For my big, beautiful bash
The divine light of my heart
Brings you out
And masks me, instead!

Nov 25, 2013

Your words vanished in the dust

 লিখন তোমার ধুলায় হয়েছে ধূলি
Likhon tomar dhulay hoyechhe dhuli (audio: Shantidev Ghosh)

Your words vanished in the dust
And bit by bit
I lost trace of the script.

Lonely, on a late spring afternoon
I think I catch a cue of your calligraphy
In fledgling, sprouting Nature.

The Mallika unfolds it's prolific fragrance
Reminiscent of you.

Memories of your soft hands
Recreate whispers
Of our aching farewell.

Your past phrases
Find roseate eloquence
In soundless shivers of the Madhobi creeper.

Nov 23, 2013

A bud waned in the deepest dark

কী ফুল ঝরিল বিপুল অন্ধকারে 
Kee phul jhorilo bipul ondhokare (audio: Suchitra Mitra)

A bud waned in the dark.
Her fragrance
Like an unfinished cue
Penetrated my slumber

She had arrived at night
Like a lonely bird
As an offering for sunrise

She had ventured a prayer beyond herself
Her beauty unrevealed, nameless;
Leaving on the endless path
Of  irretrievable stars

I wonder what she had to say
With her sublime silence
I wonder, what brought her
To the obscure enclave of night.

Nov 15, 2013

Let the seeker fly

যে থাকে   থাক-না দ্বারে,  যে-যাবি  যা-না পারে
Je thake thak na dware, je jabi ja-na pare (audio: Suchitra Mitra)

Perhaps, some will stay in,
But let the seeker fly.

If the day begins with a bird
cajoling you
Dive in, much as it is
a lonely path

Pleases the green bud
Possessed with dewiness,
Brewing mysterious life

A consummate blossom
Is mournful of the dark,
Chasing sunshine
To set each expression ablaze

Nov 11, 2013

I am thankful for my simple source

 ফুল বলে, ধন্য আমি
Phul bole dhonno ami matir pore (audio)

I am thankful for my simple source
For being a child of the earth
To still serve the infinite spirit,
Voices the bud

Help me forget my humble ancestry, god,
Because my heart is pure

My petals are atingle at the thought
That you will lean down
And gaze at me

That you will nudge me
And make me a divine treasure of the soil,
That you will accept me
As Earth's salutation