Jul 21, 2012

I chanced upon my muse

সুনীল সাগরের শ্যামল কিনারে 
Shuneelo shaagorer shyamolo kinare (audio: Debabrata Biswas) 

I chanced upon my muse
Across a navy blue sea
In an emerald shore on my way.
Now I sense her presence,
Her unsurpassed wonder
In the sweetness of the earth.

How often
Have I crafted her with my music,
How often
Have I laboured to voice her
Through my lute.

These missives and melodies
I will sow in my yesterdays,
Like potent seeds
Reaping my dream's harvest

These tunes will buzz
With the honeybee
Shifting with buds in the arbor.
They will surrender to the earth
Like raindrops of a high monsoon.
Then again in an autumn sky
They will idly drift with the sparse clouds
Aching with remembrance.

There she will be
Catching me with heavenly surprise,
Seeping into the songs of my twilight, my night,
My spring darkness,
Penetrating my deepest, lilting melancholy.

Jul 15, 2012

Uncloak my trance

এ মোহ-আবরণ
E moho-aboron khule daao (audio: Subinoy Roy)

Uncloak my trance,
Dismantle this daze.
I would love to see your beauty revealed,

Your deeply tranquil face,
Bless my heart with your gaze.

Jul 7, 2012

My heart dances like a peacock

হৃদয় আমার নাচেরে
Hridoy amar nachere ajike (audio)

My heart dances like a peacock
Rejoicing, reeling in the monsoon.
Emotions, splayed like plumes,
Reach to the sky like an iridescent arc,
Yearnings tuned to a passion unknown.

I walk down lanes of myths, missives,
Reliving someone, somewhere
Swaying in a tangled swing**
Of the spicy  Bokul* branch;
Starry blossoms spewed adrift,
Resonating to the drumbeats of rain,
A woman's veil flashing in the sky,
Tresses tumbling down her face,
Careful braid flung open by the breeze.

A thick rain douses the emerald leaves,
Crickets spawn a chorus in the arbor,
The water picks up in the canals and rivers,
Islanding an enchanted village.

*Bokul- a tree that flowers in the monsoon in Bengal, the star-like flowers exuding a rich aroma.

**An inkling to the mythological character and god, Krishna, in the Mahavarata, who has also been described as a model lover in his youth.

Jul 4, 2012

Eternal voyager, you befriend every traveler

পান্থ তুমি, পান্থজনের সখা হে 
Pantho tumi, panthojoner shokha he (audio: Suchitra Mitra)

Eternal voyager,
You befriend every traveler.
Every pathway, a sheer sensation
Of nothing, but you.
The tune that articulates bliss
Through a tramp's voice, is yours.

A heart touched with your breath
Does not ponder its past,
Does not pause from shore to shore,
Is nudged on by turbulent winds

To wide open seas.

Eternal voyager,
You befriend every traveler,
You sail away in her endless heart.
As she unlocks her latch to peer forth
What she finds, is your embodiment.

She braves the perils and the bars
Not vacillated by indulging ambitions,
Feverishly compelled with wanderlust.
Her voyage leads on to you;
Every pathway, a sheer sensation
Of nothing, but you.