Oct 24, 2013

Cast in a gigantic wave

বিপুল তরঙ্গ রে
Bipulo torongo re (audio) 

Cast in a gigantic wave
Of existence
Leaves me breathless

I reflect on this
As a heave
Splayed across time
Evoking the sky
Straddling the past, present and future

A happy wave
Loaded with life, and light

And so the sun spins
And the stars bob
Under its boundless arms

Taken by surprise, sparks
With readiness

Humans engage
In a diurnal dance,
And hearts, like larks
Endlessly learn to sing

Oct 18, 2013

I awake to a sudden, sweet entrapment

নয়ন মেলে দেখি আমায় বাঁধন বেঁধেছে
Noyon mele dekhi amay bandhon bendhechhe (audio)

I awake to a sudden, sweet entrapment
An enigmatic snare of love

It was in the wake of spring
When I wished my friend
A nonchalant goodbye

But she cracked wide open
With tears, unawares,
And so it happens, did I

Oct 13, 2013

We tumbled out at dawn

Aj prothom phuler pabo proshadkhani (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

We tumbled out at dawn
To watch raw buds 
Crack open to the sun,
To catch up with the voice of light.

Now that radiance 
Performed it's miracle,
We sing and daub ourselves
In savory sunshine

Nature invites us
Under thickets of Parul,
Shady branches of Magnolia. 

The deepest blue sky 
Expands in us,
Echos music within,
Releasing all our fetters

Oct 6, 2013

Sunshine sings within

আলো যে আজ গান করে মোর প্রাণে
Alo je aj gaan kore mor praane go (audio)

Sunshine sings within.
I feel the presence
Of a myseterious muse,
My world, transforms

The sky transports my dreaminess
The wind wins me with drunken delight

The horizon offers
Its royal blue shelter of a gaze
To branch, blossom

My fragrant vibes
Elbow out, questing,
Catching up with my endless
Secret inspiration

I planted illusive dreams

আমি  কেবলই স্বপন করেছি বপন বাতাসে
Ami keboli shwopono korechi bopono (audio: Kanika Bandyopadhyay)

I planted illusive dreams
Wielding castles in the air,
Harvesting dashed hopes

My world, a relic,
My hopes, unnavigated,
The deity of my dreams
A fantastic, float-some image

Nothing actualized
From my deluge of desire,
Couldn't cast a soul
With my far aspirations.

In my solitude
I have been playing with flames,
Left with cinders, in the end

Oct 2, 2013

I lose sight of my deepest intention

তোমার দ্বারে কেন আসি ভুলেই যে যাই
Tomar dwaare keno ashi (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

I lose sight of my deepest intention
Of coming to you
I beg, beseech for trifles
Shrinking in shame
When it ends

Yet all I voice
Are my passing vibes
None of the cravings
Buried within

Meaningless wants
Fetter my raw bud, my dream,
Needs that will crumble one day,
Wither, give way,
As spring brushes in

One day,
A lone desire will emerge
A desire, streaming through life
To meet it's culmination,
Cracking open to the sun
Like a radiant bloom