Apr 30, 2013

Inferno descends in laps of thunder

Prochondo gorjone ashilo eki durdino (audio)

Inferno descends in laps of thunder
Tempest threatens,
Lightning snaps like a vicious snake
A soul in the heavens
Is blinded with tears of suffering

Release your fetters of stress
Surrender the cowardice, the laze,
Let your strength shine
Within the heart of bliss

And when you can smile
With a serene consciousness
You will have confronted
The boundless Soul
The Fear unto fear
The majestic Seat of sustenance
The deathless Wave

(another version by Rumela)

What calamity descends
With such a growl and roar
Such a parade of clouds
With a thundering drumroll

A night lashed by snakes of lightning
A sky blinded by teary downpour

Break free from your terror
Awaken from fear and laze
Arouse the courage within
With a buoyant burst of bliss

Unabashed, lay your eyes upon
The stretch of the silent still
Resplendent in the conquest of death

The conquistador of fear

Apr 24, 2013

Cosmic soul in action

যিনি সকল কাজের কাজী 
Jini shokol kaajer kaajee

There is a cosmic soul in action
Whom we aid at all travail
He humours in every flash
He startles at every turn,
He sweetens with abundance
And steeps us in the fun

With his vibrant drumming beat
We duly jibe in glee
When he blows his horn
We dance the melody

It is a sport that riots with life
It is a game that spurs with death
Even as we cherish
It hems in grief and breath

And when he asks our presence
His voice, a thundrous cloud
We rush to meet his summon
Our intent clear and loud
We trample tricky thorns
We sail the seven seas
We cross mammoth mountains
To show up at his bid

Apr 20, 2013

Arrive, my Blissful, my Beauty

হৃদয়নন্দনবনে নিভৃত এ নিকেতনে
Hridoynondono bone nibhrito e niketone (audio: Subinoy Roy)

Arrive, my Blissful, 
My eternal Beauty
Into the silent retreat,
The deep wilderness of my heart.

Let me see your love shine,
A tenderness that releases me
From torment, agony.

My soul cries out for you,
Stay within.

Overflow my breath with generosity, 
Fulfill my suns and stars with grace,
Enrich my mortal existence, 
Cowered, cringed, with lightness.

Orchestrate your harmony
Send volumes of joy
Into every bout of my being.

(another version by Rumela)

Into the secret abode in my heart's wilderness
Come O Lord, ever joyous, ever good
Show your loving visage, set aside all woe
Scorched in the sorrow of separation
My heart awaits your soothing presence
Usher into my life days and nights of well-being
Bring to fruition this futile life of mine, my dearest
Let my heart ever resonate with sweet melody
Let cascades of sweet nectar sprinkle my heart night and day

Apr 14, 2013

O Beauteous One, I have bedecked my home

ওহে সুন্দর, মম গৃহে আজি
ohe shundor, momo grihe

O Beauteous One,
I have bedecked my home
For this night of supreme joy
I have laid a lotus seat
In the golden temple of my heart

Come my dearest, my sweetheart
Shower upon my tearladen eyes
The lustrous smile of your compassion

From across groves and glades
Jasmines I have culled
To adorn your bosom, to lay at your feet

I will play my Veena
Clinging close to your feet
I will usher you in with a bow
O companion of my soul

A conch reverberates at Mother's gate

A conch reverberates at Mother's gate
Will you not free yourselves from useless bustles,
Come away, with salvers of offering
Carefully light the lamp of devotion 
Arrive, laden with fresh buds  
Will you not spread the word, She calls.

The drift today enjoys it's dewy crispness,
The bud relishes it's newborn smell.

Hold your head high, brighten up
Join the somber new wave of music
Dress yourselves with blooming wreathes
Transform this moment
With a whiff of newness 
Where beauty burgeons, benevolence sprouts.

Apr 12, 2013

I will keep you treasured

Tomay jotone rakhibo he (audio: Subinoy Roy)
I will keep you treasured
I will hold you close
I will enamor you
With fragrant buds of love

My love for you 
Will be my embellishment
My longing for you
Will keep me athirst

You will come to me,

How will you resist?
I will catch your smile
Suffuse the sky

Like sweetened luminosity