Mar 23, 2018

We roam with your plaintive song

দেশে দেশে ভ্রমি তব দুখ গান গাহিয়ে
Deshe deshe bhromi tobo dukho gaan gahiye (audio)

We roam with your plaintive song
Cities, spaces, woods we walk
Weeping, people weep along
Heartache softens the icy rock.

Thousand hearts have come aflame
Thousand voices, a burning tear
Our eyes blaze, and thunder booms
People dumbstruck with their fear.

I've no brother or kindred soul
You alone I hold as near
You're my Mother, and Father too,
All my world, I find so dear

When you cry, I weep with you
Could make others as tearful too
I live and die, and gladly so
To lay my life down for you.

Translated by Anandamayee Majumdar

দেশে দেশে ভ্রমি তব দুখ গান গাহিয়ে
          নগরে প্রান্তরে বনে বনে ।  অশ্রু ঝরে দু নয়নে,
              পাষাণ হৃদয় কাঁদে সে কাহিনী শুনিয়ে ।
          জ্বলিয়া উঠে অযুত প্রাণ,  এক সাথে মিলি এক গান গায়—
          নয়নে অনল ভায়— শূন্য কাঁপে অভ্রভেদী বজ্রনির্ঘোষে ! 
                  ভয়ে সবে নীরবে চাহিয়ে ।।

              ভাই বন্ধু তোমা বিনা আর মোর কেহ নাই ।
              তুমি পিতা, তুমি মাতা, তুমি মোর সকলই ।

           তোমারি দুঃখে কাঁদিব মাতা, তোমারি দুঃখে কাঁদাব ।
           তোমারি তরে রেখেছি প্রাণ,  তোমারি তরে ত্যজিব ।
                  সকল দুঃখ সহিব সুখে
                          তোমারি মুখ চাহিয়ে ।।

Who turns her face in tears?

কে এসে যায় ফিরে ফিরে  আকুল নয়ননীরে
Ke ese jay phire phire akulo noyon neere (audio)

Who turns her face in tears?
Whose gaze has longing dreams?
We dash her hopes with fears
My mother she is, it seems.

Whose words resound so sweet
But then we do not heed?
We ducked her living speech,
My mother she is, indeed.

Wo held us in her love
But now she is bygone?
Forgotten by her son
She is Mother, everyone.

Who lived in a humble hut?
Who fed us sacred grace?
We forgot her kindness, but
She is Mother, in her place.

Translated by Anandamayee Majumdar

কে এসে যায় ফিরে ফিরে  আকুল নয়ননীরে ।
             কে বৃথা আশাভরে  চাহিছে মুখ’পরে ।
                   সে যে আমার জননী রে ।।

             কাহার সুধাময়ী বাণী  মিলায় অনাদর মানি !
             কাহার ভাষা হায়  ভুলিতে সবে চায় ।
                   সে যে আমার জননী রে ।।

             ক্ষণেক স্নেহ-কোল ছাড়ি  চিনিতে আর নাহি পারি ।
             আপন সন্তান  করিছে অপমান—
                   সে যে আমার জননী রে ।।

             পুণ্য কুটিরে বিষণ্ণ  কে বসি সাজাইয়া অন্ন ।
             সে স্নেহ-উপচার  রুচে না মুখে আর ।
                   সে যে আমার জননী রে ।।

Mar 19, 2018

I sit alone at the pier unmindful

ঘাটে বসে আছি আনমনা
ghaate boshe aachhi aanmona

I sit alone at the pier unmindful
Time and tide pass me by
I will not set sail in the winds
That do not take me towards you

The day goes by, the sun goes down
In the darkness of the night
A hundred fears shroud the ten directions
I have not found a place to call home
Yet my heart is restless to set out
I do not know the way to where the pole star shines

I have rowed my boat for such a long way
So many a time on the brink of being sunk
That I have lost hope on the course I sail

My boat is tethered to the shore with countless ropes
When will you untie them, I so want to set afloat
When will the all-embracing winds from the wide unknown
Caress and soothe my burning need
When will I hear in a roaring rumble
The melody from across the oceans

Feb 4, 2018

You are yet to snap out of your trance

এখনো ঘোর ভাঙে না তোর যে
akhono ghor bhange na tor je

You are yet to snap out of your trance
Your eyes are yet to flutter open
A flower has bloomed amidst thorny bushes
Do you not know
In your lazy languor, do you not know?
Awaken, arise, do not let time go by

At the end of an arduous road
In a remote unreachable land
That friend of mine awaits alone
Do not give him the slip

So be it if a parched sky quivers in the scorching sun
So be it if the burning sand in distress scatters all around
In a searing thirst scatters all around

Gaze deep into your heart
Is there no joy
With every step you take
The melancholic tune of a flute
Will call out to you
In a sweet tune
It will call out to you

Dec 31, 2017

I sit in solitude as the clouds clear

একলা বসে বাদল-শেষে শুনি কত কী
ekla boshe badol sheshe

I sit in solitude as the clouds clear
So much I get to hear
“My time has gone by” says the Ketaki flower

The clouds call out to her
As they retreat to the horizon
Her zeal and zest fade away

She grew in a corner at the edge of the forest
She would tremble at a fleeting sign from a lightning flash
Her fragrance would suffuse a lover’s tryst in the monsoon darkness
Did the evening star ever get to know?

May 2, 2017

When my heart is parched and dry

জীবন যখন শুকায়ে যায়
Jibono jokhono shukaye jay (a rendition in Bangla by Suchitra Mitra)

When my heart is parched and dry
Bring your grace to my life
Sweetness gone from my world
Come to me, sing a song

Missions call relentlessly
Like an endless raving sea
Come to me, o lord, o love
Gentle in your serenity

In my absence from my world
Cornered like a tragic soul
Meet my shyness, push my wall
With your true majesty

Lust and cinder fill my heart
driving me, blinding me
Burn my dark with ruthless light
Wakeful in your sagacity

translation - 26 April 2017

(another version by Rumela)

When life is parched and dry
Come unto me streaming with compassion
Obscured, when all goodness
Come unto me with the sweetness of song

When work assuming monstrous proportions
Thunders and crashes enveloping all
Oh Lord of life
Come in with a gentle knock on my heart

Becoming miserly in it’s dealings
Curls up in one corner when this poor heart
Throwing open all doors Oh kindly Lord
Come unto me in royal procession

When the duststorm of desire rising
Blinds the eye and buries the intellect
Oh omniscient Lord

Come to me in fiery enlightenment

Dec 10, 2016

forever live in joy

সদা থাকো আনন্দে
Soda thako anonde (Subinoy Roy)

forever live in joy
in your world
with freedom from fear
with a lucid heart.

rouse in joy
strive in joyousness
come to a rest at nightfall
with a joyful sonnet.

pitch for well-being
in the thick of 
trials or abundance
breathe in joy
slander and scorn.

forgive all
and live in joyousness,
there is an endless 

fountain of peace
to sip from.

Nov 21, 2016

I will set sail on this lashing sea

আমি মারের সাগর পাড়ি দেব বিষম ঝড়ের বায়ে
Aami maarer shagor paari debo

I will set sail on this lashing sea
Plying along a terrifying tempest
In this broken boat of mine

Taking heart in “no more fear”
Setting out despite a torn sail
My boat will reach your shore
In the shade of the banyan tree

The one who loves me will show me the way
All I have to do is cast away fear and set sail
I know for sure I will come to shore at day end
I will place the crimson flowers of my woe at your merciful feet

Oct 19, 2015

I know he comes forth

সে যে বাহির হল আমি জানি
shey je bahir holo aami jaani

I know he comes forth
I hear his voice in my heart

The sky is abuzz with whispers
The when and where of his sojourns
At the seashore, in the forest yonder

Too bad I’ve set up home so far away
How long a path he’ll have to take
I splay my heart all over the trail
May his footsteps tread upon my pain

That is what I wish

সেই তো আমি চাই
shei to aami chaai

That is what I wish
I do not fret for an end to my arduous effort
I do not quest for the fruit of my action
Who can bear that unbearable load
As soon as it bears fruit, I let it go to dust
To begin afresh from a nascent bud

Thus is my life beset with eager yearning
With each new effort, ever a new agony
I expend what I receive and seek yet again
The giving never ends and so I go on taking

Aug 22, 2015

You stir me awake from my dream

স্বপন যদি ভাঙিলে রজনীপ্রভাতে
swapan jodi bhangile

You stir me awake from my dream
As the night gives way to dawn
Suffuse my heart then in radiance

Keep me engaged in your work
Renew this life of mine

Open the doors of my room
And summon me to your abode

Aug 21, 2015

Do come today O Lord

স্বামী, তুমি এসো আজ অন্ধকার হৃদয়মাঝে
swami tumi esho aaj

Do come today O Lord into my heart steeped in darkness
I feel ashamed, tarnished with guilt, I call out to you
My heart cries out, my mind knows no peace
I cannot see the road engulfed in my own darkness

Fie upon my life, futile is my effort
Futile is the transient love that fades time and again
My heart is scorched in pain
My eyes overflow with tears
My thirst for earthly enjoyment
Consumes me like a vile poison 

The dust of this marketplace overwhelms me

হাটের ধুলা সয় না যে আর, কাতর করে প্রাণ
haater dhula shoy na je aar

The dust of this marketplace overwhelms me
I cannot bear it, my heart feels stifled
Let the river of your melody wash over me
Let it’s drumbeat pulse through my veins
Let it wash away from my body all dishonour
Let it’s gurgling flow drown all commotion

O Beautiful One
I had wreathed a garland of your flowers
Remind me of that today, let me forget all pain
Invite me to the lotus garden of your song
Let me partake of it’s honeyed sweetness
Let my face be smeared with it’s pollen

Aug 20, 2015

Who will give me solace

হায় কে দিবে আর সান্ত্বনা
haay ke dibe aar shantona

Who will give me solace
All have gone
I beg you not to leave
Do gaze with a smile O Lord
Upon the weak and subservient

I look all around
I do not see a soul
Why did you leave me alone in the dark
Look at this empty world of mine

You made me surrender

হার মানালে গো, ভাঙিলে অভিমান
haar manale go bhangile obhiman

You made me surrender
You crushed my sentimental pride
The flickering lamps I feebly lit
Have been shattered into pieces

Light up now your luminous stars
End this twilight of many hued shadows

Come my friend of the beyond
The winds waft in from the road
The lights in my home flicker out

To this desolate wharf edging a deep darkness
This act on the stage where all is lost
I have brought this song of mine

I offer to you a garland woven in surrender

হার-মানা হার পরাব তোমার গলে
haar mana haar

I offer to you a garland woven in surrender
I can no longer keep myself away in self-delusion

I know my sentimental pride will be swept away
My heart will shatter in acute pain
Emptied, it will sing out like a flute
My tears will erode even stone

The lotus petals will unfurl one by one
The honeyed sweetness will not be withheld

Whose gaze will beckon to me from the skies
Call me away from home in silence
Nothing will remain, nothing at all
I will attain ultimate oblivion at your feet

Why has the smile left your eyes

হাসি কেন নাই ও নয়নে
Hashi keno naai o noyone

Why has the smile left your eyes
You roam about with a forlorn face
Look up, my friend, look at the flowers blooming in the garden
The blossoms weep seeing you so forlorn
The wild vines beseech you to talk to them

Come, my friend, come here and tell
For whom does your heart ache
Whose dreams steep your heart so

Aug 19, 2015

My heart quivers my friend

হিয়া কাঁপিছে সুখে কি দুখে সখী
Hiya kanpichhe shukhe ki dukhe

My heart quivers my friend
Is it in pleasure or in pain
Why do my eyes well up in tears

My beloved will come to me today
What should I do my friend

When I meet him, my friend
I know not what to say

Will he not know, my friend
What my heart wishes to say
Will he not fathom it
Will he turn away

Aug 18, 2015

Sighting you secretly within their heart

হিয়ামাঝে গোপনে হেরিয়ে তোমারে
Hiyamajhe gopone heriye tomare

Sighting you secretly within their heart
Tender green leaves quiver in thrill
Chafing the flowers now and then

My heart has cast off it’s veil in joy

হৃদয়-আবরণ খুলে গেল
hridoy-aboron khule gelo

My heart has cast off it’s veil in joy
At the touch of your feet, O benevolent One
I see you within and outside
In each world, in every direction
In light and darkness, in joy and woe
I see you in my home, my heart
All across the whole wide world

Aug 17, 2015

My heart is too delicate

হৃদয় মোর কোমল অতি
hridoy mor komal oti

My heart is too delicate
It cannot bear the sunshine
When touched by light
It curls up in fearful shyness
When a bee alights beside me
My eyes drop shut in dread
I wish to wither and fall
Down into the earth
In distressed shame
When nudged by the breeze
My petals quiver and fall
So I hide my frame in a veil of leaves
I will pour my fragrance
Into the dark deep woods
I will wither and die
In the lap of these woods

Let my heart know your grace

হৃদয়ে তোমার দয়া যেন পাই
hridoye tomar daya jeno paai

Let my heart know your grace
I will accept my lot in this world
Let me find you in my heart

Your grace will suffuse my thoughts
Night and day in life and death
In joy and woe, in prosperity and calamity
Let me seek your grace
Let me know your grace

Your grace like a stream of tranquility
Will cascade softly into my heart
Your grace like a glow of well-being
Will light up the darkness of my life
My love and devotion
All my strength and solace
Let me gain in the form of your grace
There is nothing that is mine

Aug 16, 2015

O my heart’s treasure

হে অন্তরের ধন
Hey ontorer dhon

O my heart’s treasure
You pine in separation
Empty is your abode

I leave you alone in my home
I wander out and about all day long

O my heart’s treasure
The whole world weeps
Bemoaning this separation

Your flute in many a tune
Searches for me afar and near
Impassioned is spring’s southern breeze

I got your message, my friend

হে সখা বারতা পেয়েছি মনে মনে
hey shokha barota peyechhi

I got your message, my friend
In the caress of your breath
Within my heart
You’ve come, my unseen friend
With the southern breeze

Why do you deceive me
Why do you bind me
In a bondage invisible
Do let me see you
To my heart’s content
In the bowers of my heart

Do let me see you
In flowers crimson, white and gold
Why do you go far away
Putting a spell on me with your flute
In this celebration of youth
Do let yourself be seen
For my eyes to behold

My friend, abide in my heart

হে সখা, মম হৃদয়ে রহো
hey shokha mor hridoye raho

My friend, abide in my heart
In this world, in all my work
In my thoughts, in my knowing
Abide in my heart

Come O Lord, gently, slowly
In my joys, woes, smiles, tears
Gather up my life in your embrace
In this world, in all my work
In my thoughts, in my knowing
Abide in my heart

The whole day comes to naught

হেলাফেলা সারা বেলা
helaphela shara bela

The whole day comes to naught
What is this game I play with myself
Whose face do I recall
In the flower scented breeze
Who knows whose smile
Flutters across my sight
Leaving behind a teardrop
In the corner of my eyes

Who is it in stoic indifference
Plays a languorous tune
Beneath which yonder shade
Wails as if an aching heart
In the song of the flute
All day long I string my song
For whom sings my heart
Like a shadow I sit
Beneath a tree in the garden

Jun 19, 2015

Divulge your face now

এবার   অবগুণ্ঠন খোলো
Ebar obogunThono kholo (audio link) 

Divulge your face now.
As the magic of opaque clouds and soft shades in the forests
complete their loot.
Reveal your soul-secrets with whispers of the night, 

Shiuli-fragrant, vivid in mature moonlight.
Allow your tearfulness to marry a demure smile,
a rendezvous, somehow unfold in the flute-like savory Madhabi wilderness.
Discover a new rhythm of love: tryst, intermittent with yearning
to dance by, in the dewy breeze, in the florid web of shade and light.

Jun 17, 2015

Through whom did you send your garland

কার হাতে এই মালা তোমার পাঠালে
Kaar haatey ei mala tomar pathaley

Through whom did you send your garland
In this dawn of a spring day
Your name etched in its colours
Your rhythm in its fragrance
I wear that garland as a crown
In this dawn of a spring day
Your song arises in the sky
In the breeze of this spring day
O how did you string my name in your melody
Weave it secretly into your song
In this dawn of a spring day

I make a wish in solitude

কামনা করি একান্তে
Kamona kori ekante

I make a wish in solitude
May peace and joy shower down on the world
May sin, envy, sorrow sink into oblivion
May all creatures find refuge at your feet
There where fear has no place

It is time to go now

ওরে, যেতে হবে, আর দেরি নাই
orey jete hobe aar deri noy

It is time to go now
The sun is about to set
Your friends have all gone ahead

Finish your play on this stage of life
Darkness draws near
Who do you turn back and look for?

New actors appear on this stage with a new play
Come away from there, lest they throw brickbats

Set down the load you’ve been holding close to your heart
Move on to a new land, build there a nest anew
Start afresh with a new play