Aug 29, 2014

Do summon me tonight

ডাকো মোরে আজি এ নিশীথে
Daako morey aaji e nishithey

Do summon me tonight
When the world is asleep
Come into my heart
And call me in silence
Summon me to your bliss
Light your lamp
In the darkness within
Call me over and over again
Summon my unsconscious spirit

Why does sleep evade your eyes

ঘুম কেন নেই তোরই চোখে
Ghum keno nei tori chokhe

Who keeps you awake so
Why does sleep evade your eyes
You stare with an absent gaze
There in a distant corner of the sky
Night peers with eyes tinged red
In the radiant light of dawn

Why have you culled today
Many a crimson lotus
What gives you courage
To unbolt your door so
Who do you call with folded hands
And let cataclysm into your home

Aug 28, 2014

So deep a night deluged with rain

গহন রাতে শ্রাবণধারা পড়িছে ঝরে
Gohono raatey srabonodhara porichhey jhore

So deep a night deluged with rain
Why wake her up for no reason
A trace of her tears can still be seen
Her lips still hold the words unsaid

So be it if you strum a few notes
If your lute reveals your heart
At the portal of her sleep
So be it if you lay a blossom
Quietly on her undone tresses
String flowers around her wrist
Why wake her up for no reason

A deep dense night descends into my heart

গভীর রজনী নামিল হৃদয়ে
gobhir rojoni namilo hridoye

A deep night descends into my heart
Fades all flurry and furore
Now and then I hear
The murmur of distant seas

All desires flood back into my heart
The darkness grows thicker outside
A solitary lamp flickers
In the farthest nook of my heart

Infinite grace has led me to beauty
The game reaches it’s conclusion
Restless ripples of lively waves
Subside into the depths of the sea

Peace there is in a soundless chant
That echoes quietly in my heart
I close my eyes and see within
The beauty that is beyond all forms

Aug 24, 2014

The din and bustle is shut off

কোলাহল তো বারণ হল
Kolahol to baaron holo

The din and bustle is shut off
Whispered now will be the words
Hearts will know each other
With only music and lyric

People are afoot on the royal carriageway
The marketplace alive with trade
My respite comes at an untimely hour
In the middle of a day
I am called away from work
Who knows why

Let the flowers in my garden
Come untimely then into bloom
Let the bees buzz sweetly
In the middle of the day

Many a day has gone by
In dilemmas of right and wrong
My heart is now drawn towards
My playmate of this leisure hour
A call to take time off from work
Who knows why

Dark gray clouds huddle up

কালো মেঘের ঘটা ঘনায় রে
Kaalo megher ghota ghonaay re

Dark gray clouds huddle up
In a darkening sky
Drops of rain drizzle down
In deep dense forests

Breaking free at last
Blooms your blossom
In this downpour

O do arise, awake
Do not lose this hour

In which tearladen wind
In which earthy fragrance
Does his ache glide across
Can he still stay concealed

Aug 17, 2014

How enchanting you are

কত যে তুমি মনোহর মনই তাহা জানে
koto je tumi manohar

How enchanting you are
How you steal my heart
It is only my heart that knows
It trembles and throbs
In the melody of your song

Today in this dawn
The sun plays with the clouds
My eyes brim over as I gaze at you

Fidgety flickers of light
Ripple across the river
Peals of lilting laughter
Race across the forest leaves

What do I see in the sky
Is it the gaze of your eye
A deluge of divine sweetness
Drizzles down the blue above
Drizzles down into my heart

O my Oarsman

ওরে মাঝি, ওরে আমার মানবজন্মতরীর মাঝি
orey majhi

O my Oarsman
You who row the raft of my mortal being
Do you hear the flute that plays
Afar somewhere on the shore

Will your raft find a pier
At the end of day
Will I sight a row of lamps
In the darkness of dusk

In this achingly sweet breeze
My heart feels as if
A laughter from across the shore
Comes creeping along the darkness

I brought along a few flowers
That I plucked before I came
With the ones that are still fresh
Fashion a bouquet at the soonest

The boat has been unmoored

ওই রে তরী দিল খুলে
oi je tori dilo khule

The boat has been unmoored
Who will carry your load
When you go forward
Let the past stay behind
To carry it on your back
Would keep you behind all alone
You’ve dragged your burdens one by one
From your home to the shore
You kept going back time and again
For each thing you forgot
Call out to the oarsman, call out
Let your burdens drift away
Shake off all you have
And offer your life at his feet

Aug 16, 2014

Who wants to go to the other shore

ওগো, তোরা কে যাবি পারে
ogo tora ke jaabi pare

Who wants to go to the other shore
I sit at the riverbank ready with my boat
In the gardens on the other side
So many people, so much frolic
On this side a dreary desert
Thirsting for a drop of rain

The day has not gone by yet
Come, those who wish to go
Why waste time in deliberation
The sun will soon go down
This fortuitous wind will let up
The pier will close down in the gathering dusk

How could he forget all the love and hope

ওগো এত প্রেম-আশা
ogo ato prem asha

How could he forget all the love and hope
The deepest yearning of the heart
Doesn’t the moon there smile at night
Doesn’t the flute there play it’s tune

Here the breeze plunders the gardens
Doesn’t the wind there blow at all
It speaks of him to me ever so often
Doesn’t it ever speak to him of me

If he is to forget me today, my friend
Why did his love make me forget myself
To make me weep all my life
Is that what he wanted!

Many a pleasant night we spent on a carpet of flowers
Gazing into each other’s eyes
Did he know then that this pang of separation
Would be my friend for life

If he does not remember me
If he finds a life of peace
Do go and see him, my friends
This thirst of my eyes
This hope of my heart
Do offer at his feet
And take with you a part of my pain
How do I hide it anymore
And bring with you if you can steal
One teardrop of his

No, no, my friend
If he can forget all this love
Don’t entreat him anymore
I won’t say a word
I will bear my woe
Quietly in my heart
All of this is in vain, my friend
In vain is this love
In vain is this yearning
The days of bliss are gone
Never to return again

Aug 15, 2014

I hear as if his footsteps

ওই শুনি যেন চরণধ্বনি রে
Oi shuni jeno choronodhwoni re

I hear as if his footsteps
I hear it lost in myself
Is it my beloved
Coming in stealth to steal my heart

What are these hints I get
That make my tears well up
The fragrance of a garland
I know from my dreams

Spring waits for him along his path
A bouquet of flowers in her arms
Conch shells resound in the skies
Hope wafts across the azure

Say those words again my love

ওই কথা বলো সখী
Oi kotha bolo shokhi

Say those words my love, once again
Say you love me again and again
I have heard it many a time
Yet I want to hear them again
Say you love me again and again

Aug 14, 2014

Wake up, do wake up

ওঠো ওঠো রে-- বিফলে প্রভাত বহে যায় যে
otho otho re, biphole probhat bohe jaay je

Wake up, do wake up
The morn goes by in vain
Open your eyes, awaken, arise
Stay unconscious no more

Each one rushes to be of service
The morn breeze awakens
The sun jogs across the sky
As if the Lord calls them one by one
Bloom the forest flowers one by one

Listen to that call
Gaze up at that face
Seeking His blessings
Let us all embark upon His work

Aug 1, 2014

O listen! Who plays the flute

ওগো শোনো কে বাজায়
Ogo shono ke bajay

O listen! Who plays the flute
The fragrance of wild flowers fused in it’s melody
Touching his lips, the flute captures his smile
My sweetheart’s smile drifts across to me
Seizing my heart with so sweet a song

The buzz of bees in the bowers echo in it’s tune
So eager the Bakul buds bloom to it’s song

The lapping of the Yamuna reaches my ear
My heart cries out with longing
Who does the moon gaze at with a smile

Jul 31, 2014

Who goes by playing a flute

ওগো কে যায় বাঁশরি বাজায়ে
ogo ke jaay bashori bajaye

Who goes by playing a flute
Passing by my door
I sit alone, lonesome
Evoked into thoughts
Of the one I yearn for

The flute gives voice to
His impassioned heart
His song of separation
How do I voice my feelings
My heart cries out in despair

I could not wreath the flowers
They wither and fall to the dust
Night gives way to the dawn
The moon hides its lacklustre face

Who do I worship through the night
Offering the springtime of my life
He carries off my heart
With the melody of his flute
Why do I remain behind

Who jolts me out of ease

আরাম-ভাঙা উদাস সুরে
aram bhanga udaash shurey

Who jolts me out of ease
With such a distracting tune
Who fills the empty heart of my flute
With such an ache today

The anxious flute beckons
The restless, the homeless
It sends its summons
In wakefulness and dreams
It draws out from the near
To sweep away to the far

It stirs which hidden recess of my heart
It makes me weep in secret at eventide
Even today…
My heart knows his name not
Not even what he looks like
Only in shadows and silhouettes
Does he flit around in my dreams

She takes limits lightly

ও যে মানে না মানা
o je mane na mana

She takes limits lightly
If I avert my gaze “No, no, no” she says
The more I urge “the night ends, the lamp dims”
She looks at my face saying “No, no, no”

Bewildered and overwhelmed with the crazed winds
Spring runs amok in forests bursting with flowers

The more I urge “Now I should go”
She stands at the door saying “No, no, no”

Jul 28, 2014

Do silence your verbose poet now

এবার নীরব করে দাও হে তোমার মুখর কবিরে
ebar nirob kore dao

Do silence your verbose poet now
Seize the flute that his heart is
Play yourself it’s deepest strains

Let your flute ring out
In the rich silence of the night
In a melody that enthralls
The skies and beyond

All that lies strewn across
My being and death
Draw them all to your feet
With the magic of your song

The heaps and piles of words
Will be swept away in a trice
I will sit alone and hear your flute
In a darkness that knows no bounds

Till now my eyes have seen him not

এখনো তারে চোখে দেখি নি
akhono taarey chokhey dekhini

Till now my eyes have seen him not
Till now I have just heard his flute
My heart and soul, whatever I had
I have surrendered unto him

I have heard of his dark appearance
That I should refrain from seeing him
Tell me friend if I should still
Venture out to the Yamuna

He came only in my dreams
A smile touched the corner of his eyes
Since then do I tingle in fear
I fear to look up and see

They walk around the forest as they please
They gaze at the Kadam tree as they please
Tell me friend if I should still
Look up and gaze at someone

Jul 27, 2014

Amidst this to and fro

আসা-যাওয়ার মাঝখানে
asha jawar majhkhane

Amidst this to and fro
For whom do you wait
Alone, gazing at the road

In the monsoon clouds
In ebony rimmed with gold
Who knows what is this game
Of shadow and light
Amidst this to and fro

Withered leaves flutter to the earth
Fresh leaves drape the boughs
Amidst that you lose yourself
What songs so tearladen
Stream around you
Amidst this to and fro

Jul 26, 2014

Nothing seems to allay

আজ কিছুতেই যায় না মনের ভার
aaj kichhutei jaayna moner bhaar

Nothing seems to allay today
The heaviness in my heart
Clouds loom across the sky
Shrouding the day in darkness

My heart said he would come
Maybe he could not find me
Unspoken his words
Wrench a wail out of me

Now and then in tearladen winds
The skies cry out for him
A deep sigh of this cloudy day
Tells me he will not return
He left with a heavy heart
Because this tryst was never to be

Jul 24, 2014

Do tell me what troubles your heart

তোমার মনের একটি কথা আমায় বলো বলো
tomar moner ekti kotha amay bolo bolo

Do tell me what troubles your heart
Do tell me why your eyes brim over

The pitter patter of raindrops in the forests,
the chirp of crickets beneath the Kadamba trees,
the gurgle of rivulets through vistas of Sal trees
resonate through this evening

The horizons vanish
The azure evanesces in the drizzling downpour
Shadows flit across your face
Shadows cloud around your mind
Your heart heaves with the torpid tearladen winds

Jul 21, 2014

None here speaks of you

তোমার কথা হেথা কেহ তো বলে না
tomar kotha hetha keho to bolena

None here speaks of you
In vain they create a commotion
They sit beside a sea of nectar
And yet sip only poison

They have ripped their own roots
They know not how to swim
They cannot find a shore
They drift down the stream
Maybe to drown in the end
They flounder and fumble on
Through night and day

Where do I go
Whom do I ask
They pull and drag me along
I fear I’ll be left alone in the end
Amid fathomless seas
I search for a friend, a well-wisher
My eyes moisten with tears
My own load bears me down
My heart trembles in weakness

Jul 20, 2014

I love you night and day

আমি নিশিদিন তোমায় ভালোবাসি
aami nishidin tomaay bhalobashi

I love you night and day
Do so at your leisure
I sit here night and day
Do come when you remember
I stay awake through the night
Enduring the ache of separation
Do come in the morn
Even if for a moment
Grace me with your smile

Do walk the way you  please
Through sweetly wafting winds
Through everlasting blooms
Buoyant on the waves of your own joys
If I happen to come by
I too will float along
If I fall behind, no harm in that
Efface my memories from your thoughts

Jul 19, 2014

I’ve come to see you today

আজ তোমারে দেখতে এলেম অনেক দিনের পরে
aaj tomaarey dekhte elem

I’ve come to see you today
After a long time
Fear not, be at ease
I won’t linger too long
I’ve come for only a few moments
Only to gaze at your face
And listen to you
If you have something to say
Or only just to see your smile
From behind a screen if need be
Before I go on to lands far away

Jul 18, 2014

How far is it, the abode of joy

আর কত দূরে আছে সে আনন্দধাম
aaro koto doorey aachhey

How far is it, the abode of joy
I am weary
I am blinded
I do not know the way

The sun dips below the horizon
Darkness enshrouds the earth
Have mercy on this helpless one
O mother of this universe

I drift from one road to the other
Driven by unfulfilled desire
In vain is this game
In vain is this show
In vain does time pass by

Today in this eventide breeze
Do lead me to the abode of peace
Bestow upon me everlasting peace
With the soothing caress of your love

You’ve given so much O Lord

অনেক দিয়েছ নাথ
Awnek diyechho naath

You’ve given so much
O Lord you’ve given so much
And yet is my desire not fulfilled
My penury not dispelled
My tears not effaced
My deepest thirst not slaked

You’ve given me life and consciousness
My heart’s treasure - my family and friends
The soothing caress of the breeze
The blue canopy of the skies
The verdant beauty of the earth

If so much have you given
You have to give some more
If you I do not get
I will not go back

Jul 3, 2014

I am so impoverished

আমি দীন, অতি দীন
aami deen oti deen

I am so impoverished
How do I repay Lord
The debt of your kindness

Your affection in endless streams
Deluges this world
It showers night and day
Soothing my scorched heart

I will surrender all of my heart
I will give you back your own love
I will live to do what you ask of me
I offer my life at your feet

Jun 29, 2014

You brought me to tears

কাঁদালে তুমি মোরে ভালোবাসারই ঘায়ে
kandale tumi more bhalobashari ghaye

You brought me to tears
The torment of your love
A deep sweet agony
Tingles down my body

I will walk to distant shores
For a tryst with you, my love
Let pain prick at my feet
As I walk the endless roads

My heart wails like a flute
My eyes stream with tears
This sweet melancholy
Leaves me bewildered

You plunder my all
And yet keep me bound
I cannot tear my heart away
Such is my quandary