Apr 6, 2014

Flame of fire, we are akin

ওরে, আগুন আমার ভাই
Ore agun amar bhai (audio: Suchitra Mitra)

Flame of fire -- we are akin,
I exalt you with a song
Nothing is as free, as flushed, to me
As your fiery form

Your raise your ecstatic arms
In a divine, happy dance
And when I die and my fetters bust
You will singe my bonds

Your body and mine will sway in glee
Your flare will burn my impetuosity
And as every twinge is turned to ash
My woes will vanish with your raging flash.

Feb 12, 2014

How does one suffer this estrangement

E porobashe robe ke haay (audio: Kanika Bandyopadhyay)

How does one suffer this estrangement
Like a nomad at large
The conflict of heart and body
Left in quandary?

In these alien latitudes
I have no one, no home or harbor.
Exposed alone
To my ache, vulnerability

Jan 4, 2014

Do you surrender to juvenescence?

এবার তো যৌবনের কাছে
Ebar to jouboner kachhe menechho haar (audio)

'Do you finally surrender to juvenescence!
'We do'
'Feel the vigorous crispness of Being?'
'That too'

'Remember how you were fazed by figments --
Have you unearthed your true presence?'

'So now do you bow to life supreme?
See death as the chalice of immortality?'
'We so do!'

'There is a demon, a fog, fighting
To mask from you
Your divine kingdom.
Did you vanquish it?'
'We did too'

Dec 10, 2013

If there is no swansong

শেষ নাহি যে, শেষ কথা কে বলবে?
Shesh nahi je shesh kotha ke bolbe (audio: Kanika Bandyopadhyay)

If there is no swansong
What would our last whisper be?

The scourge that sparks the fire,
The cloud that dissolves in rain
The snow that melts into spring
Has no consummation

End is a mirage --
A dark door
That always opens
To let in light

The heart of antiquity
Cracks open to birth a new beginning

Life blossoms, ebbs,
And death gleans the harvest

Dec 9, 2013

The credo of triumph

Hobe joy, hobe joy (audio: Pankaj Mullick)

The credo of triumph
Crops up incessantly
Like a serenade
To invoke our courage

How every living breath --
Is a resounding whisper
Of life's continuum,
A thrilling victory
Such are love, light,
And abundance

Voicing a promise
That the darkness
Will melt

That we can wake up,
Part with despair,
And catch
An impending,
Startling sunrise

Nov 30, 2013

I celebrate the vibrant joy

জয় তব বিচিত্র আনন্দ
Joyo tobo bichitro anondo (audio)

I celebrate the vibrant joy
Of the cosmic poet, 
Savoring every nuance of his love

I admire his formidable face
As a ruthless destroyer of wrong

I embrace his elixir -- love,
His death, suffering and solace--

I cherish his sparkling vigil,
His endless luminosity,
Then again
His opaque darkness
As appalling as that may be

I honor his luscious love 
That mingles, matches, unites,
As well as the rifts
That rip up the heart

Nov 28, 2013

What is the big celebration

এত আলো জ্বালিয়েছ এই গগনে
Eto alo jwaliyechho ki utshober logone (audio: Dwijen Mukhopadhyay)

What is the big celebration
That you immerse the sky in light
Riveting my face
And carefully staying concealed?

When love
Creates my own starry sensation
For my big, beautiful bash
The divine light of my heart
Brings you out
And masks me, instead!

Nov 25, 2013

Your words vanished in the dust

 লিখন তোমার ধুলায় হয়েছে ধূলি
Likhon tomar dhulay hoyechhe dhuli (audio: Shantidev Ghosh)

Your words vanished in the dust
And bit by bit
I lost trace of the script.

Lonely, on a late spring afternoon
I think I catch a cue of your calligraphy
In fledgling, sprouting Nature.

The Mallika unfolds it's prolific fragrance
Reminiscent of you.

Memories of your soft hands
Recreate whispers
Of our aching farewell.

Your past phrases
Find roseate eloquence
In soundless shivers of the Madhobi creeper.

Nov 23, 2013

A bud waned in the deepest dark

কী ফুল ঝরিল বিপুল অন্ধকারে 
Kee phul jhorilo bipul ondhokare (audio: Suchitra Mitra)

A bud waned in the dark.
Her fragrance
Like an unfinished cue
Penetrated my slumber

She had arrived at night
Like a lonely bird
As an offering for sunrise

She had ventured a prayer beyond herself
Her beauty unrevealed, nameless;
Leaving on the endless path
Of  irretrievable stars

I wonder what she had to say
With her sublime silence
I wonder, what brought her
To the obscure enclave of night.

Nov 15, 2013

Let the seeker fly

যে থাকে   থাক-না দ্বারে,  যে-যাবি  যা-না পারে
Je thake thak na dware, je jabi ja-na pare (audio: Suchitra Mitra)

Perhaps, some will stay in,
But let the seeker fly.

If the day begins
With a bird, cajoling you,
Dive in, much as it is an empty path

Pleases the green bud
Possessed with dewiness,
Brewing mysterious life

A consummate blossom
Is mournful of the dark,
Chasing sunshine
To set each expression ablaze

Nov 11, 2013

I am thankful for my simple source

 ফুল বলে, ধন্য আমি
Phul bole dhonno ami matir pore (audio)

I am thankful for my simple source
For being a child of the earth
To still serve the infinite spirit,
Voices the bud

Help me forget my humble ancestry, god,
Because my heart is pure

My petals are atingle at the thought
That you will lean down
And gaze at me

That you will nudge me
And make me a divine treasure of the soil,
That you will accept me
As Earth's salutation

Oct 24, 2013

Cast in a gigantic wave

বিপুল তরঙ্গ রে
Bipulo torongo re (audio) 

Cast in a gigantic wave
Of existence
Leaves me breathless

I reflect on this
As a heave
Splayed across time
Evoking the sky
Straddling the past, present and future

A happy wave
Loaded with life, and light

And so the sun spins
And the stars bob
Under its boundless arms

Taken by surprise, sparks
With readiness

Humans engage
In a diurnal dance,
And hearts, like larks
Endlessly learn to sing

Oct 18, 2013

I awake to a sudden, sweet entrapment

নয়ন মেলে দেখি আমায় বাঁধন বেঁধেছে
Noyon mele dekhi amay bandhon bendhechhe (audio)

I awake to a sudden, sweet entrapment
An enigmatic snare of love

It was in the wake of spring
When I wished my friend
A nonchalant goodbye

But she cracked wide open
With tears, unawares,
And so it happens, did I

Oct 13, 2013

We tumbled out at dawn

Aj prothom phuler pabo proshadkhani (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

We tumbled out at dawn
To watch raw buds 
Crack open to the sun,
To catch up with the voice of light.

Now that radiance 
Performed it's miracle,
We sing and daub ourselves
In savory sunshine

Nature invites us
Under thickets of Parul,
Shady branches of Magnolia. 

The deepest blue sky 
Expands in us,
Echos music within,
Releasing all our fetters

Oct 6, 2013

Sunshine sings within

আলো যে আজ গান করে মোর প্রাণে
Alo je aj gaan kore mor praane go (audio)

Sunshine sings within.
I feel the presence
Of a myseterious muse,
My world, transforms

The sky transports my dreaminess
The wind wins me with drunken delight

The horizon offers
Its royal blue shelter of a gaze
To branch, blossom

My fragrant vibes
Elbow out, questing,
Catching up with my endless
Secret inspiration

I planted illusive dreams

আমি  কেবলই স্বপন করেছি বপন বাতাসে
Ami keboli shwopono korechi bopono (audio: Kanika Bandyopadhyay)

I planted illusive dreams
Wielding castles in the air,
Harvesting dashed hopes

My world, a relic,
My hopes, unnavigated,
The deity of my dreams
A fantastic, float-some image

Nothing actualized
From my deluge of desire,
Couldn't cast a soul
With my far aspirations.

In my solitude
I have been playing with flames,
Left with cinders, in the end

Oct 2, 2013

I lose sight of my deepest intention

তোমার দ্বারে কেন আসি ভুলেই যে যাই
Tomar dwaare keno ashi (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

I lose sight of my deepest intention
Of coming to you
I beg, beseech for trifles
Shrinking in shame
When it ends

Yet all I voice
Are my passing vibes
None of the cravings
Buried within

Meaningless wants
Fetter my raw bud, my dream,
Needs that will crumble one day,
Wither, give way,
As spring brushes in

One day,
A lone desire will emerge
A desire, streaming through life
To meet it's culmination,
Cracking open to the sun
Like a radiant bloom

Sep 30, 2013

I count on Beauty to show up

তোমায় চেয়ে আছি বসে পথের ধারে সুন্দর হে
Tomay cheye achhi (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

I count on Beauty to show up
To rouse my heart, dusty strings

I have no flowers to offer,
Only teary melodies
Hoping my ache can be sensed
Even from far cover,
Hidden Beauty.

Days pass, one after the other
My heart thirsts strangely

I am askance in the empty quay
Looking to discover
Your vibrant approach
To sail away with you,
In an ocean of exuberance

Sep 29, 2013

All has come to end like a fading dream

সকলি ফুরাল, স্বপনপ্রায়
sakali phuralo swapanpraay

All has come to end
Like a fading dream
Where is she hiding?
Where is she, o where?

The woods wear a desolate look
Why do the birds sing no more?
An emptiness wherever I look
Where is she, o where?

For whom will the buds bloom?
Madhavi & Malati weep in woe
She who came to fill her pail
She who came to pluck some fruit
O she will come no more
Where is she, o where?

The muse calls in love

ডেকেছেন প্রিয়তম, কে রহিবে ঘরে
Dekechhen priyotomo, ke rohibe ghore (audio)

The muse calls in love
It is time to show up,
To release from quiescence.
I come to herald everyone
In hustling celebration

Seething souls will find respite
From ache, alienation

The sky will pour it's symphony
The earth will be wrapped
In magnificence.

Creation transforms
To a gorgeous stage for the tryst

My heart is now prepared
To meet the loving face
Reflected within

Sep 21, 2013

The lamps of all my sorrow

আমার সকল দুখের প্রদীপ
Amar shokol dukher prodip

Lighting the lamps of all my sorrow
I will offer when the day goes by
My sorrow filled worship is not over yet

When the shadows grow longer
When the birds fly back to their nests
When the prayer bells ring out at dusk
Then will this life leap up in a last flame
My sorrow filled worship is not over yet

Many words, many pleas from many a day
Much unrest, much agitation
Tangled up in pain-struck strings
Flit up and fill up my heart today

When they light up one by one
In the holy fire of worship
When they leap and race to the sky
Breaking free from their bondage
When they fade into the setting sun
My sorrow filled worship will over be then

The give and take

দেওয়া নেওয়া ফিরিয়ে-দেওয়া
Dewa newa phiriye dewa

The give and take
The giving it all back
This game between you and me
Goes on through the ages
Can death put an end to it?

When I awake to your song
When I look for you in the skies
You cascade down to earth
In the song on my Ektara*

The glittering gold of your light
I repay the debt with flowers
That bloom on my dark soil

When my arbour of Shefali blossoms
Is drunk with fragrance on an autumn night
It tugs then at your skies
To shower down later a tune
In the loving drizzle of a monsoon night.

Ektara* - a one stringed lute

Sep 16, 2013

Doors of darkness

তিমিরদুয়ার খোলো-- এসো, এসো নীরবচরণে
Timiro duwaro kholo (audio: Debabrata Biswas duet)

Release the doors of darkness, mother
I crave your soundless presence,
Awash in young sunlight

Allow your presence
Pure, exuberant
To swamp my stagnation

Deluge the sky
With music
Ubiquitous vibes

Restore my breath
With your air, ambrosia

Let your light
Create an epiphany
For my enamored eyes

Sep 13, 2013

The day my heart cracks open

সে দিনে আপদ আমার যাবে কেটে
Shey dine apod amar jabe kete (audio: Suchitra Mitra)

The day my heart cracks open
With unstoppable glee,
I will be released

From then on, your fragrance,
Your nectar will pour out of me
Revealing your unmistakable impression
However one may claim my own

The universe has long been
Eyeing me,
Expecting epiphanies
And now the meaning of it all
Springs to mind

The world has it's ways
Of knowing
How each cell of my being
Harbors seeds of endless bliss

And so the stupendous suspense
To hear a radiant leaf awaken,
To catch its exalted expression

It is the moment my ego dies,
It is the moment I am set free.

Autumn radiance blossoms

শরত-আলোর কমলবনে
Shoroto alor kamolo bone (audio)

Autumn radiance
Blossoms like a precious lotus-pond,
Indulging my muse
Out of my heart

Sunshine, twinkling, aureate,
Echos the clink of her armlets,
Jittery shadows
Are possessed by her veil
Heaving in the wind

Her fragrance, meditative,
Hovers below the Shiuli

Contained within
She is captivating
Expressed outside
She is exquisite

Today, more than ever,
Her purest gaze
Reflects in the royal blue sky

Sep 6, 2013

Brown, indigenous child

Ogo shaontali chhele (audio)

Brown, indigenous child,
As enchanting as the
Juvenile, opaque, emerald season
I discover you,
Unfolding your heart
Through rustic tunes, an earthly flute,
Hovering beyond plush meadows,
Opulent groves
Like a rain-messenger

Monsoon clouds,
Misted with cobalt blue
Elbow in from the east
Deepening your dark skin.

The sun's gorgeousness reflects
On your sparse, buff wear.

You fascinate me
With your silent treasure
-- a bud of monsoon,
Left at my doorstep
In quiet affinity

My monsoon melodies
Hover in the sky
Like a flight of swans,
Voicing your tunes

Our hearts meet
Through the tempest
In the tossing Tomaal,
Walking down with the beat
Immersed in cloudy shadows.

Aug 27, 2013

Deluging, endless rains

উতল-ধারা বাদল ঝরে
Utol dhara badol jhore (audio)

Deluging, endless rains
A lonely detained day

The wind, full of dampness
The river, rejuvenating, wild
Clouds, soft, enhancing
Shadows misting the wilderness.

And then in sudden epiphany
You arrive, my friend,
Bewildering my monsoon twilight
Making me anxious
To wipe your wetness
To let my tresses dry your feet

Let the night deepen
Let the darkness grow opaque
As I light my beacon of love
As I splay my heart to hold you

Aug 14, 2013

You offered me your first yield

বাদল-দিনের প্রথম কদম ফুল করেছ দান
Badolo dinero prothomo kodomo phul (audio: Arghya Sen)

You offered me your first yield,
The fragrant Kadamba of monsoon
For my part,  I bring you
My rainy tunes.

I have shielded them
With cool shadows, dim skies,
My first lyrical fruition

I know today offers you abounding harvest
But tomorrow will leave you bare

And so each monsoon,
My songs will come to life,
My boat will be heaped with your honour
My melodies, echo your glory
Riding on tides
Of your lost remembrance

The night hums with endless rain

আজি বরিষনমুখরিত শ্রাবণরাতি
Aji borishono-mukhorito Sraabono raati (audio: Srikanta Acharya)

The night hums with endless rain,
I attach my aching memories
In one evocative garland,
Through the lonesome dark

I delude myself
Into keeping the door ajar,
Into imagining a friend arrive
To share my somber night

A heart who will mold music
From monsoon showers,
A soul that can enamor
Savory Kadamba buds

The muse who will perhaps,
Never show up --
For whom I embed
My yearnings on the soil
With patient contemplation

Aug 13, 2013

Pressing hours of high monsoon

যায় দিন শ্রাবণদিন যায়
Jaay din Sraabon din jaay (audio)

Pressing hours of high monsoon
Cloud my heart,
Whisper the emptiness
Of my bizarre longing,
Piqued by an enchanting dusk

A solitary night is imminent.
My lamp flickers,
With promise, questions,
The void vibrates with ambivalence.
There are no answers,
Only a wild wind
Embarks homeless on the pathway

The opaque dark has stifled my dreams.
But the night, wounded with heartbreak,
Hunts for expression, eloquence
Through the rustling music of rain,
The sodden fragrance of Malati.