Jun 29, 2011

I arrange my lyrics

খেলার ছলে সাজিয়ে আমার গানের বাণী
Khelar chhole shajiye

I arrange my lyrics
Scoring them in joyful play
Day to day I set afloat
A raft I craft for that day

Swept adrift on playful waves
I know not if she will dock
In lands unknown far away

So be it if she goes down
If you rescue or discard

You who are beyond the known
This my play is but for joy
I seek not its fruition
Happy in my own delight
Blessed I feel just to play

Melody forgotten

সুর ভুলে যেই ঘুরে বেড়াই কেবল কাজে
shur bhule jei ghure berai

Melody forgotten
When I hasten about in work alone
My heart senses the rebuke in your eyes

Vistas vanish before my eyes
Lost are the skies and mother earth
Fade away in the far far beyond
Opulent azure sweet verdure
Their gentle caress eludes me
My heart senses the rebuke in your eyes

The cosmos conspires with the winds
To stir me into a fervence
With a hint of that melody

No place on earth is worthy enough
For you to take your royal throne
I even lose the hope to welcome you into myself
My heart senses the rebuke in your eyes

Jun 27, 2011

From a river-source of dark

অন্ধকারের উৎস হতে
Awndhokarer utsho hote (audio)

The stream of light that spills
From a river-source of dark
Is your kind of light!
The passionate grace that shines
Through doubts, demurs
Is your kind of grace!
The hearth that nourishes
Every traveler on his trail
Is your kind of home!
The love which exposes
Man to his battlefield, to hurt,
Winning him unearthly bliss
Is the kind of love
You are capable of!
The unseen wealth
Which silently, still remains
When all is lost
Is your imperishable gift!
The undying life which fills
Every void made by death,
Is such that you reward!
Below our feet, a soiled earth
That mothers all men,
Such is your heaven.
The secret soul who lives, loves,

Thrives in all, is your incarnation.

All the stars in the sky tonight

আজি যত তারা তব আকাশে
Aji joto tara tobo akashe
Audio: Srikanta Acharya

All the stars in the sky tonight
Like jewels, glow within my core
All your earth comes in haste
To flings herself at my door
Every flower in your garden
Blossoms, as it were, in  me
Sprouting from my very limbs
To come alive, awake and free

All the bliss that rises up
From every corner of the earth
Full, with such a soulful scent
Blend with aromas of my heart
This lasting rapture, so true and sweet,
Become offerings at your seat.
I have today, no care in me
Words and speech I do not heed
A breath of cosmos fills my lungs,
My being -- a flute of melody.

Jun 26, 2011

As darkness descends

আঁধার এল ব’লে
Andhar elo bole
Audio: Purba Daam

As darkness descends
Homes come live with light.
By day I had cast my eyes away,
But at night, I fathomed,
I knew, whose play of life
Danced within the rhythm of my heart. 
My sleepless mind warbled with songs
Ever so often, like birds at dawn.
When all bustle turned to silence,
The spring drift gently stirred me awake
With the rippling murmur of leaves.

(another version by Rumela)

Here it comes, the darkness
The lamps have thus been lit

What I had forgotten in daylight
I recognise in the dark of night
I know who it is that plays
In the way my heart sways

Birdsong lilts now and then
In my woods bereft of sleep

When all is stilled
The spring breeze arouses me
With the murmur of leaves

In darkness, the lonely man

আঁধার রাতে একলা পাগল যায় কেঁদে
Andhar rate ekla pagol jay kende (audio: Suchitra Mitra)

 In  darkness, the lonely man
 The crazed seeker, questions hard,
`Won't you explain, soul of light,
 My dear mother, my sun, my dawn,
 Why you unleash  the inky dark
 Why you hold back your face
 How you sorely break my heart!'

`What magic do you articulate
 Through the glowing sunset-streak
 In bleeding sonnets of twilight?'

`Till now, I have learned by heart
Your deep, melodic harmony
In the lilting, loving flute of life.
I sense how the moment has come
Now, to master the lute of death
At your finishing grand concert.'

Tearfulness extends and exudes everywhere

অশ্রুভরা বেদনা দিকে দিকে জাগে
Osru bhora bedona dike dike jaage

Tearfulness extends and exudes, everywhere
The injury of a broken heart
Clamors for expression in the rain-clouds,
Breathing through the blues of monsoon

The spasmodic breeze resonates with a cry,
A longing for lost love, poignant and fruitless

(another version by Rumela)

A tearladen pain arises in all directions
Whose yearning rings out amidst the dark clouds
Racing along the restless breeze
Whose cry resonates in a song
Who pines away in a fruitless penance

Goddess of bounty

লক্ষ্মী যখন আসবে
Lokkhi jokhon aashbe (audio: Vikram Singh)

Where seat her will you
When she comes, the Goddess of bounty
Look within your heart you’ll see
Her favoured lotus
You have not culled

Bewails the morn breeze
Crestfallen in its pale light
Looks at you the wistful sky
A silent plea in its eyes

With such hopes secret
In the deepest dark of night
Floated up a flawless bud
From beneath the waters deep
Blossom it could not
Severed from its stalk by chance

Where do I find the sweetness
That heaven asks from this earth

Another version by Anandamayee Majumdar:

Where will you seat your
Diva of abundance
when she finally arrives?
Look within and discover
Her sacred lotus-seat, is lost

The air, askance
With paltry sunshine
The soundless sky
Dish out the same disquiet

A raw bud once shaped up
Traveling till the edge of dark
Scaling deep waters
Borne of much hope

But the stalk gave way
So the flower was left unborn
And I am left reflecting
If heaven's exuberance
Can ever be realized in a prosaic world

Jun 24, 2011

O my heart, do keep the faith

নিশিদিন ভরসা রাখিস
Nishidin bhorsha rakhish

O my heart, do keep the faith
What you wish, will surely be
What you pledge, you’ll surely keep

Those who lie inert as stone
Spring they will to life anew
Mute who are will speak for sure

Time it is, O time it is
For each one to lift your load
The woe you take upon yourself
You can endure it for sure

When the bells ring out and toll
Come and join will one and all
To walk in grand unison
Marching on a common road

Jun 22, 2011

It is just you, my love

It is just you, my love,
I have found to be forever
My guiding star, in the deep seas.
A sailor of rough tide,
I have no fear of losing way,
For you will deeply manifest,
Wherever I may drift.
Your rays will shine down
When tears flood over me.

Your face secretly thrives within
When you, if you, vanish suddenly,
You leave me in utter despair.
If some day, my soul longs to go astray
Your face I shall have to recall to find
A sweeping shame cast over me.

(another version by Rumela Sengupta)

You I have made my pole star
Lose my way I never will
On these seas ever again

Wherever it is I go
My guiding light do remain
Shine your luminance upon
My tears when they freely flow

Enthroned is your face deep within
A secret that is mine alone
I find myself in deep despair
If ever I lose sight of you

Away from path of righteousness
If ever my heart goes astray
All I do is recall that face
To see my heart recoil in shame

Do you sense the magnificence

তোর ভিতরে জাগিয়া কে যে
Tor bhitore jagiya ke je

Do you  feel the magnificence
Restrained in your heart,
The spirit thirsting for sunshine,
The soul struggling in the dark?

Tell me why
Even as the air is charged with vibes
Your music doesn't respond,
As light inundates the sky,
Your eyes do not look?

Birds deliver rosy messages
To raring trees
Blossoms express exuberance
Through prolific tints

The night recedes for all we can see,
But inside, the radiance is missing.
Tell me why
This aching divorce persists
Between home and the world?

Jun 21, 2011

Ensue will conflict if confront you do

বাধা দিলে বাধবে লড়াই
Badha dile badhbe lodai

Ensue will conflict if confront you do
Doomed to death you will be for sure
This, your grandiloquence will come to naught
Swept aside you will be for sure

With wealth amassed from plunder and pillage
Who among you wants to rule all others?
In a trice will you be levelled to dust
Shaken you will be if you wish to stir

Who are you cowering beneath?
Why do you weep?
Why manacle yourself in modesty
Remember that
Rich you are in richness of woe
Paradise you will have to build on dust
Sans arms, sans allies you will have to fight

Jun 18, 2011

She sits there by the casement

ওই জানালার কাছে বসে আছে
Oi janalar kachhe boshe achhe

She sits there by the casement
Her head resting on her palm
Blossoms scattered on her lap
To wreathe she has forgotten

Sussurant the breeze blows by
What does it whisper to her
That she sits half-reclining
Musing on many a thing

Shadows flit across her eyes
Drifting clouds and birds in flight
Bakul petals wither and fall
As the hours go ticking by

Sweet languor a sweet stupor
On a sweetly smiling face
Deep within in pleasant dreams
Plays the flute a pleasing tune

Why this untimely appearance

বঁধুয়া, অসময়ে কেন হে প্রকাশ
Bodhuya oshomoy keno he prokash

Why this untimely appearance
Sweetheart! Tell me this is a dream
A shining star from distant skies
Did you lose your way to this earth
An error sure yet there you are
A joyous smile on a sea of tears

Jun 17, 2011

Play that lone string on your Ektara

একমনে তোর একতারাতে
Ek mone tor ektarate

Play that lone string on your Ektara
Centering all your thoughts on it
The lone blossom of your garden
Make your bouquet with that alone

When you confront your limits
Happily call it a day
Gaily pick up the cowrie
That you find through His kind grace

Take not to heart what people say
Stop chasing after each fancy
Let your heart know He is within
The King of all that you cherish
Play that lone string on your Ektara
Lost in that tune all by yourself

Jun 16, 2011

Truant Monsoon

আষাঢ় কোথা হতে আজ পেলি ছাড়া
Ashadh kotha hote aj peli chhara (audio)

Truant Monsoon,
Your emancipation bewilders me.
Let me absorb your green, before you unleash.
Enamor me,
Hover over the meadows for a while.

Rain-clouds profess your triumph
As they parade from east to west
Thunder claps respond with your imminence

Palm boughs go berserk with dance,
Billowing wind tosses the enchanted Shaal* !

I catch a playful impulse
Bound across the sky to farther horizons
I sense the gripping game
Of shadows frisking in the arbors
I thrill to the maddened heart
Which churns the brimmed rivulets
With a frivolous swing!

Shaal* - a stout tree with large leaves

Here she comes with so thunderous a thrill

ওই আসে ওই অতি ভৈরব হরষে
Oi aashey oi oti bhoirawbo hawroshey

Here she comes with so thunderous a thrill
Sprinkling the earth with a few drops
Setting free a rush of fragrant fervour
Bedecked in a raiment of deep dense clouds
She comes with a youthful pride in her gait
Solemn darkness promising sweet relief
A quiver runs through verdure and azure
As the skies ring out in rumblings so deep
Frolics the peacock spreading it's plumage
The whole wide world thrills in eager delight
Clad in clouds she comes with wild abandon

Oh where are you wandering young damsels
Where are the women who seduce with a look
A startling flash of lightning in their eyes
Where are the maids who tend to jasmine blooms
Maidens who escort lovers to their trysts
Come, do come to the woods lovely dark and deep
Attired in colours of the deep azure
Play your Veena Oh enchanting angels
Let your gleaming girdles of gold jingle
To the rhythm of a dance so charming
Oh where are you lovesick lovelorn lasses
Maidens who escort lovers to their trysts

Bring on the music, drums, trumpets and flutes
Sound conch shells and cheer Oh country-maidens
Here come the rains with an amour anew
Our precious consort of comfort and joy
You who dwell in a cottage by the woods
Your eyes awash with eager emotion
Do compose a new ode to the monsoons
Inscribe the lyrics on bark of birch trees
And set them to the tune of Megh Malhar
Here come the rains with an amour anew

Scent your tresses with pollen from screwpines
Wreathe oleanders around your slim waist
Roll out a bed of Kadamba flowers
Beautify your eyes with collyrium
Tinkling your bangles to a rhythmic beat
Do urge your peacock to dance in cadence
With a sublime smile suffusing your face
Roll out a bed of Kadamba flowers

Here come the first showers of refreshing rain
Spanning the azure with their assurance
Rows of trees rustling in the maddened breeze
Melody spilling forth from vines and leaves
Poets of a thousand years congregate
To fill the firmament and the wild winds
With eternal songs of a thousand years
A thousand songs resounding in forests

Jun 15, 2011

A beating, crashing downpour

আজ বারি ঝরে ঝরঝর
Aj bari jhore jhoro jhoro

A beating, crashing downpour
  Today in the fullness of the rains
Where can such
      Sky-shattering deluge contain?
The tempest hollers in the Shaal** arbors
 In the meadows, streams weave their way.
       Who is the angry dancer
That flings open his tresses in his ruthless dance?
My mind is possessed with the rain, and can not be ruled
             It gives itself over to the tempest--
My heart is high with gleefully wild waves
   Rolling down, touching the feet
                          Of an unknown love!
 Oh, this savage commotion!
Gates crash open everywhere,
A passionate being awakes within!
Within and out who is the soul that rejoices?

Another version by Suman Dasgupta

Heavily it pelts down this unceasing rain from the sky
Seems not a single drop can remain up contained.
Through Saal trees the tempest sweeps and cries
...Chasing little streams in the fields in paths astrayed.
Who has flung open His tethered cloud-like tresses
And started dancing, I wonder, with so much wild disdain?

O' I can't rein my mind as it gushes out with the rain
As it sweeps and pounds within me, like a tempest, in pain.
Can hardly contain my feelings as they spill out in waves
And break at the feet of my beloved insane.

O' my mind is so befuddled, my walls giving in their restraints
Wild impassioned horse in mine suddenly coming alive
In this dark and gloomy monsoon rain
This stir outside and in my within, I wonder, O Lord how you contrive?

Shaal** - A stout tree with large leaves
* - An indication to the mythological deity, Shiva -- the violent One -- He, whose dance indicates destruction and vice versa.

Jun 14, 2011

Yet again, rains overcast

আবার এসেছে আষাঢ় 
Abar eshechhe Ashadh (audio)

Yet again, rains overcast the sky
The sweet smell of raindrops waft nearby.
My ancient heart attunes 
To the endless music of monsoon,
Thrilled at the young clouds
Deepening in the sky.

There in the vast meadows,
On the fresh grass,

Unhurried shadows heap and proliferate
'Here comes', exclaims my breath,
'Here comes', sings Creation,  
The stupendous ingress
Overflows my eyes, my heart

(another version by Rumela)

The monsoon arrives again
Clouding across the skies
The scent of the rains alight
Wafting along the breeze

This old heart of mine is athrill
Swaying to a new beat today
Gazing at the novelty of the clouds

Now and then the shadows creep
Along the blades of grass
Across the sweeping fields

“She comes” says my breath
“She comes” sings my song

She comes flooding my eyes
She comes deluging my heart

Jun 9, 2011

Let my emotions all stream to You

আমার সকল রসের ধারা
Amar shokol rosher dhara

Let my emotions all stream to You
Each one lose itself in You today

Let your caress touch my life
Let the world thrill in delight
Let my eyes drown in your charm

You brought back my heart
When it had wandered away

My hopes that lie strewn about
Do gather them unto you

Let them sway on your bosom
After you wreathe into a garland

- 27th August 1914

Jun 8, 2011

Come oh verdurous splendour

এসো শ্যামল সুন্দর
Esho shyamolo shundor (Sraboni Sen's rendition of the Bangla song)

Come oh verdurous splendour
Allaying heat, slaking thirst
Grace with your cooling presence
Gazing longingly at skies
Awaits you this lovelorn earth

Her pained heart she has offered
Laying it down on pathways
In moist shades of Tamal trees
A doleful tune in her eyes

Bakul blossoms she has wreathed
Love songs of togetherness
Plays the flute in her courtyard

Bring with you your Mandira*
To ring out with the rhythm
Of a dance so frolicsome
That -
   Bangles will chinkle
       Girdles will jingle
           Anklets trill out in tinkles

Mandira* : small cymbals

Another translation of the song by Anandamayee Majumdar, meant for english rendition
youtube link here

My monsoon grace, come alive!
Magnificence, come alive!

Cooling me, quenching me,
Touching me with your bliss,
yearning eyes gazing up to paradise

Monsoon grace, come alive!
Magnificence, come alive!

An aching heart lies
awake in agony
In trails of forest greens
Wet obscurities
Tearful eyes shedding
sorrowful melodies

Monsoon grace, come alive!
Magnificence, come alive!

Fragrant, fair blossoms
Wreathed in harmony
Sweetened melodies
Bring love back home

Would you bring your
Clinking musical
Dancing footsteps
Orchestrate the song

Bracelets jingling
Raindrops lingering
Ringing ankle-bells

Monsoon grace, come alive!
Magnificence, come alive!

Jun 7, 2011

When you came, did you not regard

চিনিলে না আমারে কি
Chinile na amare ki

When you came, did you not regard,
I was here, in a dim corner
Lost in contemplation?
Viewing none, did you turn back?

How close you were at my doors!
With the slightest touch
My gates could fling open
To let you in.
But my fate overturned

For just that bit.

That tempestous night, I waited

And counted moments for you,
But the storm drowned every sound
Of your majestic approach!
Beneath a clamorous sky
I had braced myself in fright.
Was it then, for my trepidation
That the lightning wrote 
Its curse on me, with fire!

Another version by Suman Dasgupta

Were you here, yet not notice me?
I was there in that unlit corner
Immersed in myriad thoughts
Perhaps you waited, then seeing none left.
If you were so close by my door
You could have gently touched it
And it would have flung open soon.
Such was my ill-luck that I
Missed you by a thin whisker.

Was counting moments
On a stormy night.
That roar could have drowned
The sounds of your chariot.
Afraid I had clutched my bosom
As the thunder rolled and shook the earth.
Was it then that the strike of lightening
Had written this evil curse for me?

If my heart fails to discover you

যদি তোমার দেখা না

Jodi tomar dekha na pai probhu  (audio: Purba Dam)

(Another version by Rumela Sengupta:)

If sight you I do not
In this life now Oh Lord
Let me remember then
That found you I have not

Let me then not forget
Anguish let it sear me
In my sleep and my dreams

Even as the days pass
Transacting in this world
Even as my hands both
Fill up with wealth untold
Still nothing have I got
Let me remember that
Let me then not forget
Anguish let it sear me
In my sleep and my dreams

If in lazy leisure
I sit down on the way
If with great care I place
A mat on the dust to sleep
Let me remember that
The road lies still ahead
Let me then not forget
Anguish let it sear me
In my sleep and my dreams

Much as I make merry
Let music fill my room
Many arrangements I make
To decorate my abode
Let me remember that
I am yet to bring you home
Let me then not forget
Anguish let it sear me
In my sleep and my dreams

- 27th August 1909

Jun 6, 2011

Life looms ahead - a long road

দীর্ঘ জীবনপথ
Deergho jibonopoth

Life looms ahead - a long road
Many a searing sorrow
Many a scorching woe
Yet I continue to sing
Of His gentle compassion

He keeps His doors ajar
Open His divine abode
End will ennui, fade will tears
This journey will come to end

I gaze at infinity, I sing of felicity
And petty peeves pale away

Can anxiety ever plague
One who finds sanctuary
In His infinite abode
Slight momentary burdens
I won't let them distress me

Jun 4, 2011

Hours slip by awaiting you

বেলা গেল তোমার পথ চেয়ে
Bela gelo tomar potho cheye

Hours slip by awaiting you
Alone I sit on the banks
Oarsman! Do row me ashore

My flute of playful hours I have broken
I have closed down my books of smiles and tears
The evening breeze caresses my tired limbs
And my eyes grow heavy with sleep

One by one on the other shore
Light up the lamps of eventide
From prayers in a distant temple
Resonates the sound of conch shells

Come and rob me of my fatigue
Bring me coffers of rest and peace
Do come rowing your boat ashore

Jun 3, 2011

You ferry across to and fro

তুমি এ-পার ও-পার কর
Tumi epaar opaar koro

You ferry across to and fro
Who are you? Oarsman on your boat
I sit at my door and behold

When the day’s transactions are done
Each one will return to their home
I feel I too should rush along

I see you take your boat at dusk
Rowing it to the other shore
A stirring I feel in my heart
Rises a melody within
Oh! Oarsman on your boat

Gurgles the river
My eyes film over
Golden luminance
From the banks farther
Casts its glow on me

Not a word on your lips Oarsman
What do your eyes say? I behold
Oh! Oarsman on your boat
If ever your gaze rests on mine
I feel I too should rush along
Oh! Oarsman on your boat

Jun 2, 2011

Plays an agony so deep

বড়ো বেদনার মতো বেজেছ
Boro bedonar moto bejechho

Plays an agony so deep
When you strum on my heartstrings
Only my heart itself knows
Why it is overwrought so

From dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn
I hold you close within me
I gaze on at your visage

Through many joys, much sorrow
With much love and affection
I remain awake for you

I am done for in this lifetime
My heart headed for doom

What melody do you play

কী রাগিণী বাজালে হৃদয়ে
Ki ragini bajale hridoye

What melody do you play
And enchant me so, my love!

Which unsung song do you sing
How you look into my eyes
How you bewitch my heart so
You know it my love, you do

Night and day I hear that tune
I hear its sweet resonance

How you sense my deepest thoughts
How you take my breath away
You know it my love, you do

I let myself be entrapped

ধরা দিয়েছি গো আমি আকাশের পাখি
Dhawra diyechhi go ami akasher pakhi

A bird of the sky I was
I let myself be entrapped
Seeing new skies in your eyes

What charms lie hidden therein
A smile flits across
And blooms the glimmer of dawn

Alone within that iris
My heart wants to fly and roam
The promise of lands beyond
Lures me to seeking a home

I look into that deep sky
And break into joyous song
My tune yearns to lose itself
In the far depths of your eyes

Why hasn’t the time yet come

এখনো কেন সময় নাহি হল
Ekhono keno shomoy nahi holo

Why hasn’t the time yet come
Anonymous guest of mine
Knocked you have not at my door
Haven’t yet said “Let me in”

Amidst the many I am
Yet all alone
Come with a thrill and startle
My sudden light
Step in my very being

Darkness clinging to my room
I know not for whom I weep

Bless me with the urge to serve
The desire to give my all
Whisper your incantations
Arouse me into a new life

Jun 1, 2011

No more can I endure so

আমি যে আর সইতে পারি নে
Ami jey aar shoitey paariney

No more can I endure so
My heartstrings play the right notes
Weave in the words I cannot

My heart bows like a creeper
Weighed by the flowering of woe
No more can I endure so

Today within my being
In the secretmost chambers
How this breeze makes me quiver
Yearnful rustles thrill me so
Who is that virtuoso
Who tunes his Veena at dawn
I hear the lilting strains of his song
No longer can I remain at home