Jan 31, 2015

Return to your heart

ভুবন হইতে ভুবনবাসী
Bhubono hoite bhubonobashi 

Return to your heart
From the endless world
Dweller of the endless world

The muse, the majesty 
Lives on in you
Inseparable forever

Behold her presence with ease
Pausing in your peeving pursuit

This is your true home 
of abundant joy
This is where you get to listen
to her fearless grace
This is where you feel instant gratification,
The coy end to every desire
This is the room of eternity, 
of golden silence

Jan 9, 2015

The world drifts along on the ocean of endless time

অসীম কালসাগরে ভুবন ভেসে চলেছে
awshim kaalshagore bhubon bheshe cholechhe

The world drifts along on the ocean of endless time
Who knows where lies the abode of sweet bliss
Dive into your own heart and behold what beauty
The Lord with his sweet bounty dwells forever
In this temple, in this abode of sweet bliss

One dearest to the heart comes today

আইল আজি প্রাণসখা
aailo aaji pranshawkha

One dearest to the heart comes today
Behold, one and all
The night lays out a place at the edge of the sky
The planets and stars assemble around
The forests and mountains gaze in silence
The earth ceases it’s daily commotion

Jan 8, 2015

The sky has kept your space

আকাশে তোর তেমনি আছে ছুটি
akashe tor temni aachhey chhuti

The sky has kept your space
Let your wings no more laze

O little bird,
Beneath the dense foliage
Your nest entices and entraps
The night makes a false claim
Of never loosening it’s grip

Do you not know in which hope
You sing out in the daze of sleep
In the heart of dawn’s darkness
The hope of light plays a deep melody
The hope of light cannot stay hidden
It unfastens the fetters of the cinched bud