May 5, 2010

Thus if the day goes by let it go by

এমনি ক'রেই যায় যদি দিন যাক না
emni korei jay jodi din jaakna

Thus if the day goes by, let it go by
Mind aflutter, let it fly on,
Unfurling feather wings of song

Today my fountain of life frolics to music
Dams of this body are shattered.
Above my head has opened up
Azure canopy of the skies

Earth today, has spread out it’s heart
Those words, they are, of which someone
Firm earth stops not the mind today
From practice of which melody
The world tells, tales of my own heart
If work piles up today, let it pile up.

Light of mine O Light

আলো আমার, আলো ওগো, আলো ভুবন-ভরা
aalo aamaar aalo ogo

Light of mine, O Light, lighting up the world
Light flooding my eyes, light seizing my heart
Dances light, it dances, my friend, in my life breath
Plays light, it plays, my friend, playing on my heart strings
Awakens sky, gallops the wind, laughs all of earth.

In streams of light, have raised their sail
thousands of butterflies
In waves of light, have danced in thrill
Mallika Malati*

Clouds golden, gold in clouds, countless are jewels
Leaves laughing, laugh in leaves, endless are delights

Mallika Malati*: flowers

All it is I want to take

আমি সব নিতে চাই, সব নিতে ধাই রে
aami shob nitey chai

All it is I want to take, all it is I want to chase
Spread myself will I, my friend, out in the open
Wind is in my sail, sail into the seas will I
No more is the boat moored, no more.

In joy in woe amidst my heart,
Wayfaring flute plays on and on
In all work, it is that I hear.

Mad frenzy in the wings,
Will birds rest on branches
Excitement echoes in all directions

What I have not

কী পাই নি তারি হিসাব মিলাতে
ki paai ni taar hishaab melatey (audio)

What I have, what I have not
My mind shies from taking stock
Today the flute has rung out
In all corners of my heart
In dark shades and in the light

Loved this earth have I
That is what I most recall
In many springs, southern winds
This basket of mine been filled

Tears reside in remote depths
In the deep tiers of my heart
Essence of ache in secret
Brings effort to fruition

Now and then did the strings snap
Why raise a hue and cry for that
Yet melody touched the right chords,
That is what I most recall
Time and again

Another version by Anandamayee Majumdar:

I will not ponder my pain
Of what I have failed to receive.
All I know is, a flute lilts in my heart
Meshed with light and shadows.

My love for this earth
Sweetens, seeps into all my memories.
I remember the springs, the southern drifts
That have fulled, freshened my bouquet.

My tears flow on
Through subterranean depths of my core,
The juice of agony nourishes
My sacred service in life.

Often enough
The strings of my lute have shattered, 
But why would I regret the rupture?
I have tuned them once more,
I have made the melodies soar,
These are my treasured triumphs
That culminate, and linger on.

May 2, 2010

Today in drizzling rains

আজি ঝরো ঝরো মুখর বাদরদিনে
aaji jhawro jhawro mukhawro badoro diney

Today, in drizzling rains and rumblings of a cloudy day
Know not I, know not why, why on nothing does the mind stay
With restless water laden winds, towards wandering clouds
Speeds this mind, yearns this mind, longing to know paths of a flight of geese
Time throbs to Raag Megh Malhar all day long
Tinkles the song of the cascading falls.
Today is the hour for the heart to lose itself,
To play a game of hide-n-seek with the pathways
Yearns this mind for the heart to be, to whom forever indebted