Jan 18, 2013

Perhaps I will never find my paradise

Perhaps, I will never find my paradise
But I hear my heart caper carelessly
In the breeze that nudges me on 
To the endless sea, 
Like it has always done.

Perhaps my destiny eludes me
But I see myself at peace 

As I pause at passing ports.

My hopes have all sunk in the deep
But what of it? 
I am content to see others
Keep their dreams afloat

I count my blessings nearby
Little things that lend me delight
Should I sigh for untouched glories
Of my promised land?

Perhaps I have my flaws

Which I will complement
With the breath in my body.
Whatever remains o
f my disgruntled demands 
Will whet my poet's imagination

Jan 17, 2013

Spark your luminosity where I live

আমার এ ঘরে আপনার করে

Spark your luminosity where I live, 
A halo that could heal my hurt 
That could make my lurking demons
Surrender without bitterness, to you

That could embrace me with all-consuming love

Restore the incandescence
For the warmth to seep through me
For my impurities to be transformed
Like a stroke of sorcery.

Beacons I duly lit
Left ashes, corroded my heart.
Rest your supreme radiance 
On my forehead, my space
Setting me free.

Jan 14, 2013

I present my heart to you each day

Amare di tomar haate nuton kore nuton praate

I present my heart to you each day
With every sunrise 
My breath, being, blossoms in your arbor
Like a fresh bud.

My tears of longing, rift and rupture
Achieve new meaning each day
Open new chapters of togetherness,
Mold new castles of love.

With each dewy morning
By the waves and winds of a stream 
That glimmers with light and dark
I discover you like a lost friend, family, 
Like long-lost love.

Jan 10, 2013

Someday my garden will explode with buds

My garden will explode with buds
Gratifying the prick of thorns I have felt
My every heartache will transform
Into a flushing rose

A spurt of spring air, eventually
Will leave my sky-gazing prayers behind
Fulfilling me with a heady fragrance

My abashed emptiness will pass
As I wield my abounding wealth
As my deepest desire ripens, with love,
And begins to craft a living image 

My muse will caress my garden, at last,
Urging my buds 
To cast off their florid facades
In supreme surrender

We seek out playmates

Amra khunji khelar shathi

We seek out playmates
In an endless match
Up at the strike of dawn 
To astonish drowsy eyes.

We lilt like the birds
We dance with the boughs.
Our charms befuddle
With invisible entrapment.

Death does not hold us;
We are up to redeem
Plundered treasures, taken by Time.

We have penetrated your heart
You are ours now.
Even as you walk 
To greet a strange darkness
The gloom will glimmer with stars
Impassioned by us.

Jan 5, 2013

Your love had arrived

আমার মন যখন জাগলি না রে
Amar mon jokhon jaagli na re (audio: Mohan Singh)

Your love had arrived
While your heart slept on.
In the darkness
You sensed the footsteps fade out
A moment too late.

The companion
Present in your slumber
Resonates in your passionate call,
Yet, defeats your vision,
Concealed beyond a melody

Can the soul be sighted,
The one you evade?
The one you forgot to welcome,
How could you find outside?

Jan 4, 2013

My lightless lamp faces lustrous stars

Amar ondho prodeep

My lightless lamp faces the lustrous stars
In defeated silence
Seeking missives of radiance,
A spark to ignite it's soul with success.
Asking to be indebted forever 
To the blazing hearts of the sky,
In their endless quest of love lost.
To be united in the one truth of light
Within the same inky darkness;
To seize that serendipitous moment of  gloom.

Jan 1, 2013

The flute that lilted with my hurt

Anondo-gaan uthuk tobe baaji

The flute that lilted with my hurt
Make it sing a song of bliss, 
I glide away on a tide of tears
To reach across a thousand seas.

The air lets on, it is time to move.
My eyes, agog through sleepless nights
My heart thunders with throbbing waves,
The sea crackles with strange delights.

Who are you that can spur me on,
Inspire my flute with a blissful tongue?
My perfect stranger, gift me songs
Never heard of, never sung.

The wind you hoist against the tide
Tugs my boat across the sea,
A soul I never touched upon
Entreats my heart irresistibly.

Bondage with my anchors gone,
I plunge headlong into the stars,
Trill a tune in my plaintive flute 
As wild, as wondrous, as you are.