Dec 10, 2016

forever live in joy

সদা থাকো আনন্দে
Soda thako anonde (Subinoy Roy)

forever live in joy
in your world
with freedom from fear
with a lucid heart.

rouse in joy
strive in joyousness
come to a rest at nightfall
with a joyful sonnet.

pitch for well-being
in the thick of 
trials or abundance
breathe in joy
slander and scorn.

forgive all
and live in joyousness,
there is an endless 

fountain of peace
to sip from.

Nov 21, 2016

I will set sail on this lashing sea

আমি মারের সাগর পাড়ি দেব বিষম ঝড়ের বায়ে
Aami maarer shagor paari debo

I will set sail on this lashing sea
Plying along a terrifying tempest
In this broken boat of mine

Taking heart in “no more fear”
Setting out despite a torn sail
My boat will reach your shore
In the shade of the banyan tree

The one who loves me will show me the way
All I have to do is cast away fear and set sail
I know for sure I will come to shore at day end
I will place the crimson flowers of my woe at your merciful feet