Nov 25, 2011

Flows a cascade of eternal joy

বহে নিরন্তর অনন্ত আনন্দধারা
bahe nirantar ananta anandadhara (audio)

Flows a cascade of eternal joy
Everlasting and endless
Echoes in the boundless beyond
A sound sans beginning sans end
Awaken the sun, moon and stars
So uncountably infinite

In this kingdom of His creation
So unique and complete in itself
Reigns the Supreme One
The Greatest Emperor of all

In awe-struck amazement
In unblinking wonder
Bows the universe at His feet
Countless His devotees
Stunned into spellbound silence

Nov 24, 2011

I shall bow to you, in loving humility

আজি প্রণমি তোমারে চলিব 
 Aji pronomi tomare (audio: Sagar Sen)

I shall bow to you, in loving humility
Through my enmeshed existence
Let us hold our gaze for eternity,
Let us speak, heart to heart

Remind me, how your essence within
Makes my spirit a sovereign god
When sin seeks to enter my gateway
Let it blaze and die, with bashfulness

Through a barrage of enterprise,
A world of combative vibes,
Invoke your beautiful calm
The music of perpetual fusion.
Let your eloquence and personality
Shine through the faces of others I meet

Suffuse my eyes and words,
My actions and thoughts, with beneficence
Make magnificent melodies
With my heart

The black of the sky is impregnable

নিবিড় ঘন আঁধারে   জ্বলিছে ধ্রুবতারা
Nibiro ghono aa(n)dhare jolichhe dhrubotara (audio: Srabani Sen)

The black of the sky is impregnable,
But the North star penetrates the dark
My soul, just yet, do not lose heart!

As ache clings to your being,
Do not let sorrow fetter your song 
Release falsehoods
To celebrate eternal fruition

Believe in life,
Let hope shine
Feel the nuzzle of mother Earth,
Let her revoke your love

In a worldly labyrinth
Surrender to the aches and elation
With an imperturbable smile,
Treasuring an eternal elixir
Born of the supreme source

Nov 22, 2011

I am aware of your boundless love

তুমি যে আমারে চাও 
Tumi je amare chao
Audio: Debabrata Biswas

I am aware of your boundless love
Your poignant desire, for me.
I am aware, why, even so
You make me cry.

I can comprehend
Why you hide,
Ensconcing your face
In mazes of light and shade,
Evoking your call
During my earthly errands
Through ethereal, vibrant tunes

After the bartering of hearts
Is done for the day
After we have exchanged
Every song,
I understand, why you sail away
In the last craft of twilight.

Nov 21, 2011

The small world I live in

অল্প লইয়া থাকি 
Olpo loiya thaki tai
Audio: Subinoy Roy

In the small world I live  in
My losses, deprivations
Seem fateful.
I mourn the smallest sacrifice
That comes my way.

I am like the river-shore
That tries to own
Every passing drift
Yet the waves come up to me,
Break my heart, and heave away

What I may have
And what I may not
Are all riches for you to keep
Why can't I see, nothing is lost
In your prodigious cosmos?

How many moons and suns
You contain, my lord,
How many grains and atoms
Are in your command,
And yet, nothing is ever lost
However small
In your safekeeping.

Won't the little that I lose
Find a space to fill, too,
In your magnum opus,
At your grand seat?

My heart heard a whisper

নিশীথে কী কয়ে গেল মনে 
Nisheethe ki koye gyalo mone
Audio: Hemanta Mukherjee

My heart heard a whisper
Maybe in my wakefulness,
Maybe, my slumber
It was dark.

As I travel, or pause,
My day meshed in hustle,
Chores, judgements,
Tumble down my path

Yet, the secret speaks to me
In silence, ever so often,
Like a chant, like a dream.

I am unsure
If this feels like a strange hurt
If it is a chill of fear
Or victory

I listen to the quiet voice
Echo, 'Stop here,'
In swerving tunes, whisper,
'Far you go!'

Could it be
A resonance in my heart
Or the sky ladling songs?

I wonder if you have come

তুমি কি এসেছ মোর দ্বারে
Tumi ki eshechho mor daare

I wonder if you have come
In quest of that sleeping soul
Within myself ? Won't you awake her
Like you rouse the buds
On bare branches of a winter-tree?
It is that summon, so secret,
Which urges unseen verdant life
To step out from layers of earth.
It is that call that irresistibly
Ushers in a lustrous dawn,
Which suddenly responds
Like a sun-kissed surprise
From impenetrable darkness!

Who do you look for, hungry lover

কার মিলন চাও বিরহী
Kar milono chao birohi
Audio: Suchitra Mitra

Who do you look for, hungry lover,
Who do you look for, my heart
As you dig through this wilderness,
This woeful world,
As you unearth labyrinths, laments,
Dark despairs?
Have you missed your beloved
Who awaits you, within,
Silent, radiant, sublime
Forever yours, my heart!

Nov 18, 2011

Here you have come to me my beauty

এই লভিনু সঙ্গ তব
 Ei lobhinu shongo tobo (audio)

Here you have come to me, my beauty!
My limbs filled with blessedness,
My heart humble with grace
I am transformed, o sublime!
My eyes open like buds in the sun
Steeped deep in wonderment
The drifts of my inner sky
Find a fragrant, gentle gait
My heart blossoms into a rainbow
With Your magic touch
Your presence makes my heart
Well up with honeyed bliss
Won't you renew me always
Like this, through a myriad rebirths,
Of my one life, my beauty!

My timeless friend, my sole shelter

চিরবন্ধু চিরনির্ভর চিরশান্তি
Chirobondhu chironirbhoro chiroshaanti (audio: Dwijen Mekhopadhyay)

My timeless friend, my sole shelter,
My deepest solace, my love
You are a fountain of beneficance
A well of wholesomeness,
You are my endless companion.

You lavish a cascade of compassion
You reign in my heart.
In your very earth, 
An endless music resonates with your glory
Every moment, day and night.

(another version by Rumela)

You are O Lord forever
My friend, my guide, my peace

You are forever the source of well-being
The constant companion my whole life long

O Lord of my heart
You are the fountain of love forever
Your world sings your glorious song 
Forever through night and day

Nov 15, 2011

My love, my lord is aglow

জাগে নাথ জোছনারাতে 
Jaage nath jochhona raate (audio)

My love, my lord is aglow
Tonight, in magical moonbeams
Awake, my heart, and meet
His gaze with your enchantment.
Gaze at him with bewitched eyes.
The silence of the moonshine
The muteness of the stars
Are full of soundless waves of music.

Tonight the earth and the sky 
Share their wakefulness
With the radiant Beauty.

Nov 14, 2011

Shower your sun on the sightless

অন্ধজনে দেহো আলো
Ondho jone deho alo
audio: Maya Sen

Shower your sun on the sightless
Lavish your breath on the dead.
You are a magical river of love,
let your grace water my heart.

My breath has been sapped,
my eyes turned to ice,
move me to tears
with your loving bliss.

Embrace he, who lost you
contain the confused heart.
Refresh my thirst
with your nectarine tenderness.

I found you once
but I lost you with my indifference
When did I fall asleep?

As I rise, all is dark.
I can not divulge my tears,
I have failed to soothe my thirst.

For eternity,
I have not heard you speak
I have sorely missed
your loving voice

Will you accept my suffering,
and show up,
will you surprise my lonely heart?

Nov 13, 2011

Each glimmer I shall stand facing you

প্রতিদিন আমি, হে জীবনস্বামী
Protidino ami he jeebonoshami
audio: Kanika Banerjee

Each glimmer I shall stand facing you,
My Lord of life,
Each moment with a graceful surrender
I shall stand facing you,
My King of creation.

Beneath a sprawling sky,
In spaces of sacred solitude,
With a humble heart, with flowing tears
I shall stand facing you

In dramatic hues
Of the vast human world,
Abounding, pealing with bustle,
Through an eternal, earthy experience
I shall stand facing you.

When my tasks on earth
Are fulfilled, my consummate Prince,
I shall stand facing you in a quietness
Of my lone stance.

(another version by Rumela Sengupta:)

Each day I’ll stand in front of you
O Lord of my life
I’ll stand in front of you with folded hands
O Lord of this world

Beneath your boundless blue skies
With humble heart and tearful eyes
I’ll stand in front of you in secluded solitude

In this world of myriad shades
Beyond the shores of action and activity
Amidst the multitudes that throng your world
I’ll stand in front of you face to face

When my work in your world is done
O King of kings
I’ll stand in front of you alone in silence

Nov 8, 2011

Sweet yet is separation

বিরহ মধুর হল আজি মধুরাতে
birawho modhuro holo aaji (audio)

Sweet yet is separation
In this night so enchanting
Plays a melody profound
Strumming the pain deep within

An anxious thirst
A restless yen
A desire invisible
Pervades this Poornima night
And deludes my perception
With a piteous mirage

Adrift on a balmy breeze
A fragrance from far beyond
Wanders into my being
Tosses, turns, twirls around
A wayfarer lost and forlorn

Whose plaintive voice do I hear?
In the music of murmurs
To the rhythm of rustles
The sweet symphony of leaves
Tinkles with it my anklet
Pulsating to the same beat

(another version by Anondo)

A heartache sweet with sorrow
A night flushed with moonlight
To catch a fleeting glance
sleepless eyes
are easily deceived

A sinuous fragrance from faraway
weighs down the breeze
My journey is lost in trance

Whispering webs of leaves
brings alive a lyrical message
with a beat
Ankle-bells rebound within