Feb 29, 2012

Will I never grasp my muse

 হায় রে, ওরে যায় না কি জানা
*Ore jay na ki jana (audio: Nilima Sen)

O -- alas
Will I never know my muse!
My anxious eyes entreat to meet her
Yet she is diffuse
o -- alas

On unseen trails she comes and goes
Her steps I heed like a telling prose
An aura wafts about in drifts
A hint, a cue abstruse
o -- alas

How can I convey my stir
I wait along the path for her

My heart beholds in eventide, a play
Of colours washed in shade and light, a lay
Of fallen buds on earth sublime
A bed of blossom-blues
o -- alas

* An attempt has been made to restore the original rhythm of the song to be able to sing in English

Feb 28, 2012

A touch of sweetness in the breeze

ফুলে ফুলে ঢ'লে ঢ'লে 
Phule phule dhole dhole (youtube link for bangla rendition)

(youtube link for English rendition)

 A touch of sweetness in the breeze that
Softly swings blossoms today
 A winding stream that gently ripples
In its happy course at play
The cuckoo sings in trees and gardens
a cuhoo cuhoo cuhoo lay
I lost my heart, I don't know why
am absolutely cast away

*an attempt has been made to restore the original rhythm of the song to be able to sing in English

Be happy with what you get

যাহা পাও তাই লও
jaha pao tai lou

Be happy with what you get
Whom do you want and why?
Who can satiate your thirst?

There are many who wish but few who get
Yet the world goes on
Some who smile
Some who cry
Some who await at the door

Feb 27, 2012

A stranger at my gateway, knocks

কে দিল আবার আঘাত
Ke dilo abar aghat (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

A stranger at my gateway, knocks
I wonder what he wants from me
It is a somber night, a night of rain
I am left alone to my memory

I recall a visit, so many years
A youthful one showed up in spring
He changed my life with vibrant vibes
He won my heart with stirring swings

A downpour of eternal rain
Thick darkness surrounds my gloom
My lamps have died in a shattered shack
I wait,  awake, in my lonely room

My beloved stranger, as I read,
Your songs lilt on, mirthful, sweet,
My heart would love to seek you out
Through an inky, nameless, secret street

O cautious wayfarer

ওরে সাবধানী পথিক
orey shabdhani pothik

O cautious wayfarer
Why despair if you lose your way
Blind your sight with the flood of your tears

At the end of the road where you lost your way
Lies the garden where you lost your heart
There beneath the barbs and brambles
Strewn are flowers of crimson hues
There at the edges of the endless ocean
Goes on the game of creation and destruction

You hold on to your heaps and hordes
Gathered over many a day
Let them wither and fall away
Like flowers on a night of tempest
Come now, adorn yourself
With the crown of renunciation

My door looks out to the road

দুয়ার মোর পথপাশে
duar mor pothopashe

My door looks out to the road
I keep it open in eager hope
Awaiting the arrival of his chariot

In the monsoons I hear its distant rumblings in the clouds
In spring I hear its murmurs and rustles in the breeze
It sends a thrill through my heart ever so often

I see everyone go forward
They do not stop to look back
In tumultous waves of excitement
They go singing songs of the road

Autumn clouds sail away into the distance
Where all roads lead into a land filled with melody
My heart in its dreams takes flight to which realm?

I welcome you, a life anew

এসো গো নূতন জীবন
esho go nuton jibon

I welcome you, a life anew
Come in merciless stern silence
Come in terrible beauty
Come in unpleasant arid bitterness
Come moistened in deluge of tears
Come in a void shorn of adornments
Come and purify my heart

Keep aside the flute,
the string of jasmine,
the night of full moon,
the misty fog of illusion
Come in blazing flame of the sacrificial fire
Engulfing the blood in my veins
Come as the ultimate grief
Devouring the shoots of hope
Come as struggle, come as victory
Come in the realisation of death

Feb 26, 2012

You’ve lain a trap across the world

বিশ্বজোড়া ফাঁদ পেতেছ
bishwo joda phnad

How can I evade the trap
You’ve lain across the world
A part of me is trapped
Another is yet to be

I wonder why my heart at times
Opens up forgetting itself
At other times it is en-sheathed
A part of me is trapped
Another is yet to be

My facade is like an oyster
A hardened shell
In my heart for you I store
A treasured speck of tear

My heart wants to see you
With unflinching gaze
Yet my eyes fail me why
A part of me is trapped
Another is yet to be

If you free me of my bonds

আমায় মুক্তি যদি দাও বাঁধন খুলে
amay mukti jodi dao

If you free me of my bonds
I will embrace your bondage

Forever the path on which I speed
If it comes to an end
I will rush to you forgetting my way

If you snuff out the lights in my home
I will come to love your darkness

If the shore I cannot see
In that directionless drifting of mine
I will be yours and yours alone

I will have to awaken

জাগিতে হবে রে
jagite hobe re

I will have to awaken
Wrapped in ignorance and illusion
This slumber will not last forever
I will have to forsake the comfort of my bed
At the resounding claps of thunder

His law and justice pervades the world
His wheel of time circles the skies
His eyes of fury flash amidst the sea of sins

Feb 25, 2012

When I go to sleep I set my heart

নিশীথশয়নে ভেবে রাখি মনে
nishitho shoyone bhebe rakhi mone

When I go to sleep I set my heart
To see you as soon as I wake up at dawn
O Lord! You who are the Omniscient

As I awaken to a pristine radiance
And bow at your feet with a thrill of joy
I set my heart to offer you my day’s work
O Lord! You who are the Omniscient

As I accomplish my day’s work I set my heart
To sit by you at dusk after my work is done
At the end of day I sit in my room and contemplate
How the aches and worries of a weary soul
Will sink into the restful sea of your night
O Lord! You who are the Omniscient

I will sing each day your song so sweet and pure

প্রতিদিন তব গাথা
protidin tobo gatha

I will sing each day your song so sweet and pure
Do grant me the words, do grant me the tune
Hoping you fill my life with your love to the brim
If ever you seat yourself on a blooming lotus in my heart
I will sing each day your song so sweet and pure

Hoping you hear my song sitting face to face
If ever in kind munificence your eyes shower a divine sweetness
If ever in tender affection you rest your hand upon my woe
Hoping you take away the vanity from my happiness
I will sing each day your song so sweet and pure

Who brought to me in secret

নিশা-অবসানে কে দিল গোপনে আনি
nisha-oboshane ke dilo gopone aani

As night ebbed, who brought to me in secret
A jewel encrusted with the pain of your separation

That gift of pain I hold dear to my heart
Let it not fade away in tasks of tedious days
Let it sway in my heart brushing away all my thoughts

This eternal suffering will be my life-long wealth
When O when will it find fulfillment
As my ultimate offering?

Beyond the dense dark stupor of dreams
Let it glow in secret in the perplexing night
As your silent summons to me

Across this distance separating us

তোমার আমার এই বিরহের অন্তরালে
tomar amar ei biroher ontorale

Many a bridge of melody and rhythm
I build across this distance separating us
Yet my heart echoes a secret ache
Now at this hour of dusk
Do summon me to your service

I stay away from the world
Retreating to the innermost recesses of my heart
My consciousness enmeshed in a phantasmic web of thoughts

My load of joy and woe has become too heavy
Let me surrender it at the supreme altar

Keep me at your door

দুয়ারে দাও মোরে রাখিয়া
duare dao more rakhiya

Keep me at your door ever engaged in your service
I will range across your lands at your summons

In a lustful lasting daze, I will not laze
Life feels oppressed by the shame of futile days

Let me not encircle myself in many a doubt
Let me not rove the roads to hoard and amass

Let me not be subservient to many a ruler
I will walk in fearless dignity as your servant

Feb 24, 2012

I will not ponder hungrily, when you may return

 কবে তুমি আসবে ব’লে
Kobe tumi ashbe bole

I will not ponder hungrily, when you may return
Withered blossoms, fall and perish, in succession
Time runs out in a moment's bout, and I should move on

The surging drift sends its heaves vibrating through me
Pull your anchor, rouse my oarsman, get plunged into the sea
I'll glide my ship into the deep to soar on my very own

The waxing gibbous moon swims sleepless in the sky
Sailing on her lonesome boat in a sea of dreamy high

You may not know which way to go, but cast your doubts aside
Your mind will be at liberty to take your chosen stride
With all the rest, make your haste, walking on along

O Supreme Lord of life and death

হে মহাজীবন, হে মহামরণ
hey mohajibon hey mohamoron

O Supreme Lord of life and death
I seek refuge, I seek refuge
Strike a flame in my dark lamp
Paint a glow on my forehead
O Lord, do efface my shame

Your caress is the Midas touch
I seek refuge, I seek refuge
All that is murky, all that is inky
All that is foul let it become fair
O Lord, lift away the veil and dispel all ignorance

Let your will be fulfilled

তোমারি ইচ্ছা হউক পূর্ণ করুণাময় স্বামী
tomari ichha houk purno

O compassionate One
Let your will be fulfilled
Your love I hold close to me
My hope I place at your feet
If you inflict pain
If you exact suffering
I’ll endure it all

Ever awake are your eyes so full of care
Knowing, I know it not

I forget your benevolence
And sink into a sea of sorrow
Your world is full of joy and beauty
My own failing leads to my pain
From my blind pursuit of desires

Dispel my illusion with a stern blow
And then in a heart cleansed with tears
Dwell O Lord through night and day

Place me on trial

আমার বিচার তুমি করো
amar bichar tumi koro

Place me on trial and judge me yourself
I bring my day’s work to your hall of judgement

If my worship is but a falsehood
If I clutch on to false rites
If in malice I wrong someone
Place me on trial and judge me yourself

If I hurt someone lured by greed
If in fear I stray from righteousness
If I find joy in another's woe, even for a moment
If I defile the life you blessed me with
If possessed by temptation I destroy my own self
Place me on trial and judge me yourself

The room you allot me in this world

সংসারে তুমি রাখিলে মোরে যে ঘরে
shongshare tumi rakhile more je ghore

The room you allot me in this world
There I’ll stay forgetting all woe
With your own hand be so kind
To keep a door open through night and day

In all my work and leisure
That door will be for you to come
From there will the wind waft in
Fetching the dust of your feet

As each shelter of mine gets demolished
Let my heart stay focused on one refuge
Whenever I suffer the singes of sorrow
Let one name be seared into my heart

When in tough times
Pain sets up home in my heart
Let it arrive bearing your command
When harsh words strike at my soul
Let each wound awaken your melody

Submerge this darkness

এ অন্ধকার ডুবাও
e ondhokar dubao

Submerge this darkness in the abyss of your darkness
O Lord of darkness

Come closer, come deeper
Come into my life stepping into my heart

Let my body and mind fade away and lose itself
O Lord of darkness

My desires, my vices, my wants
Let them dissolve at your feet

I live in exile, enmeshed in unattainable desires
O Lord of darkness

In all my attachments, bind me to you
O I pine for such bondage

My beloved, my beatitude, my absolute
O Lord of darkness

Exfoliating all, replenishing all
Let the final moment arrive
Let this I-me-mine be annihilated

Feb 23, 2012

In drifts of high spring my blossoming song

চৈত্রপবনে মম চিত্তবনে
*Chaitra pabane / Choitro pobone (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

In drifts of high spring
My blossoming song
Surges in my heartland-blues, o fair muse

If lonesome hours pass me by
A searing sun may wilt her dry
She may be disgraced by dust diffuse, o fair muse

With yearning ache I hope that you alight
My time ends soon, my heart is in plight

In the dark groves reveal yourself to her
Let your gracious hands softly secure
Clad her as a pendant, with tenderness profuse, o fair muse

*An attempt has been made to restore the original rhythm of the song

My voice soothes my soul

আমার বাণী আমার প্রাণে লাগে
amar baani amar praane laage

My voice soothes my soul
The more I call out to you
My own heart awakens

This longing for you is my own attainment
And so my heart seeks with all its might

O frail one! your fear holds you back
If you set out to serve
This frailty would itself fall apart

What need have I to seek directions?
Your lamp guides me on with each step I take

Your steadfast gaze looks down upon me

তুমি যে চেয়ে আছ
tumi je cheye aachho

Your steadfast gaze looks down upon me
From across the skies through night and day

When I open my eyes to this radiance
Your long vigil will then bear fruit
The skies count the days to that moment

Spring’s bloom will remain unfufilled
If my one blossom fails to flower

Blessed will be the stars above
Who light their lamps in your land
The day my darkness is dispelled

Now and then I forget

ভুলে যাই থেকে থেকে
bhule jai theke theke

Now and then I forget
You call out to us time and again
Wishing to seat us in your home
The gatekeeper knows us not
He restrains us at the road
We await you outside
Do summon us in

You’ve given us life
You gave us honour with that
That honour slips away in greed, fear and shame
It gets stained day after day
Accumulating layers of dust

She seems distraught

উদাসিনী-বেশে বিদেশিনী কে সে
*Udashini beshe bideshini ke she (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

She seems distraught, an exotic sort,
                              Unknown she may be
Mirage of mine, I sketch her shrine,
                           With colors close to me.

Eastward drifts made her soar
                 Farther from my wasted shore
Lost beyond the distant blue
                 With assailing haste at sea.

I fondly gaze with lonesome laze
                                        At the all-escaping surge,
The waves that leave, don't conceive,
                                         A reappearing urge.

I know she stays beyond my might,
                         Yet I seek to rest my plight,
A niche to store my troubled score
                      Through the music of my plea.

* an attempt has been made to restore the original rhythm

Feb 22, 2012

My dreams of life on a raft of lays

গানের ভেলায় বেলা-অবেলায়
*Gaanero bhelay bela-obelay

My dreams of life go drifting by on a raft of lays
In my absent thoughts of everyday
What do they find, these tears and smiles, what shoreline
Do they reach, these songs of mine, at eventide
With just such buoyant tides of play
The drift will carry you away
The sailing wind will be your aide, have no fear
If you lose all that is dear, to liberty you know the way

*An attempt has been made to restore the original rhythm of the song

We met at the confluence of night and day

রাত্রি এসে যেথায় মেশে দিনের পারাবারে
ratri eshe jethay meshe

Where night flows into the day
We met, you and I, at that confluence
There, in streaks of ebony and ivory
Darkness and light mingle
There, from one shore to the other
The waves race and ripple

From the silent blue of the netherworld
Resonates a voice of the deepest timbre
On the touchstone gleams a streak of gold

I try to look into your face
I peep and peer but fail to see
Still wrapped in my dreams I wake up
And my eyes brim over in tears

From where do I hear such a sigh

কোথা হতে শুনতে যেন পাই
*Kotha hote shunte jeno pai

From where do I hear such a sigh,
Like a wave of adieu in the sky!
On leaves and bowers, on verdant grass,
A gasp, a breath, of quiet nuance!
So much ache, so much twinge,
Blowing, brushing, borne by wind.
The path that trails off to endlessness
Meets my gaze like a parting embrace
As I look back, with a sigh.

*an attempt has been made to restore the original measures of the song

As soon as tears stream down

দুঃখের বরষায় চক্ষের জল যেই নামল
dukkher boroshay chokkher jol

As soon as tears stream down releasing the rains of sorrow
The chariot of my friend arrives at my heart’s threshold

The cup of togetherness is filled with separation and sorrow
I yield to his embrace and I regret no more

My heart denied for so long had amassed many a hope
In the blink of an eye I have been satiated with his touch

At long last I know now for whom I cried out my heart
Blessed is this awakening, fortunate are the tears
Gratified am I

My last penny, my tunes, I've borne

আমার শেষ পারানির কড়ি (কণ্ঠে নিলেম গান)
Amar shesh paranir kori / Konthe nilem gaan  (audio: Kanika Bandyopadhyay)

My last penny, my tunes, I've borne
I'll not be left on the shores alone.

My oarsman, devotee of songs
I'll entice him with my solo score,
Wage my sailing with his boat
To get my place on the other shore.

I do not care if I touch
My destiny, the airs are drunk
With melodies of the far
That bleeds, entreats my reeling heart.

My friends, you vainly bother so,
On whether I would leave or not.
Leave I will, leave I must,
Unlacing every string and knot.

Feb 21, 2012

Who entreats that I take my leave?

কে বলে 'যাও যাও'
Ke bole 'jao jao' (audio: Srikanta Acharya)

Who entreats that I take my leave?
My partings are compact.
For ever more, your gates release,
The wind drifts me back

You egg me on an ebbing sea
To unseen, distant shores
My way back on the tidal waves
Turn to former moors

A tramp I am, the path my home,
Just at ease with go and come

If dawn fades out my waning star
So then, let her go
Her speechless gaze will shine again
In twilight, all aglow

The one after your heart

সে যে মনের মানুষ
shey je moner manush

The one after your heart
Why make Him wait at the gate of your eye
Call him into your heart
Let your eyes be awash in tears

When the light dims as night falls
Lay a mat within your heart
He will come in secret
In the very darkness of separation

On the secret path he to-and-fros
He will come and go as per his wish

The moment you pledge to bind him
He stays no more, the bonds remain
Trapped in your own thoughts
All you do is bind yourself with those bonds

- 1925

My eyes see you not yet you fill my eyes

নয়ন তোমারে পায় না দেখিতে
noyon tomare paay na dekhite

My eyes see you not
Yet you fill my eyes
My heart knows you not
Yet you dwell there in secret

My mind races in all directions
Crazed by the relentless clutch of desire
You stay ever awake with a tranquil gaze
In my deepest being, in sleep, in dreams

She who is alone, deserted by one and all
For her you are, your love there is
He who is homeless, a refugee of the road
For him there is a place in your abode

Not a friend there is but you
Ahead in the vastness of life
You ply across the ocean of time
None there is who knows how

All I know is - I am because you are
You overflow with life and so I live
The more I seem to attain you
The more I pray and seek
The more I know of you
The more I have left to know

I know I will attain you forever
In this world and beyond,
Through this epoch and beyond
You and me, none in between
No other barrier in this world

When worldly matters occupy my mind

সংসার যবে মন কেড়ে লয়
shongshar jobe mon kere loy

When worldly matters occupy my mind
When the heart is awakened no more
Even then my Lord, I bow to you
I keep on singing your songs

You who are all-knowing
Forgive the worthless offering of this barren heart
My worship sans flowers
My song devoid of devotion

I call out your name in a parched voice
I hope with all my heart
For the sweet rain of a love profound to pour down upon my soul

If asudden you choose to bestow me with your nectar
I offer my barren heart at your feet with that faith

- 1901

Who are you awake?

তুমি জাগিছ কে?
tumi jagichho ke

Who are you awake?
The light in your eyes
Pierces the deep darkness of night

You look deep into your heart
Gazing without a blink
Your restless heart riddled by doubts
Quivers in fright

Where can I hide from you O Lord?
This life stained with guilt
You have seen, knowing all
O Lord, forgive me

At your feet
Let me sit in solitude
Let me weep
Where else do I go?

- 1887

Bearing a heart full of woe

হৃদয়বেদনা বহিয়া
hridoyobedona bohiya

I come to your door O God
Bearing a heart full of woe
You can read my mind
O Lord of my heart
You are the all-knowing –
All my pain, shame, wants and crisis
Whom else can I tell?

Much have I erred, O Lord
Ensnared by temptations
None in this world but You
Can ever forgive me, O God

I’ll renounce all my desires
Immersing them in Your sea of love
I’ll forget my pain of separation
In the sweetness of union with You

I can no longer think through my thoughts
Relieve me by taking up my load
Ferry this weary soul, O God
Across the ocean of this world

- 1888

If I speed like storm clouds

যদি ঝড়ের মেঘের মতো আমি ধাই চঞ্চল-অন্তর
jodi jhorer megher moto dhai

If I speed like storm clouds restless within
Then I plead for your mercy O Lord
O sinless One, I’ve come to the shores of sin
With my wretched and weak self
O Lord, I plead for your mercy
Be so kind to take me unto you
I dwell amidst water, yet die of thirst
O Lord, I plead for your mercy
Be so kind to fill my heart with nectar

- 1909

Don’t keep me in darkness

আর রেখো না আঁধারে
aar rekho na aandhare

Don’t keep me in darkness anymore,
Let me see, O let me see
In you let me see my own self

If you make me cry, let me cry out my heart
I can bear no more the weariness of comfort
Let my eyes be washed clean by my tears
Let me see, O let me see

I do not know this dark shadow
That embraces me like a friend
And beclouds my mind
Casting a deep illusion

One dream after another pile up
A burden weighing me down
My lifelong pursuit is but in vain -
That light of mine lies hidden
On the other shore of night
Let me see, O let me see

- 20th April 1926

Another translation by Anandamayee Majumdar:

Clear away the dark, let me see
my heart in your beams
let me see

If you will, I will weep
Pleasure is not for me
Let my eyes drown
Let me see

This gloom is far to me
But how it fakes affinity

My dreams pile up in heaps,
Life heavy with empty seekings

My beams eclipsed,
let me see.

Shaken by an absent wandering drift

এই   উদাসী হাওয়ার পথে পথে
 Ei udashi hawar pothe pothe (audio: Srikanta Acharya)

The buds keep falling to earth
Shaken by an absent, wandering drift
Gather them, with your gracious hands,
For I have heaped them at your feet

When I am gone, they will bloom
When you weld a floral wreathe
Let your fingers remember me

The sleepless cuckoo sings her blues
In an intense, enthralled night
Of broken-heartedness

Exchanged whispers in the air,
A pair's elation of blossoming love
Steadily melt into moonbeams of
A young spring sky of Dol*;

These sweet tunes will be saved
In the garland you fondly weld
For you to reminisce in posterity,
On a slow, placid afternoon

*Dol: The first full moon in spring - a celebration of colours (Holi) is observed in many places in the Indian subcontinent

Feb 18, 2012

Troublesome drifts

উতল হাওয়া লাগল আমার গানের তরণীতে
*Utol hawa laglo amar gaaner toroneete

Troublesome drifts
        turn around the vessel with my music
Swelling, whaling
Tantalizing your restive dance-waves
If the mooring dulls,
          if the rudder slips and falls,
                       if the water leaps and stalls
If a daunting future trifles with our doom
We will not be stunned,
                  we will triumph,
                               we will win over

*An attempt has been made to keep the original measures of the song

Feb 16, 2012

Now rob me of my every wealth

এবার উজাড় করে লও  
*Ebar ujar kore (audio: Srikanta Acharya)

Now rob me of my every wealth, now grab me of my all
Looking back, stirring up, evoking thoughts, my restless love,
On an early summer twilight, even if in a flash of starlight
Lavish a layover of play, hover on my deepest, dreaming heart

If this was your intention
To cruelly evade memories of our playful, merry mansion,
In this shattered house of games, rest a while all the same,
Absently as you tear the buds and fling them all apart

*An attempt has been made to restore the original measures of the song

Feb 14, 2012

The blue horizon sizzles with buds

নীল দিগন্তে ওই ফুলের আগুন লাগল
Neel digonte oi phooler agoon laglo

The blue horizon sizzles with buds, 
Spring comes alive in fragrant flames
The baffled sky finds its sunbeams trapped
Happily captive, to mother earth, 
In gold sensations of mustard meads.
The blue horizon aches with hurt,
Pulses of my painful past,
Frenzied drifts of bygone days,
Of youthful springs, return to me
Seeking to resurface instantly
Embodied in waves on mustard meads.

A hum of flitting bees

ঘরেতে ভ্রমর এল গুন্‌গুনিয়ে
 Ghorete bhromor elo

A hum of flitting bees bring me a message
From whom, of whom, I solemnly wonder
Stroked by soft sunbeams of a secret sky
Madhobi buds awaken in the arbor,
The bees chant softly to me
Of their magical act of spring-wakening.

How could I stay at home contentedly
When my heart simply wafts away
Counting each moment of trepidation!

What tender spells have they cast over me,
My chores, forgotten, as I lose myself
In webs of lyrical rhapsodies
Reflecting on the one they hum about.

Feb 13, 2012

The darkness still remains my Lord

এখনো আঁধার রয়েছে হে নাথ
akhono aandhar royechhe hey nath

The darkness still remains my Lord
This life soiled and miserable
My heart restless
A void all around

I look all around me
A path I do not find
Where is there peace
Where is an abode?
Where is there water
To quench my thirst
To alleviate this scorching pain
Where can my heart find an eternal refuge?

- 1884

You turn me away time and again

মোরে বারে বারে ফিরালে
more baare baare phirale

You turn me away
Time and again
The flowers I offer in worship do not bloom
The long night of woe does not end
A shroud envelops me still

When will life awaken in sweetness?
Lord, when will you take my all?
My body, mind and possessions

- 1906

Feb 9, 2012

The spring drift sends it's vibrations

আজি দক্ষিণপবনে
Aji dokkhino pobone (audio: Banani Ghosh)

The spring drift sends its vibrations
Billowing through the wilderness

My heartbeats echo with magical
Bracelet bells, to a dancing earth

The Madhobi creeper
Releases her inaudible exuberance 
In leafy whispers

Butterfly-wings take flight, conjuring joy,
Radiating vibes of celebration

Feb 8, 2012

Make me your euphonic lute

আমারে করো তোমার বীণা 
Amare koro tomaro beena (audio: Mita Hoque)

Make me your euphonic lute
Hold me up to pick your song
With gentle, glowing artful strokes
Endow my spirit with vibration

Your fingers will touch my soul
As only budding blossoms could
My breath will sing with dulcet notes
Immersing you in solitude

In rain and shine,  through my tears
My heart surrendered at your feet
I will gaze with love and sing for you
Through your absence, through defeat

This will be my secret spark
My surging, joyous melodies
Newness emanated in space,
Rising for eternity

Listen to the sky sing and emulate the melody

আজ যেমন ক'রে গাইছে আকাশ
Aj jemon kore gaichhe akash ( audio by Kanika Banerjee)

(another audio link by Bikram Singh)

Listen to the sky sing and emulate the melody
Watch the blue gaze and mirror it's eyes
Find the breeze rustling through the arbors
Inducing tearful passions
So too, delve and murmur through my heart
And bring out the tears in me!

An evasive beauty lies captive

An evasive beauty, an elusive bliss
Lies captive in my lyrical beats,
Like a bird from faraway dawns,
She sings lays of a faraway gloom

With the memories of my bygone springs,
Her wings are scarlet with Ashok stains
Her heart, reminiscent with rich perfumes
Of the tender buds she left behind

My maiden love of foreign lands,
Summon her by her real name
For you know her well enough

She, familiar with your skies and stars,
Answers to the tunes of your fragrant woods,
Dances to the pulse of your wristlet-rings

Feb 7, 2012

Who lavishes His loving hands

আকাশে দুই হাতে প্রেম বিলায়
Akashe dui haate prem bilay (youtube link)

Who lavishes His loving hands
From the heavens, I wonder
A cascade of ceaseless bliss
Moving, bending far and wide,
The trees pack it away in leaves
The earth holds it up with glee
Children, sorely soak it up
Birds, paint it on their wings
The child seeks it in mother's heart,  
The mother eyes it in her child's face;
It shines, like fire stoked by grief,
It falls, like tears, down to earth, 
It flows, into life from the bleeding heart
ith a death-like halo, of the fallen brave
It dances in measures of ruin and birth
It travels forever, through time and space

Feb 3, 2012

My cosmic Unseen

অরূপ, তোমার বাণী
Orup, tomar banee (audio: Hemanta Mukherjee)

My cosmic Unseen,
Whisper your message
To my limbs, my heart,
Holding out freedom

Animate my body --
A mortal mud-lamp
In the sacred spree of light
Among the incandescent stars

I discover your music
When leaves, buds and twigs
Respond to the bewitching spring air

Offer me a tantamount breath
At the core of being,
End my empty season,
Restore me with tunefulness

Lavish your fearless compassion
Transforming my bane to beneficence

The blissful sea is my destiny

অমৃতের সাগরে   
Omritero shagore ami jabo re (audio: Subinoy Roy)

The blissful sea is my destiny
I sorely pine for that deathless ocean,
Show me the way, my empathic love,
From where do I hear the 
Call of those rippling waters!