Dec 11, 2011

All that I have O Lord

আমার যা আছে আমি সকল দিতে পারি নি
Amar ja aachhe ami shokol

All that I have, O Lord
I could not surrender it all
My guilt, fear, honour and disgrace
My joys, woes and contemplations

Many a screen between us
Myriad the layers and veils
Thus I weep and wander so
Thus I cannot make you mine
Thus remains my pain within

Joy there is none in what I have
It makes me cry, it makes me brood
If I can get you by giving it up
Why can’t I still let it all go?

I yearn to give up all I have
And make you Lord, my own

- circa 1886 (age 25)


  1. ভালো হয়েছিল।

  2. O Lord, I was unable to surrender at your feet all that I have
    My shame, my fear, my ego
    And thoughts of my own happiness and sorrow
    ( I am not quit happy with this version also. It doesn't bring out the sense)