Oct 6, 2012

A lilting sweetness resonates within

Modhuro modhuro dhoni baje

 A lilting sweetness resonates in the lotus pond
 Within my own heart
 My secret muse, my diva, sits quietly playing her lute
Her music moulds missives with eternity,
An image bathed in golden aura
Somewhere beyond my core.
In a perennial cycle of spring, of holy succulence,
In every breath, a cuckoo submerges me with her songs,
My being inhales the divine aroma like a honey bee
And drunkenly s
urrenders at her feet.
Come my goddess, 
For me to gaze at you with my eyes in pure light,
For you to be expressed beyond my soul,
To be felt as a tangible presence beyond
This enchanting, somber allusion.

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