Feb 3, 2013

Take me with you, who will

আমারে কে নিবি ভাই
amare ke nibi bhai

Take me with you, who will
I wish to yield myself
If you can thaw my heart
Wean me from my work
Take me along with you

I see you march through this world of beauty
A colourful fair of forms and names
I lag behind straining at my own burden
I see you pass your days in cheer
A sigh escaping my heart

Tear down my door
Rip through my bonds
Plunder and pillage my all
Take me with you
Leaving behind my load
Like the flash flood
That wipes all out
And bears down to the sea

So many go to and fro
But who is it my own
Who calls out my name
If she comes just once
If smiling, she stands by me
If I can know her just then

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