May 19, 2013

I thrill to the day your message possesses me

Boshe achhi he kobe shunibo tomaro banee (audio: Subinoy Roy)

I thrill to the day
Your message possesses me
The instant I can show up to the world
In affinity
To celebrate my sacred life

I crave for my moment of ascension
Through love

To beg the hearts
Of my fellow beings

I have failed to evoke ecstasies.
Noone listens
I end up being a powerless instrument
For your prolific symphony

Unless you sing for me
How could my melodies breathe
How could they shimmer
Without your force and light?

Unless you speak through me
What can my words depict?
If could only embrace creation

Through the vibes of your love

1 comment:

  1. Nice, good job especially for the "Sancharee" stanza. For the Sthayee, how abur message (in the singular) for missives? And fulfilled instead of sacred?

    In the first Antara, please reconsider "altar" - it conveys a sense of sacrifice instead of submission. Maybe "throne" could work?

    The word "sinew" doesn't seem to go too well with shimmer. In any case, if you wish to convey a sense of strength (for "prabal ajeya"), why not use just that word?

    But good hob overall!