Oct 2, 2013

I lose sight of my deepest intention

তোমার দ্বারে কেন আসি ভুলেই যে যাই
Tomar dwaare keno ashi (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

I lose sight of my deepest intention
Of coming to you
I beg, beseech for trifles
Shrinking in shame
When it ends

Yet all I voice
Are my passing vibes
None of the cravings
Buried within

Meaningless wants
Fetter my raw bud, my dream,
Needs that will crumble one day,
Wither, give way,
As spring brushes in

One day,
A lone desire will emerge
A desire, streaming through life
To meet it's culmination,
Cracking open to the sun
Like a radiant bloom

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