Jul 7, 2012

My heart dances like a peacock

হৃদয় আমার নাচেরে
Hridoy amar nachere ajike (audio)

My heart dances like a peacock
Rejoicing, reeling in the monsoon.
Emotions, splayed like plumes,
Reach to the sky like an iridescent arc,
Yearnings tuned to a passion unknown.

I walk down lanes of myths, missives,
Reliving someone, somewhere
Swaying in a tangled swing**
Of the spicy  Bokul* branch;
Starry blossoms spewed adrift,
Resonating to the drumbeats of rain,
A woman's veil flashing in the sky,
Tresses tumbling down her face,
Careful braid flung open by the breeze.

A thick rain douses the emerald leaves,
Crickets spawn a chorus in the arbor,
The water picks up in the canals and rivers,
Islanding an enchanted village.

*Bokul- a tree that flowers in the monsoon in Bengal, the star-like flowers exuding a rich aroma.

**An inkling to the mythological character and god, Krishna, in the Mahavarata, who has also been described as a model lover in his youth.

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