Jan 1, 2013

The flute that lilted with my hurt

Anondo-gaan uthuk tobe baaji

The flute that lilted with my hurt
Make it sing a song of bliss, 
I glide away on a tide of tears
To reach across a thousand seas.

The air lets on, it is time to move.
My eyes, agog through sleepless nights
My heart thunders with throbbing waves,
The sea crackles with strange delights.

Who are you that can spur me on,
Inspire my flute with a blissful tongue?
My perfect stranger, gift me songs
Never heard of, never sung.

The wind you hoist against the tide
Tugs my boat across the sea,
A soul I never touched upon
Entreats my heart irresistibly.

Bondage with my anchors gone,
I plunge headlong into the stars,
Trill a tune in my plaintive flute 
As wild, as wondrous, as you are.

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