Jan 10, 2013

Someday my garden will explode with buds

My garden will explode with buds
Gratifying the prick of thorns I have felt
My every heartache will transform
Into a flushing rose

A spurt of spring air, eventually
Will leave my sky-gazing prayers behind
Fulfilling me with a heady fragrance

My abashed emptiness will pass
As I wield my abounding wealth
As my deepest desire ripens, with love,
And begins to craft a living image 

My muse will caress my garden, at last,
Urging my buds 
To cast off their florid facades
In supreme surrender


  1. I don't quite agree with "Shame of fruitlessness", otherwise it is an excellent translation. Is poet ashamed about "fruitlessness"? He will have something worthy to offer one day, but that does not mean he is fruitless. That word somehow connects me to "bandhya", but definitely RnT did not mean that. Anyway, these are very individualistic interpretations and I really like your translation.

    1. Thanks for your precious comments, I have tried to revise the translation. Please feel welcome to join our discussion forum 'Thoughts of Tagore' on Facebook.

    2. It sounds very good now. Again many thanks for this wonderful project.