Jun 27, 2013

I feel empty, begging, drifting

শূন্য হাতে ফিরি, হে নাথ, পথে পথে 
Shunyo haate phiri, he nath, pothe pothe (audio: Suchitra Mitra)

I feel empty, begging, drifting, at many doors
My heart thirsts for a strange possession, for untouched love
My spirit refuses to be quenched, my hunger seethes within
I squander the little profits, I drown in a deluge of tears

Seekers have gained on me, the sun dips in the horizon
Darkness sets in, crowds scatter into silence

I wonder, how many roads I will have to walk down
To arrive at a glowing home, lit with warmth;
Till then I embed my yearnings on the pathway

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