Jun 5, 2013

The heart you flail with flowers

পুষ্প দিয়ে মার যারে
Pushpo diye maro jare (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

The heart you flail with flowers
May never know the face of death
The assailed, in stead, will stumble,
Fall and embrace your feet

What has the injured got to fear
If, beneath an endless chasm
She discovers your irrevocable arms?

The one cocooned in comfort
Confuses insult with pleasure,
Shame with beauty.
How can she discover bliss, revealed
Through your unbidden destruction?

The one who lives by a bed of roses,
How will she taste the ethereal nectar
Of her own tears,
How will she arrive
At the rock-bottom shelter of your feet?

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