Sep 30, 2013

I count on Beauty to show up

তোমায় চেয়ে আছি বসে পথের ধারে সুন্দর হে
Tomay cheye achhi (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

I count on Beauty to show up
To rouse my heart, dusty strings

I have no flowers to offer,
Only teary melodies
Hoping my ache can be sensed
Even from far cover,
Hidden Beauty.

Days pass, one after the other
My heart thirsts strangely

I am askance in the empty quay
Looking to discover
Your vibrant approach
To sail away with you,
In an ocean of exuberance

(another version by Rumela)

I sit by the wayside
And gaze at you, O Beauteous One
Dust gathers on the strings
Of the Veena in my heart
O Beauteous One

I have no blossoms to wreathe a garland
I play a tearladen song on my Veena
For you to hear from afar in the dark
O Beauteous One

Day after day goes by
O Beauteous One
What is this thirst
That afflicts my heart
O Beauteous One

Alone on this lonesome pier
I know not what to do
When will it arrive
The raft with colourful sails
When will I set sail
In the ocean of bliss
O Beauteous One

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