Jun 28, 2014

A few more minutes, do sit by me

আরো কিছুখন নাহয় বসিয়ো পাশে
aaro kichhukhon nahoy boshiyo paashey

A few more minutes, do sit by me
A few more words, do speak to me

See how the autumn sky darkens
Vaporous airs mist the horizon

You came to my door in the morn
Wanting to see something
Let me ask while there is still light
Were you able to catch a glimpse of that
O traveller, say do say –
That which rolls to and fro
In the fathomless depths of my heart

You wavered at the door
Held yourself back today
You tinkered with your tunes
Out in the courtyard
I know not what you can take
Take back with you to the distant lands
O traveller, at this hour of parting ways

When you came at the break of dawn
Leaving behind all your chores
The soulful voice you came to hear
Did you catch a hint of it
O traveller, say do say –
Those words they are ablaze
In the secret depths of my heart

1 comment:

  1. Excellent translation Rumela. This is one of my favourite songs. `You came to my door in the morn'. আক্ষরিকভাবে খুবই সঠিক এবং সুন্দর অনুবাদ। তবে এখানে ‘প্রথম বা অতীত জীবন‘র কথা বলছে বলে আমার মনে হয় দ্বার-এর অনুবাদ জীবন (‘lifড‘ instead if ‘door’) হলে ভাল হয়। এটা কিন্তু একান্তই অঅমার মনে হওয়া- সঠিক/বেঠিক বিজ্ঞজনেরা জানেন।