Jun 22, 2014

One to whom you give your flag

তোমার পতাকা যারে দাও
tomar potaka jaare dao

One to whom you give your flag
Give her the strength to bear it
To suffer great sorrows in your service
Give her the faith to bear it

I wish with all my heart
To end sorrow with sorrow
I do not wish to evade
The pain that you bestow
Woe will be a laurel for me
If you grant with it my faith

Give me work if you so wish
As long as you let me
Forget you not
Let me not get entangled
In a web of wanton waste

Ensnare me in as many bonds
Keep me free to be with you
Keep me in the dust if you so wish
Make me pure with the dust of your feet
Be that I get lost in worldly affairs
Let me not forget and lose you
I’ll take any road you choose for me
Allow me to reach your feet
Let all my effort take me
To the one who ends all fatigue

An uphill road is this world
Many a sacrifice, many a woe,
Many a pang of separation
Bearing many a death through this life
May I get a new life in death
Let me find at eventide
A refuge at your feet

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