Feb 4, 2018

You are yet to snap out of your trance

এখনো ঘোর ভাঙে না তোর যে
akhono ghor bhange na tor je

You are yet to snap out of your trance
Your eyes are yet to flutter open
A flower has bloomed amidst thorny bushes
Do you not know
In your lazy languor, do you not know?
Awaken, arise, do not let time go by

At the end of an arduous road
In a remote unreachable land
That friend of mine awaits alone
Do not give him the slip

So be it if a parched sky quivers in the scorching sun
So be it if the burning sand in distress scatters all around
In a searing thirst scatters all around

Gaze deep into your heart
Is there no joy
With every step you take
The melancholic tune of a flute
Will call out to you
In a sweet tune
It will call out to you

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