Aug 8, 2011

A sleepless, tormenting night

আজি নাহি নাহি নিদ্রা আঁখিপাতে
Aji nahi nahi nidra ankhipate
(Audio link: Sagar Sen)

A punishing, sleepless night this is,
Yet, from far I trace a glow
A promising flicker at your home
Disarmed, as I brace the squall
My heart seeks mercy at your door
Wayward winds moan in anguish
Lightning lashes stun the night
Wont you open your gates, my lord,
Spare me solace in this storm?

(another version by Rumela)

My eyes know no sleep tonight
I see lamps light up your abode
Far away in the darkness outside
I stay awake with folded hands

The wind wails having lost it’s way
The night swoons struck by lightning
Do open the doors O Lord
Take mercy and show yourself
In this night of sorrow

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