Aug 2, 2011

Where the sky and earth mingle

ধরণীর গগনের মিলনের ছন্দে
Dhoroneero gogonero milonero chhonde (audio link)

Where the sky and earth mingle
Symphony exudes,
Cradles the monsoon breeze --
High with the aura of Maaloti.

The monsoon rejoices;
       Sraabon* knells her bass melodies,
A verdant earth quivers with life.
Shores of riverbeds,
              Stilled in anticipation
While waves heave with resonance.

The arbors have found heart
      In rhythms of rainy eloquence.
Deep, young thunder-claps
Ever so often, couple
      With spurts of lightning.

*Sraabon - the second month of monsoon, and the fourth month of the Bangla calendar

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