Sep 21, 2011

The soul who lives in my deepest recess

কে গো অন্তরতর সে
Ke go ontorotoro she
(audio by Debabrata Biswas)

Who is it that lives in my deepest recess
Touching my hurt, my awareness,
Waving a magic wand over my eyes
For me to behold miracles?
Who is it that makes music with my heart
Welding rhythms of bliss, woe and glee?
Who laces heart-sifting beauty
Woven in threads of gold, green and blue
And seeps unseen into that image!

His breathing presence
Fills me with a lingering sweetness.

As the days go by,
As my life lives through its myriad seasons,
He quietly steals my heart.
Each day, with a new revelation, a new name,
Timeless, in lavishing tides
Of vibrant, varied emotions in my life.

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