Sep 1, 2011

You hide your form in a sparse garb

একি মায়া, লুকাও কায়া
Eki maya lukao kaya (audio)

Is this a disguise, a delusion?
You hide your form in a garb so sparse
The denuded look of winter
To see you thus I can no more
My soul cannot endure it so

Can you be so aloof?
Miserly in your expression
Amidst your own world

The forests, their lute now silent
Won’t you gift them with your music
A wail rends the heart of azure
Wafting on the autumn breeze

Why do you while your time
On the edges of the desert
You who are treasurer of sweet nectar
Where hidden are your riches of beauty

On your bare branches shorn of leaves
A bird there is to sing no more
An empty assembly
The sound of silence
Our hearts cry out in shame

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