Dec 28, 2012

I listen to your footfall

I listen to your footfall
Somewhere in the shoreline of my life
In silence, in solitude, in honey-sweet drifts.

Stars and planets speechless overhead 
Steadily gaze on,
My thoughts heave gently, ever gently,
Like a stream.

My eyes ache with thirst,
My ears,  anticipate your homecoming within
To make my sunrise salubrious,
To sink my daily morsels of  pain and pleasure
Beneath deep waters of bliss.

(another version by Rumela)

I hear your footsteps O Lord
Along the shore of life
In the stillness of seclusion
In the sweetness of the wafting wind

The stars and planets in the sky
Look on with a steadfast gaze
Many a thought stream in my heart
Slowly ever so slowly in solitude

My eyes gaze on like a bird athirst
My ears alert in the depths of my heart
At which auspicious dawn will you come
You will stand at the threshold of my heart
Forgetting all joy and sorrow
I will sink into the depths of bliss

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