Dec 31, 2012

Arise purified when gloom is gone

Arise purified when gloom is gone
When the mind can taste it's freedom's claim
Awaken the heart with fragrant buds
Offered at the altar of the highest Name

Hone the senses with thirst and light
Awaken your soul, where Beauty drifts
Crafting out the best of dance.
As ego ends, and love begins.

Awake with luminous benevolence
Awake with unwavered, undaunted dreams
Awake near the void of want
Where fullness freely roves and teems

Awaken in a courageous stance
Like a hero as you struggle on
Awaken yourself with the highest Name
In actions etched with compassion

Awaken, a pilgrim of arduous paths
In heart to win all seethful stings.
Awake at the cusp where ego ends

Into the shrine where love begins.

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