Apr 30, 2013

Inferno descends in laps of thunder

Prochondo gorjone ashilo eki durdino (audio)

Inferno descends in laps of thunder
Tempest threatens,
Lightning snaps like a vicious snake
A soul in the heavens
Is blinded with tears of suffering

Release your fetters of stress
Surrender the cowardice, the laze,
Let your strength shine
Within the heart of bliss

And when you can smile
With a serene consciousness
You will have confronted
The boundless Soul
The Fear unto fear
The majestic Seat of sustenance
The deathless Wave

(another version by Rumela)

What calamity descends
With such a growl and roar
Such a parade of clouds
With a thundering drumroll

A night lashed by snakes of lightning
A sky blinded by teary downpour

Break free from your terror
Awaken from fear and laze
Arouse the courage within
With a buoyant burst of bliss

Unabashed, lay your eyes upon
The stretch of the silent still
Resplendent in the conquest of death

The conquistador of fear

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