Apr 20, 2013

Arrive, my Blissful, my Beauty

হৃদয়নন্দনবনে নিভৃত এ নিকেতনে
Hridoynondono bone nibhrito e niketone (audio: Subinoy Roy)

Arrive, my Blissful, 
My eternal Beauty
Into the silent retreat,
The deep wilderness of my heart.

Let me see your love shine,
A tenderness that releases me
From torment, agony.

My soul cries out for you,
Stay within.

Overflow my breath with generosity, 
Fulfill my suns and stars with grace,
Enrich my mortal existence, 
Cowered, cringed, with lightness.

Orchestrate your harmony
Send volumes of joy
Into every bout of my being.

(another version by Rumela)

Into the secret abode in my heart's wilderness
Come O Lord, ever joyous, ever good
Show your loving visage, set aside all woe
Scorched in the sorrow of separation
My heart awaits your soothing presence
Usher into my life days and nights of well-being
Bring to fruition this futile life of mine, my dearest
Let my heart ever resonate with sweet melody
Let cascades of sweet nectar sprinkle my heart night and day

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