Apr 24, 2013

Cosmic soul in action

যিনি সকল কাজের কাজী 
Jini shokol kaajer kaajee

There is a cosmic soul in action
Whom we aid at all travail
He humours in every flash
He startles at every turn,
He sweetens with abundance
And steeps us in the fun

With his vibrant drumming beat
We duly jibe in glee
When he blows his horn
We dance the melody

It is a sport that riots with life
It is a game that spurs with death
Even as we cherish
It hems in grief and breath

And when he asks our presence
His voice, a thundrous cloud
We rush to meet his summon
Our intent clear and loud
We trample tricky thorns
We sail the seven seas
We cross mammoth mountains
To show up at his bid

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