Aug 10, 2013

Beyond boundless monsoon

শ্রাবণবরিষন পার হয়ে কী বাণী আসে ওই রয়ে রয়ে
Sraabon borishon paar hoye kee banee (audio: Mita Huq)

Beyond boundless monsoon,
Undying rains,
A mysterious missive heaves in,
Misted with the secret spice of Ketaki,
Exuding the heartiness of Bokul,
Breathing an ancient lover's
Deathless tears of longing

A missive, that delves into the poet's heart
Amassing music to match it's hurt

A message whispered to a love
Lost in endless separation
Conveyed, softly, stealthily,
Through rain-melodies of Malhar
Like a momentous cloud messenger.

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