Aug 10, 2013

In my quest of a song

আমি কী গান গাব যে ভেবে না পাই
Ami ki gaan gaabo je bhebe na paai (audio: Sagar Sen)

In my quest of a song
I delve into the sullen sky,

The monsoon breeze
Replete with longing.

There is a passionate eloquence,

A dancing gig, strange, mysterious,
Among the trees blowing in the wind,
Which I yearn to learn, 
Spend hours to assimilate

My body responds to a

Wave of unearthly melodies, 
Deluging me
In streams of splendor

A secret thrives in the chasm

Of my shadowed consciousness,
In the twilight haze of my dreams,
Which I pine to possess
Very deeply.


  1. Dear Prof. Majumdar

    I'm an avid reader of your blog. I was looking for the meaning of a song I've heard recently (and loved very much!). Could you please post it on the blog, or mail the translation to me? I shall be highly grateful.

    'Gohono Megher Chhaya', sung by Manna Dey.

    1. That's not a Tagore song. AFAIK the lyrics for that song were due to Pulak Banerjee, a popular writer of "modern" & film songs in Bengal from the 60s onwards, years after Tagore's death.