Jun 7, 2015

You sit alone, lost in thought

একলা ব'সে একে একে অন্যমনে
Ekla boshe eka eka onnomone

You sit alone, lost in thought
You let float the lotus flowers
One by one into the water
For no rhyme or reason
You seem to have forgotten
It was me who had plucked the flowers in the morn
And left them at your feet for no reason
Unmindfully, you picked them up when you left

One after another my days in this way
Will be plucked and torn at your hands
They will scatter and get lost
And when they will all be gone
As you keep at your play, languid and heedless
Maybe then a tinge of pain will cloud the evening for no reason
A drop of tear will film the eyes, unmindfully

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