May 5, 2012

What an unearthly splendour

এ কী সুধারস আনে
E ki shudharosh ane/ E kee shudharosho aane (Audio by Hemanta Mukherjee)

What an unearthly splendor
Ravishes my heart and soul!

He has always belonged with me
But I now behold him
With open eyes, rejuvenation.
The breeze encircles his face with love,
And breaks into a hum.

My stagnant lute regains her breath
As I play my old, forgotten missives 
Once again.

Feeling his love, as it seeps
Into the blue sky, the verdant earth,
Delving in them,
Is like listening to a fresh score of music
With an open mind, a beginner's heart.

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