May 3, 2012

Sing a song, clear and loud

 গানে গানে তব বন্ধন যাক টুটে (লিঙ্ক এখানে)
Gaane gaane tobo bondhono jak tute (audio link here)

a translation with English rendition by Anandamayee -- link here:

Sing a song clear and loud,
let your fetters free
Aching muteness in the dark
Crying to speak out

The cosmic muse plays out her verse
in her heart through the universe
Your life and song in harmony
let them bow down.

Shattered rhythms let you down
what a disharmony,
your heart and world can not blend
making cacophony.

Discordant heart -- what a limitation,
'tis the haze, 'tis the maze
Reclaim your song, unconscious voice,
end the aggravation

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