May 4, 2012

You aren't close by

তুমি কাছে নাই ব’লে
tumi kaachhe naai bole

You aren't close by, my Friend
So they shout “I am great”, “I am great”
You stay beyond sight and reach
You who are the greatest of all
So they all proclaim their own greatness

Lord, do come once
Show your smiling face
Let them turn red with shame
They who try to distract me
They who try to screen you out
Let them turn red with shame

Where is your beloved face?
The smile that lights up the world
Distract me away from this world
Keep me riveted to you
Distract me with your love
With your pleasing form

The “I” in me puffs with pride
Crush, smash, trash its egoism
Smash this ego into smithereens
Crush this pride beneath your feet

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